Game locks up after server select screen

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Lluke, Oct 21, 2019.

  1. Lluke New Member

    This issue started yesterday, and has been happening now for a full day... When loading my game, I make it to the Server Select screen without issue, however after choosing my server (Bertox) the game freezes, and never progresses to Character Select... I tested logging into another server (where I have no toons), and the game progressed to Character Creation normally... I exited that screen, reloaded the game, and chose Bertox, only to have the game freeze up again at the same point... I have cleared my DirectX Shader Cache, as the dbg logs show it to be crashing around that step... The game last loaded for me on Thursday... At this point I'm at a loss of what to try next, and am needing assistance... Below I'm including the dbg logs... Any ideas would be most appreciated!

    [Sun Oct 20 18:21:34 2019]00000:Starting EverQuest (Built Oct 15 2019 12:24:00)
    [Sun Oct 20 18:21:34 2019]00001:EverQuest Configuration Type: RELEASE_NON_AVATAR
    [Sun Oct 20 18:21:34 2019]00002:Timezone: UTC-6h00m
    [Sun Oct 20 18:21:34 2019]00003:Loading graphics DLL.
    [Sun Oct 20 18:21:34 2019]00004:parsing INI file .\eqclient.ini
    [Sun Oct 20 18:21:34 2019]00005:INI file .\eqclient.ini loaded.
    [Sun Oct 20 18:21:34 2019]00006:parsing INI file .\defaults.ini
    [Sun Oct 20 18:21:34 2019]00007:INI file .\defaults.ini loaded.
    [Sun Oct 20 18:21:35 2019]00008:Graphics DLL Configuration Type: GraphicsDLL9
    [Sun Oct 20 18:21:35 2019]00009:Graphics DLL Version 2.00.114014
    [Sun Oct 20 18:21:35 2019]00010:Initializing timers.
    [Sun Oct 20 18:21:37 2019]00011:Checking critical files.
    [Sun Oct 20 18:21:37 2019]00012:Initializing WinSock.
    [Sun Oct 20 18:21:37 2019]00013:Enumerating 3D devices.
    [Sun Oct 20 18:21:37 2019]00000:Found adapter #0 - Intel(R) UHD Graphics 630 (
    [Sun Oct 20 18:21:37 2019]00001:Adapter #0 - Intel(R) UHD Graphics 630 :
    [Sun Oct 20 18:21:37 2019]00002:32Bit = 1, D32 = 0, D24 = 1, D16 = 1
    [Sun Oct 20 18:21:37 2019]00003:16Bit(565) = 1, D32 = 0, D24 = 1, D16 = 1
    [Sun Oct 20 18:21:37 2019]00004:16Bit(1555) = 0, D32 = 0, D24 = 0, D16 = 0
    [Sun Oct 20 18:21:37 2019]00014:Creating window.
    [Sun Oct 20 18:21:37 2019]00015:Checking display driver version.
    [Sun Oct 20 18:21:38 2019]00016:Activating window.
    [Sun Oct 20 18:21:38 2019]00000:parsing INI file .\eqclient.ini
    [Sun Oct 20 18:21:38 2019]00001:INI file .\eqclient.ini loaded.
    [Sun Oct 20 18:21:38 2019]00005:CRender::InitDevice: Using 32bit mode.
    [Sun Oct 20 18:21:38 2019]00006:CRender::InitDevice: Using vsync 0.
    [Sun Oct 20 18:21:38 2019]00007:CRender::InitDevice: Using 24bit depth buffer with 8 bit stencil.
    [Sun Oct 20 18:21:38 2019]00008:CRender::InitDevice: HardwareTnL Enabled.
    [Sun Oct 20 18:21:38 2019]00009:Using hardware vertex shaders.
    [Sun Oct 20 18:21:39 2019]00010:Initializing render system.
    [Sun Oct 20 18:21:39 2019]00011:Trilinear Mipmapping available.
    [Sun Oct 20 18:21:39 2019]00012:Vertex Shader Version: 3.0
    [Sun Oct 20 18:21:39 2019]00013:pixel Shader Version: 3.0
    [Sun Oct 20 18:21:39 2019]00014:Initializing engine internals.
    [Sun Oct 20 18:21:39 2019]00015:CRender::InitDevice completed successfully.
    [Sun Oct 20 18:21:39 2019]00002:parsing INI file .\defaults.ini
    [Sun Oct 20 18:21:39 2019]00003:INI file .\defaults.ini loaded.
    [Sun Oct 20 18:21:39 2019]00004:parsing INI file ./eqlsUIConfig.ini
    [Sun Oct 20 18:21:39 2019]00005:INI file ./eqlsUIConfig.ini loaded.
    [Sun Oct 20 18:21:47 2019]00017:Server selected (7366950718).
    [Sun Oct 20 18:21:47 2019]00018:Initializing DirectInput.
    [Sun Oct 20 18:21:47 2019]00019:Initializing Keyboard.
    [Sun Oct 20 18:21:47 2019]00020:Initializing Mouse.
    [Sun Oct 20 18:21:47 2019]00021:Creating font list.
    [Sun Oct 20 18:21:47 2019]00022:Creating game object.
    [Sun Oct 20 18:21:47 2019]00023:Deleting obsolete files.
    [Sun Oct 20 18:21:47 2019]00024:Loading string tables.
    [Sun Oct 20 18:21:47 2019]00025:Loading database strings file dbstr_us.txt...
    [Sun Oct 20 18:21:47 2019]00026:74749 strings read.
    [Sun Oct 20 18:21:47 2019]00027:Initializing client variables.
    [Sun Oct 20 18:21:47 2019]00028:parsing INI file .\VoiceChat.ini
    [Sun Oct 20 18:21:47 2019]00029:INI file .\VoiceChat.ini loaded.
    [Sun Oct 20 18:21:47 2019]00030:Loading spell effects.
    [Sun Oct 20 18:21:47 2019]00031:Initializing display structures.
    [Sun Oct 20 18:21:47 2019]00032:Resources\ZoneNames.txt loaded 597 zones.
    [Sun Oct 20 18:21:47 2019]00033:Sound Manager loaded 4131 filenames from soundassets.txt.
    [Sun Oct 20 18:21:48 2019]00034:Voice Manager loaded 12 macros from VoiceData.txt.
    [Sun Oct 20 18:21:48 2019]00035:Memory mode defaulted to Balanced
    [Sun Oct 20 18:21:48 2019]00036:Attempt to send message 26078 on a void connection.
    [Sun Oct 20 18:21:48 2019]00037:Networking: using port [55517].
    [Sun Oct 20 18:21:48 2019]00038:Networking: Connection Established [1]
    [Sun Oct 20 18:21:48 2019]00039:WorldAuthenticate: Initiating Login.
    [Sun Oct 20 18:21:48 2019]00040:WorldAuthenticate. I got a message of type 0x5e83 (24195).
    [Sun Oct 20 18:21:49 2019]00041:WorldAuthenticate. I got a message of type 0x5aa2 (23202).
    [Sun Oct 20 18:21:49 2019]00042:WorldAuthenticate. I got a message of type 0x36cf (14031).
    [Sun Oct 20 18:21:49 2019]00043:WorldRPServer message: server name bertox
    [Sun Oct 20 18:21:49 2019]00044:WorldAuthenticate. I got a message of type 0x22d2 (8914).
    [Sun Oct 20 18:21:49 2019]00045:Could not open file: RealEstateItemGroups.txt
    [Sun Oct 20 18:21:49 2019]00046:Could not open file: RealEstateCosts.txt
    [Sun Oct 20 18:21:49 2019]00047:Loaded RealEstateCosts.txt, 0 cost elements loaded.
    [Sun Oct 20 18:21:49 2019]00048:Could not open file: RealEstateDefs.txt
    [Sun Oct 20 18:21:49 2019]00049:Could not open file: RealEstateDefs.txt
    [Sun Oct 20 18:21:49 2019]00050:WorldAuthenticate. I got a message of type 0x580d (22541).
    [Sun Oct 20 18:21:49 2019]00051:WorldAuthenticate. I got a message of type 0x390b (14603).
    [Sun Oct 20 18:21:49 2019]00052:WorldAuthenticate. I got a message of type 0x4956 (18774).
    [Sun Oct 20 18:21:49 2019]00053:WorldAuthenticate. I got a message of type 0x1bc1 (7105).
    [Sun Oct 20 18:21:49 2019]00054:WorldAuthenticate. I got a message of type 0x2d84 (11652).
    [Sun Oct 20 18:21:49 2019]00055:WorldAuthenticate. I got a message of type 0xf7c (3964).
    [Sun Oct 20 18:21:49 2019]00056:WorldAuthenticate. I got a message of type 0x1c3 (451).
    [Sun Oct 20 18:21:49 2019]00057:WorldAuthenticate. I got a message of type 0x5981 (22913).
    [Sun Oct 20 18:21:49 2019]00058:WorldAuthenticate. I got a message of type 0x2933 (10547).
    [Sun Oct 20 18:21:49 2019]00059:WorldAuthenticate. I got a message of type 0x6338 (25400).
    [Sun Oct 20 18:21:49 2019]00060:Check 1x. 0x807862c3
    [Sun Oct 20 18:21:49 2019]00061:Check 1sa. 0x61585507
    [Sun Oct 20 18:21:49 2019]00062:Check 1sa. 0x9a519fcd
    [Sun Oct 20 18:21:49 2019]00063:WorldAuthenticate. I got a message of type 0x52b2 (21170).
    [Sun Oct 20 18:21:49 2019]00064:WorldAuthenticate. Access granted.
    [Sun Oct 20 18:21:49 2019]00065:WorldAuthenticate. I got a message of type 0x694a (26954).
    [Sun Oct 20 18:21:49 2019]00066:*** ERROR: WorldAuthenticate. ??? UNKNOWN MESSAGE
    [Sun Oct 20 18:21:50 2019]00067:Race Manager loaded 963 races from racedata.txt.
    [Sun Oct 20 18:21:50 2019]00068:player Animations loaded 179 specific sounds from file AnimationSounds.txt.
    [Sun Oct 20 18:21:50 2019]00069:Initializing display.
    [Sun Oct 20 18:21:50 2019]00070:Initializing Particle System.
    [Sun Oct 20 18:21:50 2019]00071:Camera created.
    [Sun Oct 20 18:21:50 2019]00072:Setting display options.
    [Sun Oct 20 18:21:50 2019]00016:CRender::InitDevice: Using 32bit mode.
    [Sun Oct 20 18:21:50 2019]00017:CRender::InitDevice: Using vsync 0.
    [Sun Oct 20 18:21:50 2019]00018:CRender::InitDevice: Using 24bit depth buffer with 8 bit stencil.
    [Sun Oct 20 18:21:50 2019]00019:CRender::InitDevice: HardwareTnL Enabled.
    [Sun Oct 20 18:21:50 2019]00020:Using hardware vertex shaders.
  2. Lluke New Member

    Please read the above logs without the associated happiness of the included smilies... ;-)
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  3. CatsPaws Augur

    Could be your firewall is blocking that particular port that zone on that server is using? Might want to just check that since its the easiest.

    Or try resetting your modem.
  4. Lluke New Member

    I deleted the eqclient ini, just to see what would happen.. and the game loaded (minus the settings stored in the old one, of course)...

    But before doing that I did test with disabling the firewall and AV, and that was a no-go... Tested loading on an old system as well, and the game loaded for that, too...

    So, I'm guessing it's a setting somewhere in the 'old' ini file... I've tried copy/pasting pieces of the old one into the new one to try and locate the source of the corruption, but haven't conclusively found it yet...
  5. Ramstein_Povar Journeyman

    Try changing your client to make you log in the game in windowed Mode, the game locks up for me every time unless I log in the game in windowed mode
  6. Ramstein_Povar Journeyman

    My game is still locking up unless I'm in windowed mode. I'm feeling it is a resolution problem of some kind, but I can't figure it out. Anyone able to help?
  7. Syndr New Member

    My husband an i both have this same issue...its only on our laptops..
  8. Skuz Augur

    Is your desktop set to the same resolution as the non windowed mode resolution you are using? I recall a lot of gfx cards don't like it if the two are not the same.

    Other things to try:

    Right Mouse button Click the EQ Icon, select Properties then compatibility then put a check in the box for "disable full screen optimizations" hit apply then run as administrator the first time you log in

    Run a file check from the EQ Launcher
    (HOW? -

    Download & install a fresh copy of Direct X 9c
    (LINK -

    Download & install the latest C++ runtimes
    (LINK -

    Check what Graphics hardware you are using & uninstall the old drivers & re-install the latest WHQL drivers for it or a new copy of the current drivers if you already have the latest ones.

    Also rarely causes a crash problem but worth doing anyway for better performance is to add eqgame.exe & LaunchPad.exe to your anti-virus & firewall exceptions list.

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