GamParse, TBL, and You

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Beimeith, Dec 11, 2018.

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  1. Beimeith Lord of the Game

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  2. Febb Augur

    You're a programmer and you are just now learning regex? What school did you go to? Any respectable school or online course for programming teaches regex in their courses. Even if you are not taught regex, you run into it very quickly with many different projects. So I find it hard to believe you are a programmer that just now figured out regex.

    This isn't about him either. This is about you coming in acting like running some regexes against text is remotely close to programming an entire program. Any self respectable programmer wouldn't even compare the two, however here you are.
  3. Ceffener Augur

    All the time...most the people I work with just do all their coding in VIM.

    The only thing I find annoying about coding on a plane is that I have to put away my 13” computer for landing/takeoff but a huge tablet is perfectly fine to keep out. (Equally as annoying if your not working and watching a movie)
  4. Nessirfiti Augur

    I keep letting my fingers get ahead of my moderation.

    But it will be nice to be able to see accurate dps reports soon-ish.
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