Game not built for playing just One Account anymore

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by BarryGarry, Dec 21, 2020.

  1. BarryGarry New Member

    Names would be the ideal mob to headhunt for just like eq always has been
  2. Mazame Augur

    As a Bst my self I was shocked yesterday when I was able to solo mobs in CS with out even a merc.
    Some of the other zones are a bit more but with a single merc and my bst I was able to complete all of CS quest with no real effort needed. I am going to be doing another zone tonight.

    Now as long as I been playing EQ has never been made for solo. yes people can do it and yes people have always been doing it but it was never ment to be a solo game. The issue with soloing is that it take A lot more time to kill and you have to think out side the box to get past some parts that a group could make it simpler.

    As a bst if your having trouble soloing you may want to seek out another bst for help in ways to improve. if your on Xegony. I would be happy to help you out. If not you can send me an in game email and I can help answer questions.
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  3. Nennius Curmudgeon

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  4. Cicelee Augur

    You are asking to solo named. Wbicb is something a small minority of players and classes have been able to do over the years. But a small minority.

    There is solo content in COV. You even said it yourself. So while I do not speak for the community, realize that zero sympathy is going to be given to someone who is upset that they cannot solo a named mob.

    And you don't need a box to kill a named. You just need friends, or social skills to invite someone and kill the named. But your premise of this post is not about COV being hard and having no solo content (which you yourself refuted when you said you can solo trash), but unhappiness about soloing named.

    Well, welcome to EQ. Where 95% of players also cannot solo named. But you don't see them angry or upset about it. Instead they duo or trio or group up to accomplish those goals.
  5. Febb Augur

    The game steered far away from soloing loooooong ago. Ya, if you are raid geared from the previous expansion you might be able to molo in the right circumstances.

    You can go back several expansions and solo easily if you got the skill, gear, aa's, and levels. If you want to play in the current expansion, you need to make friends to group with or join a guild in order to progress through it.
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  6. Tegila Augur

    Um the many threads about crystallized ore and mats dropping too frequently beg to disagree. If you're in raid gear, then you can still get augs from the bricks. You can also get the new aas. You can get the tradeskill mats for when raids come out, or to craft and sell for whatever ryou might want to buy. You can't possibly tell me, unless you've already done it, that there's nothing to get from trash in CoV. There's nothing to get from nameds if you're in raid gear that's for sure, but the trash is an entirely different story because: bricks(2 tiers better than what the nameds you wanna solo drop) and for augs, and aas
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  7. BarryGarry New Member

    I finished WW and CS merc quests that was about it, it just seems this game is just not a fit for me anymore, sorry for the feedback won't let it happen again. You guys enjoy I will find something else to fill my time with. From 99 to 2020 not a bad run I guess...
  8. Vaeeldar Augur

    Which expansion did you ever solo for upgrades? I’ve been playing eq since beta - necro for most of my early career which was “the” soloer back then and I even occasionally dual boxed in EQ during kunark - yes on dial up. I remember pre-kunark pulling off soloing guk crusader and whatever the their name was down there as a necro. But for almost all of eq you could never solo for gear upgrades - duo yes, and even then slow - solo not so much. So as a bst which expansion were you soloing for upgrades?

    Edit: Missed your later post. TBL, which nameds did you solo for upgrades? TOV I’d love to know that because it seems unlikely you were doing t2 and if it was t1 I question how much of an upgrade it was.

    There are a few easy COV t1 mobs that I suspect a few classes could molo but it’s not like its an upgrade if you can molo it.
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  9. MasterMagnus The Oracle of AllHigh

    When I was a necromancer on dial-up EVERY expansion I could solo for upgrades.

    I remember that first velium staff, and it was an upgrade to what I had for sure.
  10. Leerah Augur

    I guarantee if grinding in the hot zones gave GOOD experience, people would be gathering there. Hot zones were a good idea. The experience in them needs to be really good.
  11. Leerah Augur

    What if they had a Molo Only server? I'd be interested. When I want to finish a quest in Cooling Chambers, I guarantee nobody else wants to join me. I don't know how to code it, but it'd be sweet if your power increased when you had fewer people in the group.

  12. Nivek Journeyman

    Thats a nice thought, but it isn't based on fact. I myself belong to a high end raiding guild as a non raider. Every expansion I see the same thing, everyone logs in and busts out progression in a few nights and anyone that is not hardcore on all the time or behind the curve gets screwed, as most groups don't want to do the progression after they have finished it. I can log in and spam log in guild 7 days a week and maybe get a group once in a weeks time. Most people I see these days are running around with box crews and are not interested in a solo player log. It's easy to say those people are not putting in the effort when you've never experienced there situation, I'm sure the OP has tried to get groups. The bottom line is the content is designed for geared players and is not friendly towards new players.
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  13. Skuz Berserker Logic: Kill everything.

    Place yourself in the shoes of someone on a server with 1 guild that plays at your timezone & only 2 others who do not, where there is not even 100 players active during any timezone and during the hours you play there are less than 30 active in your guild on non-raid days and your argument mostly falls apart.
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  14. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    Have you tried sending them tells?

    Those who box in our guild are usually more than happy to help others out . Most enjoy the company.

    But if your guild is not willing to group with you, I hate to say it but you maybe in the wrong guild.

    I group with a few members from a social guild on AB they are some of the nicest people I have played with. It all started as grabbing random people from general chat when we had space in our group, but now when we have space we ask those we grouped with before first and will grab one of their guild mates if we still have room.

    Playing when the guild is quiet, means grouping with different people or getting some old stuff done. I have years worth of old content I want to do, items I want, quests I want ticked off. Not to mention tradeskill stuff.
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  15. Leebra New Member

    Agreed! Wife and I would buy the latest expansion for both EQ1 and EQ2 just to help keep Daybreak afloat even if we didn't log in if they made the game more solo/duo friendly. We play on Vazelle, no wait, Maelin Starpyre, no wait, Drinal. We did goof around on some of the Time locked servers for a fresh experience. Once we got high enough and remembered how to play, we missed our better gear/abilities/plat in bank so we went back to Drinal.

    I have been playing off and on since 2001. Got wife into the game in 2015. We have five accounts. The last few times we returned over the years, it was near impossible for us to duo anything (with mercs) anything current, no matter which toons I played. She mains a magician.

    We resorted to doing a bunch of 4 or 5 previous expansions content. We chose not to re-up for Dec/Jan this year, like we normally do every year, because it's just too frustrating and not fun. Mobs one hit you and with the massive lag, sometimes its during a lag spike.

    We would love the game coders to find a way to resolve the quadrillion lines of spaghetti code, to make mobs & events scale difficulty + reward based on number of players near it. Mobs just hit too hard, have too much health, and the group game is long dead.

    EQ was built around group content and challenge, but in 2020 there are too many newer games and not enough EQ players. Even though I have played EQ2 since launch in 2004, I never got that into it. I prefer the AA system in EQ1 with massive power gain through hard work.

    Either find a way to make EQ1 more solo/duo friendly, like the OP was saying, or re-make Everquest in Unreal Engine 5 and add scaling for solo/duo, or the game will continue to struggle.

    Now that Daybreak is selling to a foreign studio, perhaps there is hope? Chen's Dec 2020 letter did say they were infusing resources into EQ1 and EQ2. What exactly does that mean? Make the game more modern? Re-make the game? Expand server resources so there is less lag when a 30+ boxer ports into the zone? Hope it doesn't mean they are making a mobile version of the game, or a card game, or a battle royale, like every other crowd funded game studio is doing these last few years.

    My toons:
    109 Leebra Druid
    110 Crit Wizard-110 Pickler Ranger
    110 Evilgood Shadowknight
    108 Mabo Shaman-106 Mariaa Enchanter

    Wife toons:
    110 Slavina Magician- 80 Beast Lord
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  16. Andarriel Augur

    I missed when ldon was current you could use that lfg tool and get a group within five minutes. PoP was good to a point but kinda went downhill from there and getting groups real quick. But they came out with mercs which helped a ton i prob would of quit if they didnt come out with mercs as i played played when most didnt and i got tired of finally getting a group and the group disbanding 10-15mins later. But it is what it is and you gotta adjust to whatever it is. My ranger been just pling some of my alts in eok (low hp head shottable mobs fast kills) i tried tov and it was slow and for what i got not worth the effort lol and if i decide to do tov or cov ill bring my mage but i like to just play with my ranger and merc and not having to alt tab and such but thats just me.

  17. Sirene_Fippy Augur

    It's a totally acceptable request for EQ to have solo, group, and raid content. Many games do this successfully, as has EQ in the past. There is a steep cliff that occurs around Ring of Scale when NPCs started getting drop-dead racial abilities.

    EQ is like a moving train - if you stay current, it's not hard. However, if you fall behind, it can be really hard to jump back on.

    The most popular leveling area to get to 110 is currently Frontier Mountains, even though there is an exp penalty for playing in an old expansion zone. This is because of the tough racial abilities in RoS. You also can't use the group gear that drops in RoS without getting the EoK T2 gear, meaning there is basically no point in camping any named there. The T1 RoS zones are both very challenging (Overthere and Skyfire). This is just an example of the things that changed in the last few expansions that are making things harder for group geared / solo players.

    If you think things are fine for solo players, I dare you to make a new character, level up by yourself, don't give yourself money, and see how far you get before you start to really struggle. It's really hard to relate after you haven't been there for so long. Even if EQ is an "MMO" where many, many players just play with the same small group of players or box multiple accounts alone, it is totally acceptable and good for MMOs to have avenues for solo play. It's also good for the future of the game - we should be listening to posts like this one, not telling them to "get good," "find a group," play in 2-4 expansions old content (???) or start boxing.
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  18. Kristy13 New Member

    I find it frustrating to LFG and end up feeling like the tolerated 4th bastard child when invited to a boxers group. I can participate and be the biggest contribution in to group compared to other toons but know that since this guy 6-boxing with redguide cheats does not need me at all makes my gaming experience less then satisfying. I love to group and have social interaction but these days it seems everyone is 3-6 boxing and just do not want to be bothered with inviting a solo player; why invite a random player when they can use cheats to 6-box and keep the spoils of everything. Solo players who do want to group would have a much better time if the powers that be would enforce the rules and ban all those 6-boxers using cheats to auto-play 24/7 while afk. I mean really if peeps could not get away with using cheats they would be more inclined to invite live people to play. I know several honest boxers all of them would rather have live people in group; the cheaters just want to be left alone. Anyways, I only have 1 account and will never box. I will either solo, and yes you can solo / molo some of CoV though it is hard, or group when I can - that's what the friends list is for.
  19. Flatchy Court Jester

    I play on BB and have pretty much been in the same guild the whole time. My guild really just consists of me and Hinanthewiz and our alts. Well we have another player that is sorta regular. Mostly its just me and Hin.Since we play at the same time we group together. I will box 3 and he has his toon and we fill in the blanks with mercs. If Spinnel is on he joins us. We usually pick up one guy and its usually someone not so caught up so we get to use the rot or trib gear to help thiis guy out. It usually ends up with said person becoming proficient and wanting more and moving to a real guild. Kind of proud of my "kids" that do that lol. .

    What can you take from my ramblings? Well honestly with one other person you should be able (with mercs) to get some stuff done, boxing is not some hard mystery that people make it out to be. You dont even need 3rd party software to do it. Me and Hin were able to do most progression last exp by ourselves not the HA but when enough people have them done you can find Task adds. The gear your gonna get from them can be had by nameds anyway including the ore. Hell id box nameds in GD for ore last exp myself and trib or give the loot away. Just gotta make connections. Be friendly help others, it dont always have to be what do you want to get done. Help someone else and see where that goes.

    Perhaps dont shoot for the stars instead fill in the blanks you are missing from past expansions till you become more powerful to handle todays challenges. I was missing lots I did not know about and it is amazing how much more I can take after getting some older stuff done (Thanks Duder!)
    Dont give up keep plugging away.

    If all else fails switch to Sk we are UNSTOPPABLE! ;)
  20. atchoom Journeyman

    and since several years they decided pets no longer keep agro on boss in ( most ) misions , making it much harder to do these , when we don't have a real tank , pet was a compromise .

    our group can take down DN mission , but our melee friend can't join us because that boss avoid pet in melee range and get my melee friend get killed trying to tank that one.

    i am a pretty good 6 boxer , but i don't use any 3rd party software ( playing a caster group who is easier to play not using 3rd party software )

    but these missions now requiring a real tank i might have to consider to use a 3rd party software and a real tank be be able to get some missions done, and to have the currencies to come with.

    i guess it is the new way the DEV's want it to be , beefy tank and dps check .............and if boxing , using a 3rd party software, that i was trying to avoid to use...........

    ** ps ** yes i can get a non boxed group to do them , but there are days that i\we can't get the * ideal * group,

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