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Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Rasbis, Oct 23, 2019.

  1. Rasbis Lorekeeper

    Did not know where else to post this and I am EXTREMELY frustrated about this. I have spent HOURS searching the internet regarding how to get to Shard's Landing. I'm sure it is extremely simple. I keep reading "the guild hall" so okay I'm standing in the guild hall and NOTHING is magically porting me to Shards Landing nor is there anything on the map. I have found several great guides that I'm sure will enable me to defeat the zone unfortunately they all start with "as you zone in." I promise with a "little" guidance I will move forward and not ask any more questions.
  2. Conq Augur

    Find the Teleportation Assistant in your Guild Hall, purchase the "Stone of the Shard's Fall" and then hand that to the Teleportation Assistant. Wait a moment, and the Teleportation Assistant will port you to Shard's Landing. This works in custom or generic guild halls.
  3. Zanarnar Augur

  4. Rasbis Lorekeeper

    Thanks, I rarely use "wiki" because of the false information on the site. Having said that, I have never looked up EQ items on there so perhaps I should.
  5. Rasbis Lorekeeper

    So by "your guild Hall" are you stating that in order to use this route I must be in a guild? I don't see a "Teleportation Assistant" in the guild hall but I will check again. Thanks.
  6. Zanarnar Augur

    Yes, the guild halls have a teleport NPC, even the old style fixed one. If your not in a guild and not keen on joining one, make your own so you can use that teleporter. Also your own personal guild bank isn't so bad either.
  7. Rasbis Lorekeeper

    Thanks, more content I can't use simply by PAYING Daybreak... I will follow your advice thanks.
  8. Rasbis Lorekeeper

    Thanks both of you, I created my OWN guild for now and was able to get there. Thanks again.
  9. Tolzol Augur

    There is also a zone search function on your map in game that will tell you which zones to go through.
  10. Gherig Addicted since Aug 1st, 1998

    Most, if not all servers, have a catch all Guild that lets people join for convenience to Hall access. Just look on the advertisement board of your server, there is usually one there.
  11. Elyssanda Bardbrain

    once you are there, there is also a fairly simple quest you can do to get a clickie ring that can port you there once an hour iirc..
  12. CatsPaws SMH

    There is also an in game guild called "novices of <insert your server name here" that can be joined by doing a simple quest from Secalna Galnor - its called Guilds and the Guild lobby. Takes all of 10 minutes and you can leave anytime. No officers but there is the hall with the banker, porter etc
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  13. Zamiam Augur

    this is good . since if you make your own guild you can only make a guild once iirc unless they changed it .. so once you create your own guild and lets say you disband your guild to join anther guild you cant remake another guild at a later date on same toon..

    You can do what I did and create a guild then bring all your alts into it and make someone else leader then if you leave your guild you will always have the option to return to said guild...
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  14. Jhenna_BB Proudly Prestigious Pointed Purveyor of Pincusions

    I trust EQwiki a lot more than other Wiki's, that's for sure haha :)
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  15. Scorrpio Augur

    The guild is called 'Novices of Norrath', and yeah, it is a short quest, and you join. Do not confuse Guild Hall with Guild Lobby.

    Lobby is the place you zone in from PoK. From Lobby, there is zone to housing areas, and also doors to Guild Hall.

    Inside the Hall, in one of the cubbies, there is a gnome called Zemlfin Werlikanin (sp?). Who sells all sorts of itens that reference zones. Some are obvious, some are not. You want 'Stone of the Shard's Fall'.
    You buy one, and hand it straight back to the gnome.

    To the left of gnome, there is a weird glowy space(called portal geode). You need to go in there. In a couple seconds, you get a popup asking if you want to be ported.

    Note that when you hand item to gnome, this attunes the geode, and it will port an unlimited number of people. Meaning if you got a box crew/friends etc, you can port them all - just step into the portal.

    If you DO join Novices of Norrath, remember - you are sharing Guild Hall with anyone else in the guild and they may attune geode to their needs. When you zone into Hall, you will get a message telling you where geode is attuned.

    If you form your own guild, geode should stay attuned wherever you set it until server reset.

    Oh, you also might ask around in PoK for a port there. Druids and Wizards can use their 'Zephyr' line of spells to port people places without grouping with them or having to go themselves.
  16. Zamiam Augur

    Not true as once you leave the guild hall for more than 15min -30min ? the geode resets if no one is in the GH to hold it open .. if someone is there always to keep GH open then yes the geode will stay set to your destination ..
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  17. Karve_AB Journeyman

    Theres a staff that ports to the next zone, it was a /claim item -
    Harbinger's Staff
  18. Elyssanda Bardbrain

  19. Rasbis Lorekeeper

    Thank you all for the information provided it will surely help. Having said that, I'm very much over it. I started a guild, which I'm sure will prevent me from receiving inquiries to "join" a guild, and the 2000+ pp for the port is not that big of a deal. I also did a bind in Shards Landing and will simply use "origin" to move back to the known world. It's Klugie but it works.
  20. Corwyhn Lionheart Augur

    Personally I think you would be better off to join a low pressure family guild but only you know what is best for you. Just wanted to throw my two cents in.

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