Gear suggestions for new Shaman? 1-2 Krono budget Mischief server

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Sillyfish, Sep 20, 2021.

  1. Sillyfish Elder

    Decided I'm probably going to roll Shaman as my first character and jump onto Mischief.

    Can anyone suggest what gear to buy with 1 maybe 2 Krono to play with? I have no idea what's available. Especially since this is the first free trade server I've been on and loot drops from random mobs.

    I'm a bit lost.
  2. samenye Lorekeeper

    The double fungi is probably the best boost to a starting Shaman in this era:

    TLP Auctions (

    I assume you want to team as that's by far the best xp. If not, you'll also want a good weapon - typically a 1HB or spear - or a [true] box SHD :)

    For the rest, people (including me) will likely parcel you stuff if you give out your character name.
  3. Tritonia Journeyman

    I don't play on mischief so I'm just eyeballing prices here but Luclin is coming up so you'll want to pay attention to focus effects. These aren't necessarily the strongest level 1 items but I'd take a look at some things from this list to grow into as you level:

    Coldain Military Wristguard (Burning Affliction III) - you can quest this yourself when leveled

    Gem Encrusted Ring (Affliction Efficiency III) - may be too expensive

    Circlet of the Falinkan (Affliction Haste III) - you can quest this yourself when leveled

    Supple Scale Armband (Extended Range III)

    Idol of the Underking (Improved Healing III)

    Obulus Death Shroud (Mana Preservation III)

    Frostreaver's Embroidered Cloak (Spell Haste III)

    Rune Etched Icewurm Fang (primary)

    Shield of the Swarm (secondary)

    I'd probably go the double fungus route leveling like someone mentioned above. The rune etched icewurm fang is a good leveling swing weapon as well though you have some 2hb options at various levels that do better.
  4. Sillyfish Elder

    I certainly wont say no if you wanted to sling me some hand me downs, haha.

    Character name is Sillyturtle
  5. Duckforceone Elder

    do tell me you have the current expansion extras with the lodizal pet illusion?