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Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Roshen, Jan 16, 2015.

  1. Myric New Member

    My summoned Mage pet isn't allowing me to give it gear besides weapons. I've summoned a new pet since these changes were made. Currently, I am not sure if Mage pets are the only ones affected but please fix. Thanks.
  2. Nolnan New Member

    I sent in a /bug, too, but the solo seals and boundless symbols (all L101/105) aren't working still, giving the "This item doesn't satisfy the augment's restrictions." I made the last Symbol I needed, and it isn't working either, so it's not just something applicable to augments made prior to the fix.
  3. sicness101 New Member

    I log onto server then after Character select it crashes and I have to relog in. When I relog it makes me kick the existing char in the world and then lets me select a char then crashes again. Tried to log with two diffrent accounts and both have same issue. This started right after the patch.
  4. Yinla Augur

    Thought the beta reward was going to be in this patch, not seeing the pirate hat in the patch notes.
  5. Roshen Brand Manager

    The TDS beta reward did not go live with the January patch. The team is looking at this reward currently, and as soon as we have more information on this, we'll pass it on.
  6. Savager Augur

    You broke all the particle effects on the raid weapons from Arx Mentis with this patch somehow...
  7. Cazmac Augur

    Any idea why I can't access this from the Launcher?
  8. Roshen Brand Manager

  9. Savager Augur

  10. revran1 Journeyman

    now what the hell is going on you guys said in the patch notes the the august armor had the slot replaced not removed so what the hell is going on and were my emblem all soe dose is lie anymore
  11. Truncheon of Doom New Member

    I must admit, i am confused on your choice of wording for dealing with this situation of the emblem. Replace means that its getting swapped for something else. Removed means you are loosing something. So will we ever get it fixed? Will you increase the Bp stats to compensate a bit? Or heroic stats? Please make a statement on the emblem one way or another and dont leave us in the dark.
  12. Truncheon of Doom New Member

    Awhile ago mage pets started coming summoned with armor, likely thats why they only take weapons I think it was about lvl 70 or so.
  13. Ashten-Prexus Journeyman

    Still no Trophy of the Seafarer fix?? It's been 3 months......
  14. Brudal Augur

  15. Arimos New Member

    "August Cultural armor pieces have had their Emblem slots replaced." that is a lie. They simply had their emblem slot removed, oh and apparently you went ahead and deleted everyone's emblems while you were at it.

    I spent over 100k on my cultural set, plus I paid SC for a race change after over 10 years of the same race on my toon because I could not get the cultural for that race. Why? Because SOE told me that the August Cultural could use emblems by making the BP have an Emblem slot.

    The fact that myself and probably others ended up spending money on SC to make a race change in order to get a set of cultural armor makes this not only a pain in the , but an unethical bait n switch by Sony.

    What is your answer to this Roshen? players keep commenting and they go ignored. I never see any devs respond to serious questions on here anymore. And if somebody points out real truth then the moderator gets on and locks down the thread. I wish you guys would just leave the game alone. Stop giving people things and then taking them away!!!
  16. Derd Augur

    They did tell you that it was going to be removed, as it wasn't supposed to be there. The mere fact that it gave no increase in stats was a clue, and without much digging you could find the posts on these forums first asking, then being informed that it was a mistake and was going to be fixed in a upcoming patch. Why your missing something that you can't use now anyway so terribly I don't understand, unless you really want to go back a few expansions to find cultural that did accept that seal.
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  17. Boledarx New Member

    Anyone having cannot connect issues? I keep clicking the play, and enter station name and password and it pops up with cannot connect check server status and or network status. I want to play anyone help me out here
  18. ranebowz New Member

    well now with this patch you cant give your pet any summoned gear only thing you can give to it is summoned weapons is this a mistake or what can anyone please tell me whats up
  19. malicious rexx New Member

    I had no problems handing my beast lord pet weapons and armor. Several expansions ago mages pets were being summoned with armor appropriate to lvl of pet. More than likely that is what a mage is running into if the pet refuses armor. necro and Beastlords still need to hand pet armor.
  20. Everstorm Augur

    Malicious already answered but I just want to add that it's kindda sad that the game doesn't give mages this info in any way, shape or form. A guy on my server was complaining about this as well. So many little things in this game that new(er) or returning players don't know about unless they go digging in old posts on 3rd party websites.
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