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  1. idej Augur

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  2. Melanippe Augur

    Based on all posted information to date, the reduction to experience in pre-CoTF content WILL apply to any character that is level 101+. In addition, the 6hour lock-out timers will be in effect for all CoTF and TDS Heroic Adventures until and unless some changes is made at some future unannounced date.
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  3. vjfinazzo Lorekeeper

    Well, casual players will quit once they get into TDS. I won't be renewing my boxes, only my main to raid.
    Also, hope you are prepared when the servers come back, for hundreds and thousands of people order your expansion all at once. Didn't you guys crash from Beaming? Wonder how this will go..
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  4. Geroblue Augur

    No there, there. Sorry SOE, maybe one account will get this expansion. Not my other 4.

    I hope you do better real soon. Hopefully with this expansion, not some mythical date down the road of expansions.
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  5. Ellmadar New Member

    I am normally maxed levels and maxed AAs within one to two months. Honestly them "nerfing" experience in zones from two years ago is not going to effect me or any of the people I play with. Yes the new zones until you break into the upper levels will be a pain in the , they always are for a while but this to will pass once you unlock zones. I have never once used former zones to gain experience only to complete missed quest lines do hunter quests etc and then only when I have maxed out once again. Seems to me the same doom and gloom was used when they nerfed experience before. Seems that nothing is new under the Everquest's suns.
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  6. Axxius Augur

    Not mention of the RoF xp nerf in the patch notes? Are you guys seriously going to hide this huge nerf that screams 'Don't buy TDS if you still like RoF!' from the unsuspecting players who don't read these forums? I refuse to believe that SOE can stoop that low. This has to be an oversight. Add it to the patch notes!
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  7. Kontra Augur

    Everyone has their own opinion, and is free to express it on these forums, so here's mine:
    I personally could care less about the lockout timer on Heroic Adventures, as I like to mix it up and check out all aspects of the game anyways.....However, I think we can all agree they have overlooked one key aspect. What happens when you are working on Hunter achieves, and said named only spawns in one particular HA? (ie: Lieutenant Robert Ward in Capt. Russell Cooper DH HA "Clearing a Path")
    I personally had to run this adventure 14 times before he finally spawned. How difficult are the proposed lockout timers going to make completing Hunter achievements?
    Solution: If you are going to force a 6 hour lockout timer on all HA's, make named a guaranteed spawn.

    As for the complaining about RoF and prior having diminished XP returns, all I can say is; I just recently went back to RoF zones to complete some of my trophies from Savior achieves, and in all of the time I spent there, I ran into literally no one, save the odd player here or there that were already L100. If everyone is so up-in-arms about this proposed change, I would challenge: Where are all the players that are even making such good use of RoF zones? Maybe on other servers, its different, but on Luclin, I'm just not seeing them.
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  8. Axxius Augur

    That's already been discussed and answered before: don't complete the HA while hunting for the named. Do it to the step where it spawns (or doesn't). If it doesn't spawn - drop task and get a new one.
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  9. Zamiam Augur

    but the point is you got to do them over and over .. we should also ..
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  10. Zamiam Augur

    lol we should be happy , they should be happy we still pay them for this game with all their shinanigans and bait and switch moves they've thrown us this past year.. EQ HAS, IS and ALWAYS will be their golden goose .. they should be groveling and apologizing to us .. but they know we ( or at least you, cause ive stopped paying for my 2 of my accounts and am not paying for the expansions .. ) will keep on taking what they dish out.. I've been looking into new games to play .. until these nerfs are reverted i'll remain F2P on 2/3 of my accounts my main will sub monthly until i know what their final decision is ..
  11. Saxet Nitsua New Member

    Well, with that 6 hour lock out timer and the experience nerfing for RoF and COTF, and the fact that it might take me 5 months or more to get the new expansion due to being on SSDI, I will be dropping my accounts from EverQuest as of TODAY. I have seen nothing that will keep me in the game now, I am sorry SONY but you have lost all hope in this game with the constant nurfing. I wish you luck. GOOD BYE!
  12. Saxet Nitsua New Member

    Well, with that 6 hour lock out timer and the experience nerfing for RoF and COTF, and the fact that it might take me 5 months or more to get the new expansion due to being on SSDI, I will be dropping my accounts from EverQuest as of TODAY. I have seen nothing that will keep me in the game now, I am sorry SONY but you have lost all hope in this game with the constant nurfing. I wish you luck. GOOD BYE!
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  13. Raidian Lorekeeper

    It's sure going to get boring only playing CoTF and TDS, wonder what that will do for revenue....
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  14. Firrionafan Elder

    Ok, just got to a server log on screen with a "Buy TDS" button.....guess what it takes me too....YET another chance to buy CoTF. Is this what has been planned? A 12+ hour marathon of stops, starts, partial downloads to get those who did not purchase CoTF to do it? I went ahead and tried to buy CoTF again, yet I already have it....I bet the server really wanted to sell it to me. Remember we a non magical elves out here and cannot just summon up some ale and drink away our woes. We have to be careful with our coppers. But making this a drogmar and dragon show you are showing us. Why would I want to be synched up with my friends, to play in your goosesteping 6 hour lockout scheme on Heroic Missions. How dare I play it my way. For crying out loud, get the next step fixed so i can get some whit of sleep before I begin to grind on up to 105. Does someone actually cackle at SoE when someone buys CoTF this late in the game or have you relegated this to a speaker in an empty room....give me a silver piece and I will cackle for ya.....per purchace....hahaha. Come one you had your fun let the big people back at the programing screen, let's get this done and working.
  15. Raidian Lorekeeper

    The downtime isn't even close to being complete, nothing is finished. Patience is a virtue....
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  16. Abrakay Dabra New Member

    Roshen said:
    “As mentioned in the post here, we have additional updates planned for Heroic Adventures after feedback we received from the community. These changes will focus on providing bonuses to players that seek out challenging content and choose to complete a variety of Heroic Adventures, and less about restrictions against players that choose not to. We'll be communicating these changes with you soon.”
    Answer to red text as follows , after
    you've bought TDS play it Roshen's
    and SOE's way you will be rewarded
    Answer to blue text as follows , We will focus less about people moaning about the restrictions we've implemented and are here to stay . Moan all you like just give us the cash
    Anyway that's how it reads to me , remember Roshen follows orders and cannot implement any change he is the meet and greet part of the admin. It's not personal he is just doing what he is told
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  17. Behee Augur

    The patch was 345MB for me, in case anyone wants that info (we pay for data).
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  18. Firrionafan Elder

    So, the entire expansion only 345 MB?
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  19. Raptorjesus5 Augur

    It's not a nerf if it was never in the game. Leveling over 100 has never been in the game. This is not a nerf at all. I don't understand why people are being so upset about this to be honest.

    Now, the lock out timers IS a nerf. And ya that one kinda sucks, but they have at least stated they have plans to "fix" it.
  20. Vike New Member

    Not only will I not be buying this expansion for my gold accounts, but they will no longer be gold. In fact now I won't even be trying out EQ Next. I will just play for free or better yet copy all my characters to test server and play with all the features until I find another game. SoE has no idea what it's customers want and when they find out the information is ignored.