Getting groups on Mangler as a Cleric?

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Dabrixmgp, Mar 13, 2019.

  1. Dabrixmgp Augur

    Just learned of the new TLP servers today and was gonna make a Cleric on Mangler since I really only play healers in MMOs. However arent a ton of other people also doing the same for easy groups? I remember making a Cleric on a TLP server a few years ago and even though lots of people were playing I never got a single group. Think I soloed my way to 12 before rage uninstalling. I didnt roll a Cleric to spend hours spamming chat that I was LFG. If I wanted to do that would have made a Rogue.

    I dont have to work this weekend so had planned to hopefully knock out a bunch of levels. However will that even be possible without a premade hardcore grind group? With it being this close to launch Im sure those are all full. Will there be any hardcore PUGs? Just dont wanna spend hours spamming for groups again.
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  2. ch0rny Elder

    Nobody really needs a cleric specifically up to 12 and the heals have a disparity in effectiveness, so groups go for anyone with a heal. Once you're higher, you will never lack for groups.
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  3. Xyroff-cazic. Director of Sarcasm

    It will almost certainly take you longer to conquer the login/character creation servers than it will take you to find a group once you're logged in.
  4. getlostgreg Lorekeeper

    I've played a cleric twice on TLP servers. My experience has been that people line up to be your friend and group invites come quick.

    I think ch0rny is right. Stick it out a little longer and try to be the best damn cleric that you can be. If somebody has 2 clerics on their friends list you should be their first choice.
  5. Grailer Augur

    Roll a mage and be useful .
  6. Mestops12 Lorekeeper

    What the game lacks more than anything is people willing to lead groups.

    There have been countless times where I've looked at the LFG window to see over 20 names of people searching and no one taking the initiative to start one up.

    Honestly in classic, rangers and monks are just as good at tanking as the other classes. I've even done a few groups where a necro ended up being the one with majority of the aggro. Just make your own group and grab 5 random people and go, you'll meet more people this way and they may seek you out later down the road.
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  7. sumnayin2 Augur

    I leveled a Cleric on Coirnav and maybe once had to wait a little bit to find a group, I leveled a druid on Agnarr during Velious and literally never had trouble finding a group as a healer. If you actively look for groups and make friends with people it is extremely easy. Have to be willing to whisper people.
  8. Sarynvhal New Member

    A good healer is worth befriending, always. Also as previously mentioned, taking lead and forming the group is even better as many won't/ don't.
  9. NitroNic New Member

    Would a Paladin have a similar time grouping or are tanks more common?
  10. Weebles Augur

    This. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve opened lfg and seen 2 cohesive group’s worth of players. People are either too lazy to do it themselves or afraid that they don’t know the zone well enough. And some people of course are just sitting there waiting for the pofire c1 group with a charm pet and would rather get 0 exp than get half the exp in Basion of Thunder.

    The truth is, every class can regularly get groups if you are willing to start them up yourself. Before long, you will log in and get group invites.
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  11. Braxeldock New Member

    The dynamics of MMOs have changed since the early millenium. Many of the more positive players of old moved on. As might be expected, many of the more negative types of players stuck with it. That's not to say I haven't run into good, social players but Ive seen a lot of the same who join up at the onset of Phinny, and the others - quit, aghast at the increased level of toxic players.

    I also have a life outside of games and I would return later to find less of a social population at lower levels. I would join a guild of people who were cool but they would be mostly at least level 40 and typically higher.

    In addition, if you try to assemble grps from the people who are LFG - those who will respond to tells typically only want the cookie cutter zones like unrest or guk. The zones in which neat things drop, like Sol A, Najena, Everfrost Keep, and Mistmoore are often filled with people true boxing to sell the stuff in the tunnel to heap up Kronos and often the same people will try to run you off of their farm, so to speak.

    That being said, if you want things to be better than this you have to be better than the people who are ruining the fun. Because people dont seem to be working on fixing these issues. There is far more effort being applied towards enabling these issues. Frustrated gamers buy Kronos to sell in the tunnel more than people who are having fun without having to buy a Krono.
  12. Stagentti Augur

    The first 12 levels suck for almost everyone.

    You don't really NEED any specific class. Any 6 toons can pretty much beat up the mobs. So folks won't wait around for a cleric to show up before filling the group.

    Once you break through that it's clear sailing.

    I did cleric on Phinny and Agnarr and would get tells once I got into my 20s or 30s the second I logged on.

    People remember the good healers who are fun in groups. Once you establish that people will remember your name.
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  13. Maligannt Journeyman

    Enchanter - tank - cleric - monk/bard - mage - shaman - healer - all other dps is the order of how in demand classes will be on tlp.

    Very high likelihood if you want an invite to a pug, you need to be lfg in the popular zone for your level. If you don't not know what zone that is? Do a who enchanter your level+/-2 all. If you find 10 enchanters in lguk, that is where you want to be.

    Best route though is to build your friends list, get in a guild, and be proactive about relationships with enchanters and tanks. Then of course be a good group mate, let other players take upgrades if they drop, don't afk often, if you do always tell the group, know your role and be efficient about your resources. Don't be a jerk if someone else makes a mistake or is new player.
  14. Dabrixmgp Augur

    Why is everyone gonna want Enchanters? I honestly was thinking about one because I havent really played one before. Dunno if I wanna be responsible for all that Mezing though if we dont have extended targets.
  15. Ceffener Augur

    Charmed pets OP DPS.
  16. Grailer Augur

    Enchanter is good but I would rather have 1 SK 1 shaman and 4 monks any day of the week .
  17. HoodenShuklak Augur

    You will mezz for sure, but you are expected to charm. Charm dps is super OP, especially in early EQ up through POP. Basically you double or better your groups dps.

    You might not always mez in groups, but you will always charm in groups.

    It's a lot more actions per minute than playing a cleric. But both are highly sought after in groups. ENC probably more so because early on 2 or 3 enchanters in a group is not too many. I never was in a group with 2 clerics once I was past Unrest, however.

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