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  1. idej Augur

    Because some people enjoy doing what they know. Why did people sit in Lower Guk for 8 months when the game was released. Why did people sit in Karnors for for months. Heck everyone has their favorite zones that no matter how long they stayed they would keep coming back.
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  2. Mithicus New Member

    I'm not a Six boxer but I usually box 3 or 4 then my wife plays one and the other is a porter errand runner etc... I did 6 box mata trials .....never ever ever again. 7 months later the AA is free. I almost cried.

    In 1999-2000 every server had 2500 people sometimes you could not log In because they were so full. Now servers have like 400ish not counting boxers and I have 6 logged in or in character selection 24_7. I'm not the best boxer but I should not be punished for that. Just leave exp alone in older content.
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  3. 1ranger Journeyman

    One good thing is, to just be happy that SOE is still putting out content for Everquest. The way most of you are complaining, this may just be the last expansion for EQ. You will find in life, you can't have your cake and eat it too..
  4. Shimmerleaf Augur

    this may just be the last expansion for EQ.

    For some of us it is. I am trying to force myself to buy TDS, just to be with friends, but there is no interest left in the game. Sad to end mad, but I suppose there is no such thing as an amicable divorce either.

    And if I did buy TDS I don't expect to pay for cake and be handed half cardboard, half camel cakes.
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  5. Tual Augur

    Sure I can. I have cake, I eat cake, there it is. I also find in life that people will roll over and take whatever comes their way, I don't approve of those people and they shouldn't inhabit my planet.
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  6. Mithicus New Member


    You speak as if you don't realize you are talking to adults. Like we don't understand consequences? Most of us grew up playing this game and taking BS from Verant. Now we are all aged, have careers and family and don't put up with BS. We control the purse strings now and not our parents.

    Everquest is a cash cow I promise you it's not going anywhere and expansions will continue to be released. If they have one hiccup with an expansion they will respond more friendly with the next expansion. Look at the Omens boycott where the player base got loud and got heard.
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  7. Wolffien New Member

    O.M.G what are you going to do! if you can't farm HA~! what has EQ come to!
    what, what's that? you might have to get out into Cotf or TDS and exp in the open zone.
    or maybe you will go quest. its really simple. shut up and don't spend your $ and sony will know people don't like the exp pack. Or, suck it up, step up, and handle it! The 6 hour lock out timer is great! might stop some of the weak whiny guys and gals, and actually get out in CoTF and TDS and enjoy the zones.
    and to the guy who made the point that there is not 6 hours of HA content, i hope your counting TDS and Cotf in that. and really, you want to do the same HA over and over for 6 hours? I for one am glad to see Sony trying to put an end to this type of game play. it is not what EQ was ever meant to be or should be. If you want to level up you should have to work for it. hell yea! EQ has lost some of its best players by giving into the weak and making things to easy. Improve things and make them function better yea. but dumb it down so anyone can progress regardless of the skill they are willing to hone.
    Hell no. No more mindless bots err players just cry when things are not easy, or they cant level from 100-105 in 1 day.. might take 2 or 3.. oh no! Suck it up people. Dont buy it if you cant handle it!
  8. idej Augur

    You do realize that the hardcore grinders will still be able to get to 105 in a day. They know the raiders are going to buy the expansion. This and all of the other nerfs over the past year have been against the middle ground players.

    At some point people are going to get fed up and this is what you're seeing right now. Go in beta and see how wonderful it is.Just remember how bad progression servers were on opening day and they had 3x the zones to start in as we will have tomorrow.
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  9. Agrippa Augur

    I see having only two new small zone choices open tomorrow going over well. My wife and I had a hard time doing new Katta's progression on Beta on an afternoon weekday, due to four small groups working the same tasks there and no where near enough mobs to go around. Now imagine live servers tomorrow where the two small zones are filled with *many* more than four small groups. What the people for the changes aren't seeing is how very little content we're getting to replace what we're losing.
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  10. Tual Augur

    Or.. as paying customers we can voice our displeasure and get it changed, that's just something you'll have to suck up and deal with.
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  11. Wolffien New Member

    you will have all of CoTF as well. no nerf on CoTF exp.
  12. Tual Augur

    Yeah, that's the problem.
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  13. segap Augur

    1) There is barely any static content in cotf to do. It was all focused around HAs. They were even advertised as having multiple versions so you could get a different experience every time you run the same HA!

    2) I've done all the HAs. Several are not worth ever doing a second time. They were just plain annoying. I'll take repeating a few over and over again to grind over being annoyed by slow paced or bad mechanics. That should be my choice.

    3) Quests? You mean the cotf progression quests? Again, not worth doing more than once. Slow, not much exp after you've already gotten the achievement. To top it off, some of the mobs for twk quests poof on death so you don't even have a 1:1000000 chance of a rare drop. Some group missions are fun, but not all can be done with mercs or rag tag pick up groups in group gear (which often need tank or healer mercs due to the lack of people playing those classes in the group game). Some are ridiculously easy and beatable in 5-10 minutes.

    4) TDS? That is my preference. I'd like to find some place with challenging content that's not over crowded. Well, locked progression rules that out. Doing the T1 quests in beta, the zones barely supported one group at a time doing them. For the next month or so, there will be much more than one group all fighting over that. No way to do challenging TDS content without first dealing with the grief fest that they are forcing upon us.

    What it all comes down to is choice. If you don't like doing something. Great, don't do it. Doesn't mean that someone else does not enjoy it and should be stopped from it if it harms no one. Give people options to spread out and get out of each other's ways.

    I'm going to buy the expansion and hope for the best. If, however, I log in and game play becomes grief and tedious tasks, I'll likely log out again and question renewing. I know I'll give it at least a month to shake out, but I'm paying to have fun.
  14. Slasher Augur

    Whats the difference between sitting in the same camp spot for 6 hrs or doing 1 heroic for 6 hrs ? Nothing.
  15. Ratbo Peep Augur

    "We hear you" has changed to "We don't hear you".
    It seems the Exp. nerf on all content before CotF is "not negotiable".
    OK - good luck with that.

    "You take something away - give a part of it back - and call it a gift."
    Good luck with that too.

    I see no actual promises of anything good or any reversal.
    I'll be voting with my wallet tomorrow. A few times.
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  16. Drude New Member

    With the regard to the exp nerf effecting players 101+ in RoF and lower content, If a lvl 101 player was grouped with lvl 95 players would the lvl 95 players suffer the same penalty because they are grouped with a lvl 101?
  17. Agrippa Augur

    @Drude: That's a good question that I'll only guess "No" for. And that's only because a higher level toon can already kill mobs that give them zero experience but will give the lower level tons. How will AA experience work, though?
  18. Zenn New Member

    If as expected, the new TDS zones are too overloaded to kill in an open zone or to do progression content, get into a TDS/CoTF Heroic mission that scales to your level, kill everything you can and QUIT before the last step. Rinse and repeat.
  19. Koibutsu New Member

    I am sorry, is SOE's slogan not Free to play, your way?
    So your limiting exp in area's that are not in the new expansion. Meaning we dont have a choice in where u get exp? I havnt been playing much, but that sounds abit backwards. I havnt finished RoF, and im 100. If i buy new expansion, then exp in RoF while im catching up, will be crap exp? Or is this all just Herioc adventures your talking about. which i dont know anything about....
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  20. Roshen Brand Manager