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Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Beimeith, Jan 18, 2019.

  1. Balthozzar Elder

    I wanted to ask here before I make a post saying, "My caster dps merc suxx0rs!" But I have been checking parses of my runs through GMM with my 3-box team: Wiz, War, Rng + melee dps + caster dps + healer merc. The caster merc is parsing about half what my melee dps merc is doing. Some of that could be buffs, but even when I get a haste for the group before I go off it shouldn't be that big of a difference. What can I do to make sure my logs are catching everything that the caster merc is doing?
  2. Glykus Journeyman

    It might be because im using ver 2.0.75, but i've noticed quite a bit of application hanging and 'not responding' randomly within the past few days. This may simply be a case of 'Microsoft sucks', Any Ideas?

    Also, the download button on the first page no longer seems to be functioning.
  3. Scornfire The Nimbus Prince

    Win10 hates us

    Gamparse Link - Download 2.0.0-Beta
  4. Glykus Journeyman

    Connection times out on that link and the other.
  5. Scornfire The Nimbus Prince

    Try deleting your cookies and/or using a different browser
  6. Tishanian New Member

    just updated to v2.0.0.94
    Since EQ June patch when they changed the "loot text" when I now try to sort loot say "Amber" (for instance). The Filter Drop down menu now gives me:
    Amber from a Black Legion mercenary's corpse
    Amber from a Black Legion warrior's corpse
    Amber from a brimstone aberrant's corpse
    etc. etc. etc.
    Needless to say the drop down menu is absolutely huge, having to scroll through each item, and the mob that dropped the said item. making it extremely time consuming when looking to who won say "Glowing Obsidian Rune" and I have to check every instance of mob that drops the item.

    Thank you for your time in this matter, and I look forward to the next Beta release, you do an excellent job keeping GamParse going which is a real asset to those of us doing loot during raids, as well as seeing those all too impressive DPS breakdowns :)
    And maybe one day EQ devs will leave the "chat text" alone for just one month so you may take a well deserved break.
  7. Zantor Augur

    I've noticed an issue, my Necro pet now shows up and a player, not a pet, seems once I ran into a player with the same name, Gamparse Beta stopped showing him as a pet. Anyways to fix that other then changing the pet's name?
  8. Beimeith Lord of the Game

    I've already had it fixed for some time, I just haven't released it yet as there was an unrelated problem. Soon.

    I like all the changes the devs have made recently to the logfiles and you should too. Most of them are things I've been asking for for years.
  9. Beimeith Lord of the Game

    That is the only way to fix it.

    Unfortunately there is no way to tell from logs alone whether damage comes from a pet or a player with the same name. (Pet spells are unique, but not melee damage).

    In older versions of GamParse it was possible to assign a player as your pet by naming your pet the same name as the player. To discourage this activity I changed it so that if there is both a player and a pet with the same name it will assign all damage from that name to the player. You can still name your pet the same name as a player, but they will now own your pet's damage instead of the reverse.

    The unfortunate result is that on occasion you will have to rename your pet if you come into contact with a player of the same name, but there isn't much I can do about it unless DBG makes pet damage/names unique in the log, and I wouldn't count on that change any time soon.
  10. Beimeith Lord of the Game

    Update - Redownload from link in first post

    -Internal changes to try and reduce some memory usage.

    -Remote Healing Blessing is now classified as a "proc heal."
    -Vampiric Strike and Vampiric Draw are now classified as a "proc heal" rather than a "lifetap heal". (They are technically both, but only one category can be assigned and I felt the first category is more important).

    -Updated some very old (and outdated) error messages.
    -Added some new error messages.

    -Fix for a bug that caused some Mages to be flagged as Wizards.
    -Fix for another instance where "you" showed up as an opponent fight.

    -Complete rewrite of Faction Parsing code.
    -Faction now uses a nice DataGridView.
    -Added counting of faction messages to the Statistics output.
    -Faction lines that were improperly written to the log will now parse correctly:
    [Thu May 23 06:21:23 2019] Your faction standing with <a Faction="1863">Servants of Esianti</a> could not possibly get any better.
    -Complete rewrite of Loot Parsing code.
    -Loot now uses a nice DataGridView.
    -Added parsing for new Loot messages that contain the corpse/chest name the item was looted from.

    -Added Xygoz to the list of Known NPCs to prevent issues parsing damage.

    -Pets that are named the same as Known NPC will no longer link to a player. Sorry.
    -Using Warder's Gift should now link a Beastlord pet to their owner automagically.

    -Fixed (I think) the flickering problems with the Live Fights Tabs.
    -Fixed an issue with incorrectly named Fights on the Live Fights Tabs.
    -Live Fights Tabs should now only display if the Opponent has taken damage. (AKA zone AEs shouldn't show up as a fight even though they are doing damage to you).

    -Added the ability to write unused lines to a debug file (function not enabled just yet).

    -Added parsing for Frenzied Resolve and Dichotomic/Dissident Form discs, as well as for recieving Dissident fury.

    -Adjusted some DoT parsing things. It shouldn't break anything, but who knows.
    -Added parsing for adjusted Advanced Loot messages.
    -Added parsing for adjusted Raid Say messages.

    -If there are no Actual Heals from a given Healer, the Heal Overview will now fall back to checking Full Heals when determining who that Healer's MostHealed player was. (AKA it should no longer show "Total" as your MostHealed Player).

    -Re-enabled force settings reset (temporarily).

    While this list seems short, two whole tabs (faction / loot) were completely rewritten and this is a lot more work than you might think for reasons that are dumb and complicated.

    I've tested these changes a LOT in the last month, but I can't possibly find every problem myself so please be on the lookout for anything that seems wrong and let me know.
  11. Beimeith Lord of the Game - Redownload from link in first post
    -Fix (hopefully) for some interrupted spells showing incorrectly in the Spells & Discs Tab.
    -Slain "spells" should now properly count in the "Comparison" box on the Spells & Discs Tab. (Note that this is NOT included in the total cast counts).
    -Removed the "Special Codes" legend/key on the Overview Tab as it was getting too large.
    -Added a "Special Codes" legend/key to the Help menu.
    -Updated the "Special Codes" section of HTML and BBCode outputs to show corrected information.
    -Changed several "Special Codes" to the following:
    ---Glyph of Arcane/Lost Secrets is now code "A"
    ---Mana Burn is now code "M"
    ---Life Burn is now code "L"
    ---Harm Touch is now code "H"
    -Special Codes should no longer duplicate if interrupted. (AKA if you start casting a glyph and are interrupted and then successfully cast it a second time, it will now properly show ONE special code, not two).
    -Moved the "Donate" menu button to it's own top level (at the request of some people who couldn't find it buried in the Help menu).
  12. Beimeith Lord of the Game - Redownload from link in first post

    -Fix for a variable that wasn't properly resetting when loading a new log.
  13. Zataos Journeyman

    My computer crashed for reasons unrelated to gamparse as far as i know but im assuimg i got some corrupt files when it happened and now i can not open gamparse it tries to open and then closes what other files is gamparse trying to use ? i reinstalled .net framework and that didnt help i dont know what eles to try
  14. Beimeith Lord of the Game

    Did you reinstall windows or something? Or was it just a crash and then you rebooted?
  15. Gomorrah Journeyman

    I'm wondering if something has changed lately, because Bitdefender suddenly quarantined GP calling it a ransomware virus. Anyone else had the issue?
  16. Beimeith Lord of the Game

    No, a lot of antivirus protection stuff don't like it because it isn't signed.

    Just make you only ever download it from or my site (linked in the first post).
  17. Gomorrah Journeyman

    Figures. Bitdefender is a bit overzealous with it's protections. I'll redownload newest version and try again. Thanks bud
  18. Beimeith Lord of the Game

    What a lot of those programs seem to do is use a "reputation" score for files. Basically, when I make a new .exe it has no reputation yet, so they flag it as "suspicious" or what have you. Then as more people manually set it as "okay" it reports back to the antivirus maker and they stop complaining about it.

    I can start including a Hash value so people can verify it is unaltered, but all that does is prove (or not) that the file came from me, unaltered.

    FWIW, hashes for the most recent version are:

    MD5: CBF5A8E4FA561D2938B4D39584D4E80D
    SHA-1: 46E5E9103A2A50CE94B7918EE9D666EBBA0A46AD
    SHA-256: CD82F4CF441F46E23B7C92D8DB06CA13D73A25E39F5BC911800BA68B914CA6A0
    SHA3-256: 459AED83652603E57A894852C3E2AFA119AEC737E206F6983649CF32B26198C2
    SHA3-512: A3920DFF3F4AB3D74A42B8AE4CED121A36CF4C6DF5B78B85896082AA44690776FE7E5379E4D1E973BFE61F378EA75B0C92A3430438B4E96A95125AD52B32605D
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  19. Anhur Journeyman


    May I ask if there is an overview of what filters should be set to what setting to give a complete picture for raid parsing? Is it advisable to set everything to 'show'?

    I've not really dabbled with parsing before and this information may be buried some where in these 23 pages, so any direction is appreciated.

  20. Beimeith Lord of the Game

    Everything should be set to show for best results.

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