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    Hi all,

    I've been back for a few months now and I have made all my toons heroic characters. I am currently 3 boxing a druid/shm/mage combo. I am curious what the best route to take is in order to upgrade their gear. I am told that heroic gear is ok at best, but there is much better gear out there.

    I've been reading a bit about TBM gear but I am confused by some of the info I've read. Its my understanding that the expac was designed in a way so that the missions and gear is accessible to toons as low as 75 but all the missions on Alla's says at least level 95. Do the missions scale down in difficulty to meet the level of the character you are? Is there a better gearing option? I am currently playing on all free accounts also so I am limited to non-prestige gear. Any advice is greatly appreciated. I met someone that had a level 88 berserker the other day and he told me he was geared mostly with the TBM group gear and his stats were almost double what mine was.
  2. Grove Augur

    My choice is what I call progression armor.
    at 85 (that's immediate for Heroics) it is Rustic from Veil of Alaris
    at 92 it is Fear touched worn as Boreal from Shard's Landing
    at 100 it is Castaway from The Darkened Sea
    Note that in retrospect Call of the Forsaken is skipped as outdated.
    And I also skip the whole expansion of The Broken Mirror as I dislike the system.
    at 106 it is Conflagrant from Overthere, etc.
    I think all tier one gear is ok for non-prestige needs. I understand that you must avoid augs, though, where the big boosts to stats are found.
  3. CatsPaws SMH

    Ok here is some help on TBM stuff:

    Others have asked the level 75 question also:

    Now here is how the gear works for level 75 to 100 - this one really helped me understand the gear

    And here is how to do the progression

    Now the real kicker is that all this gear and augs are purchased with "remnants of tranquility" which is the coin you get for doing the missions. And they are tradeable. Which means you can buy them in the baz if anyone is selling - don't pay over 20 plat each on any server - or you can ask in /ooc (since your F2P your not in general chat) if anyone wants to sell some at 5 or 10 plat each. Most players have thousands in their alt currency

    This is quite a read but it is my go to guide for non prestige and stuff for my f2p and silver accounts
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