Game Update Notes: July 6, 2016

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    July 6, 2016

    *** Highlights ***

    - Look to the marketplace this July for the Bird in a Cage. Each one contains a random adoptable bird familiar. Trade them to your friends or collect them all yourself, and keep an eye out for some rare and unique feathered familiars!
    - Lynea the pet collector in the Commonlands will purchase your excess adoptable pets for a unique currency. You can buy a random discontinued pet from her using this currency.

    *** Items ***

    - Corrected an issue with the Unwritten Glyph item that would allow the selection of invalid reward options.
    - Corrected the graphic of Confluence.
    - Corrected the graphic on several Player Studio robes.
    - Filthy Ape Livers no longer stack.

    *** Quests & Events ***

    - Eron Nurwistle will now allow you to start his series of quests over if you have somehow misplaced your jewelry.
    - An Epic Request - The Castle Mistmoore step of An Epic Request can now be completed if the Hardcore Heritage version of Castle Mistmoore is active.
    - The Ring War event in Great Divide should work more reliably.
    - Corrected a couple Hot Zone targets in the Resplendent Temple.

    *** NPCs ***

    - Corrected an issue that caused some NPC races to have smaller than intended melee ranges, most notably the dracoliche.

    *** AA ***

    - Bard - Adjusted ranks 1-6 of Extended Ingenuity so that spells with a mana cost can now be extended.
    - Beastlord - Consolidated Extended Bestial Bloodrage to be ranks 5-9 of Bestial Bloodrage and increased the amount of health drained from the warder while this ability is active. Beastlord - Consolidated Quickened Consumption of Spirit to be ranks 3-5 of Consumption of Spirit.
    - Beastlord - Consolidated Extended Bloodlust to be rank 2 of Bloodlust. Extended the base duration of the ability to be equal to the impact that Spell Casting Reinforcement has on the line and flagged the line as non-focusable.
    - Beastlord - Consolidated Extended Group Bestial Alignment to be ranks 2-6 of Group Bestial Alignment.
    - Beastlord - Consolidated Hastened Bestial Alignment to be ranks 4-7 and 12 of Bestial Alignment.
    - Beastlord - Consolidated Hastened Bite of the Asp to be ranks 3 and 9-10 of Bite of the Asp.
    - Beastlord - Consolidated Hastened Companion's Sacrifice to be ranks 4-6 of Companion's Sacrifice.
    - Beastlord - Consolidated Hastened Focused Paragon of Spirit to be ranks 4-6 and 16-18 and Quickened Focused Paragon of Spirit to be ranks 25-29 of Focused Paragon of Spirit. Additionally, ranks 13+ now offer endurance regeneration.
    - Beastlord - Consolidated Hastened Gorilla Smash to be ranks 2 and 9-10 of Gorilla Smash.
    - Beastlord - Consolidated Hastened Paragon of Spirit to be ranks 11-13, 23-25, and 38 and Quickened Paragon of Spirit to be ranks 26-28 of Paragon of Spirit.
    - Beastlord - Consolidated Hastened Possum to be ranks 2-6 and 10-11 of Playing Possum.
    - Beastlord - Consolidated Hastened Raven's Claw to be ranks 2 and 9-10 of Raven's claw.
    - Beastlord - Consolidated Hastened Thunder to be ranks 4-8 and 12-13 of Roar of Thunder. Additionally, increased the hate reduction for all ranks of Roar of Thunder.
    - Beastlord - Consolidated Hastened Warder's Gift to be ranks 7-9 of Warder's Gift and adjusted the amount of health absorbed from the warder to be a scaling percentage rather than a flat value.
    - Beastlord - Consolidated Quickened Nature's Salve to be ranks 7-10 of Nature's Salve.
    - Berserker - Consolidated Extended Tireless Sprint to be ranks 4-6 and Hastened Tireless Sprint to be ranks 10-15 of Tireless Sprint.
    - Berserker - Consolidated Hastened Absolution to be ranks 2-9 of Agony of Absolution.
    - Berserker - Consolidated Hastened Blood Pact to be ranks 16-18 and 28-29 of Blood Pact.
    - Berserker - Consolidated Hastened Cry of Battle to be ranks 2-10 of Cry of Battle.
    - Berserker - Consolidated Hastened Distraction Attack to be ranks 4-8 of Distraction Attack.
    - Berserker - Consolidated Hastened Juggernaut Surge to be ranks 7-14 of Juggernaut Surge.
    - Berserker - Consolidated Hastened Reckless Abandon to be ranks 4-12 of Reckless Abandon.
    - Berserker - Consolidated Hastened Resilience to be ranks 19-21 and 28-31 of Uncanny Resilience.
    - Berserker - Consolidated Hastened Savage Spirit to be ranks 7-18 of Savage Spirit.
    - Berserker - Consolidated Hastened Untamed Rage to be ranks 14-20 of Untamed Rage.
    - Berserker - Consolidated Hastened War Cry to be ranks 1-3 and Echoing Cries to be ranks 4-6 of a combined ability line named 'Improved War Cry'.
    - Berserker - Decapitation can now trigger off of Frenzy skill button presses.
    - Berserker - Increased the effectiveness of ranks 10-18 of Throwing Mastery.
    - Berserker - Moved the minimum damage effects of Two Hands, No Mercy to Juggernaut's Proficiency. Ranks 1-6 of Juggernaut's Proficiency are now ranks 12-17 with newly created ranks 1-11 becoming available at equivalent times that ranks 1-11 of Two Hands, No Mercy became available.
    - Berserker - Renamed the ability line 'Conservation' to 'Axemaker's Efficiency'.
    - Berserker - Renamed the ability line 'Frenzied Defense' to 'Frenzied Return Strike'.
    - Berserker - The ability 'Dying Blow' has been replaced with 'Death's Refusal' which provides 2% chance per rank to return to life with Touch of the Divine.
    - Cleric - Renamed the ability line 'Improved Atone' to 'Enhanced Forgetfulness'.
    - Enchanter - Consolidated Extended Dreary Deeds to be ranks 2-4 and 6-7 of Dreary Deeds. Additionally, added a mana cost to the ability line.
    - Enchanter - Consolidated Hastened Beam of Slumber to be ranks 5-7 of Beam of Slumber.
    - Enchanter - Consolidated Hastened Calculated Insanity to be ranks 7-11 and 21-22 of Calculated Insanity.
    - Enchanter - Consolidated Hastened Crippling Aurora to be ranks 3-5 and 8 of Crippling Aurora.
    - Enchanter - Consolidated Hastened Doppelganger to be ranks 4-6 of Doppelganger.
    - Enchanter - Consolidated Hastened Edict of Command to be ranks 7-12, 19-21, and 28-32 of Edict of Command.
    - Enchanter - Consolidated Hastened Eldritch Rune to be ranks 21-23 of Eldritch Rune.
    - Enchanter - Consolidated Hastened Gather Mana to be ranks 2-4 and 9-14 of Gather Mana.
    - Enchanter - Consolidated Hastened Glyph Spray to be ranks 3-8 of Glyph Spray.
    - Enchanter - Consolidated Hastened Illusions of Grandeur to be ranks 2-5 of Illusions of Grandeur.
    - Enchanter - Consolidated Hastened Mental Contortion to be ranks 3-8 of Mental Contortion.
    - Enchanter - Consolidated Hastened Mind Over Matter to be ranks 4-7 of Mind Over Matter.
    - Enchanter - Consolidated Hastened Phantasmal Opponent to be ranks 2-7 of Phantasmal Opponent.
    - Enchanter - Consolidated Hastened Veil of Mindshadow to be ranks 10-18 and 37 of Veil of Mindshadow.
    - Enchanter - Consolidated Pet Discipline to be rank 4 of Animation Empathy.
    - Enchanter - Consolidated Quickened Stasis to be ranks 16-18 and Hastened Stasis to be ranks 22-26 and 33 of Stasis. Additionally, the ability line has been renamed 'Noctambulate' in order to better differentiate it from the 'Self Stasis' and 'Friendly Stasis' ability lines.
    - Enchanter - Corrected an error that caused the 4th rank of Quick Damage not to be displayed.
    - Enchanter - Reduced the damage absorption percentage and hit limit on ranks 11-26 of Mind Over Matter.
    - Enchanter - Reduced the damage absorption percentage on all ranks of Veil of Mindshadow.
    - Enchanter - Renamed the ability line 'Mana Overburn' to 'Hastened Mana Flare'.
    - Magician - Consolidated Extended Frenzied Burnout to be ranks 2-7 and 9-11, Hastened Frenzied Burnout to be ranks 14-18, Quickened Frenzied Burnout to be ranks 22-26, and Reaching Frenzied Burnout to be ranks 28-32 of Frenzied Burnout.
    - Magician - Consolidated Extended Heart of Flames to be ranks 11-16 of Heart of Flames.
    - Magician - Consolidated Extended Heart of Ice to be ranks 8-13 of Heart of Ice.
    - Magician - Consolidated Extended Heart of Stone to be ranks 11-16 of Heart of Stone.
    - Magician - Consolidated Extended Heart of Vapor to be ranks 13-18 of Heart of Vapor.
    - Magician - Consolidated Extended Raging Servant to be rank 4 of Extended Swarm as the 9 second extension was not additive with the effects of Extended Swarm.
    - Magician - Consolidated Hastened Elemental Union to be ranks 4-6 and 16-19 of Elemental Union.
    - Magician - Consolidated Hastened Host of Elements to be ranks 16-20 and Quickened Host of the Elements to be ranks 21-25 of Host of the Elements.
    - Magician - Consolidated Hastened Virulent Talon to be ranks 3-8 of Virulent Talon.
    - Magician - Consolidated Quickened Call Hither to be ranks 4-5 of Call Hither.
    - Magician - Consolidated Reaching Shared Health to be ranks 6-8 of Shared Health.
    - Magician - Consolidated Summoner's Beckon to be rank 2 of Elemental Pact and renamed the ability line 'Conjurer's Efficiency'.
    - Magician - Corrected the implementation of the 'Bolt of Molten Shieldstone', 'Renewal of Calix', and 'Spear of Molten Shieldstone' focus lines to improve the base damage/healing of the spells by 2% per rank rather than add a flat amount of damage/healing.
    - Magician - Improved the damage of all ranks Steel Vengeance.
    - Magician - Renamed the ability line 'Companion's Gift' to 'Healing Gift' and moved the line to the Archetype tab.
    - Multiple - Consolidated Hastened Mass Group to be ranks 2-9 of Mass Group Buff (ranks 2-10 for Enchanters).
    - Necromancer - Consolidated Extended Gift of Deathly Resolve to be rank 2 of Gift of Deathly Resolve.
    - Necromancer - Consolidated Hastened Dying Grasp to be ranks 3-7 and 9 of Dying Grasp.
    - Necromancer - Consolidated Hastened Embrace The Decay to be ranks 3-6 of Embrace the Decay.
    - Necromancer - Consolidated Hastened Swarm of Decay to be ranks 7-11 and 15-16 of Swarm of Decay.
    - Necromancer - Consolidated Hastened Whisperwind to be ranks 2-6 of Whisperwind.
    - Necromancer - Consolidated Quickened Levant to be ranks 2-6 of Levant.
    - Necromancer - Increased the number of damage-over-time spells that Deathly Resolve (the effect triggered by Gift of Deathly Resolve) will twincast from 1 to 2.
    - Wizard - Added mana costs to Force of Will, Force of Flame, and Force of Ice.
    - Wizard - Consolidated Hastened Arcane Fury to be ranks 4-8 of Arcane Fury.
    - Wizard - Consolidated Hastened Beam of Displacement to be ranks 2-4 of Beam of Displacement.
    - Wizard - Consolidated Hastened Call of Xuzl to be ranks 9-14 of Call of Xuzl.
    - Wizard - Consolidated Hastened Force of Will to be ranks 4-8 and 15-17 of Force of Will.
    - Wizard - Consolidated Hastened Manaburn to be ranks 10-15 of Mana Burn.
    - Wizard - Consolidated Hastened Nexus Gate to be ranks 2-9 of Nexus Gate.
    - Wizard - Consolidated Hastened Strong Root to be ranks 2-11 of Strong Root. The component of ranks 4-6 of Hastened Strong root that reduced the likelihood that your target will break free from your root spells has been moved to newly created ranks 1-3 of Fortified Entanglement. Existing ranks of Fortified Entanglement are now ranks 4-9 of the line.
    - Wizard - Consolidated Quickened Harvest of Druzzil to be ranks 3-6 and Hastened Harvest of Druzzil to be ranks 10-12 and 16 of Harvest of Druzzil.
    - Wizard - Removed E'ci's Icy Blessing, Ro's Fiery Blessing, Druzzil's Mystical Blessing, and the 3 ranks of Kerafyrm's Favor. Kerafyrm's Prismatic Familiar now requires rank 5 of Ro's Flaming Familiar, E'ci's Icy Familiar, and Druzzil's Mystical Familiar. Each of the 4 ranks of Kerafyrm's Prismatic Familiar have had their cost increased by 3 AA points to match the removal of the Blessing lines.
    - Wizard - Renamed the ability line 'Spell Casting Fury Mastery' to 'Fury of Magic' and moved the line to the Archetype tab.
    Multiple - Reverted the consolidation of expendable Glyph AA abilities. 0Abilities that were previously consolidated have been renamed to convey their role as ranks in a line when sorted. Additionally, the hotkey names for these abilities have been adjusted to improve readability.

    *** Progression Servers ***

    - Removed the requirement of Rain of Fear to go into Offline Mode when selling things in the Bazaar.
    - The Spell: The Zephyr: Stonebrunt should not be available for purchase until Legacy of Ykesha has unlocked on the server.
    - The Spell: Hammer of Divinity is researchable in Luclin and later.
    - Melalafen will return to Western Wastes when the Planes of Power has unlocked and the Sleeper is awoken. He will depart once Lost Dungeons of Norrath has unlocked.

    *** Miscellaneous ***

    - Ah, Anguish. Is it a Citadel, an Asylum, or a Fallen Palace? The name will be handled more consistently now.

    *** Tradeskills ***

    - Corrected several research tradeskill recipes that required the use of defunct class specific lexicons. These recipes can now be completed in a standard research lexicon.

    *** UI ***

    - Corrected a typo in the description of the Charisma stat tooltip in the stats page of the inventory window.
    - Corrected an issue that caused the expedition window to pop up when a shared task spawned a dynamic zone.
    - Added an 'Activate All' button to the barter UI to allow you to attempt to activate all of your buy lines.
    - Added more icon sheets.

    - Changed -

    - The EverQuest Team
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