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  1. Kittany Augur

    I mean no respect because that comment made me giggle a little. Have you met any modern teenagers lately? Most of the 'games' they play are glorified skinner boxes, doing the same thing over and over and over and over. :p
  2. sumnayin2 Augur

    Eh, I play FF14 with teenagers that can't even avoid spots on the ground on content that came out 5 years ago. If they can't even move their character they're going to struggle in EQ.

    EQ is a lot simpler now and it is still relatively more complicated than other MMOs because EQ dungeons aren't 100% AoE everything until you get to the boss, then just ignore mechanics until the boss is 0%. These people would have never been able to succeed at EQ back in the day.
  3. Sikkun Augur

    FFXIV has more mechanics that can cause a wipe in the first dungeon than the first 4 expansions of EQ (dungeons do suffer from poor down scaling of gear and over geared players...but that happens in old content). You guys need to take off your rose colored glasses and realize the game your actually playing. First couple expansions raiding is 99% tank/spank bosses and hide casters behind a wall. What EQ dungeon, sitting in Guk for 8 hours a day is so hard compared to other games? Come on.

    Lots of us played EQ when we were 10-11, but now you guys think “these damn new games are just too easy”. There are plenty of hard games out just have to log off EQ sometime and play them. One of the top streamed games right now is Terraria, dare you to give master mode a try and report back on how easy it is.
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  4. Pawtato Augur

    EQ players literally cannot handle any mechanic that requires movement.
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  5. RandomStrategy Augur

    The only mechanic I can't handle is Lady Nev....blegh.
  6. Skuz Augur

    There is a way to make her somewhat less annoying, if you position yourself on the wall to the left side as you enter her room. The spin-stun still sucks, but sit/stand helps a lot with the nausea.
  7. birisu Elder

    this is the least self-aware thing i've seen in awhile
  8. Kittany Augur

    I mean howso? I was making a cheeky comment. Does it not take self awareness to poke fun at the younger generation or did the tongue sticking out emoticon (YES! I said emoticon! :p ) not give it away?
  9. toasty4800 Journeyman

    Re master the game. New engine, new graphics, new mechanics, map designs etc etc, new ability systems.

    Keep only the lore, names etc.

    Updated user friendly UI

    Do that and you'll attract a younger audience and refresh the game.

    Face it this 21 year old game needs a makeover, otherwise its just juicing the old community that is so obbsessed with the game for another 21 years with the same content.
  10. Accipiter Augur

    That MPG raid trial with all the emotes... Simon Says, it's typically called. That was a rough one to get through. Always someone not paying attention.
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  11. Skuz Augur

    AKA the Raid Leader just burst that throbbing vein on their forehead.
  12. wayne62682 New Member

    Other than keeping the lore isn't that basically Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen if it ever launches? Although from what I've read enough people want to turn it into Project 1999 with better graphics...

    Honestly as someone who is new to EQ, the appeal of it is more like going to a museum than taking it seriously (sorry!). Like I've heard all about it, but never played it, and it's neat to see where a lot of the more modern things originally came from (like why WoW has Hearthstones and ghost corpse runs etc.)

    But I think part of the issue, at least to me, is the gameplay is extremely primitive. That's not to say it's bad, but it's like going back and playing the original Final Fantasy today. Good game sure, but it's like the stone age. Also it suffers from being around so long it feels very insurmountable. There's what now, 21 expansions if not more? It feels monumental.
  13. Karanthal Augur

    If you duck before the AE you don't get the spin/stun. Duck, wait for AE, then attack for 10 seconds, duck again and wait for AE. The timer has a random element, but iirc 8-10 seconds usually does the trick to avoid most of them.
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  14. Sikkun Augur

    They are both as equally likely to never launch.
  15. wayne62682 New Member

    I think part of the issue is that EQ's gameplay is incredibly primitive by today's standards and that likely turns a lot of players who have never played it before off. People are used to the WoW style of MMORPG and a game where A) you can't really play it solo after a while barring some classes so you're "forced" to group up to do what is considered the most basic aspect of the game (i.e leveling) or else you're stuck, B) your time in game is spent sitting in a camp killing the same mobs over and over for hours which isn't exactly exciting, and C) gameplay is either autoattacking or essentially kite mobs (root rotting/fear kiting etc) as the gameplay isn't very appealing especially when you're used to having actual abilities to press. There's a reason WoW changed the entire MMORPG genre, for good or ill, and not doing those three things were a big part of it.

    I'm not saying the EQ style is bad (although I'm not experienced with it myself) but as a modern gamer looking at EQ after playing WoW or a WoW style game (even though I'm old enough to remember when EQ came out), it's like going back to the stone age. That's a really, really, REALLY hard sell to people who haven't already played EQ before. Hell I feel like giving up all the time since it's so unlike anything I've played before.

    Just trying to give some insight from the other side since I AM new blood as far as EQ is concerned and it's a massive mountain to try and overcome because it's such a different approach to the genre compared to what most new players would be familiar with. It's kind of like trying to get someone who has only ever lived in the big city to move and live with the Amish.
  16. Skuz Augur

    EQ did an overhaul of the game for TSS - essentially they created EverQuest 2.0 there.

    If they wanted to do an EverQuest 3.0 then overhauling the graphics would come second to overhauling the GUI

    At this point though the reality is the game while still getting expansions is not going to see any major advances on the fronts that would require a large investment of money, the owners of the studio do not seem to be the type interested in investing any more money into EQ, only investment they made was buying the studio & cutting wage costs to drive up profitability by laying staff off forcing the remaining staff to broaden their skill sets a great deal & take on new responsibilities in order to still have a job.

    If there is ever a day when big investment gets put into this game it will not be under the present ownership.
  17. enclee Augur

    Yeah, they don't have any incentive to put any investment in this game. Look at what they can do with minimal staff (even less than they have now). Create 2 new servers for content that's already created and charge a subscription fee. Add a sale on big bags for $35, which costs the same as an expansion pack. Then throw in Kronos, experience potions, mounts, and various other items.

    They're basically rewarded for doing nothing, lol.
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