Game Freezes When I Plug Monitor In

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Ariakyra, May 28, 2020.

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    Can anyone explain this? It is extra frustrating because I am trying to play on Aradune and the 2 hour login wait has reset on me 4 times. I have a gaming laptop, a predator helios 300. I like to play on my actual gaming monitor, however, if I have the eq client open, and plug my monitor into my laptop, EQ Client instantly freezes. None of my other programs or apps even stutter for a second... But Everquest goes down INSTANTLY. Help? Id really like to actually play on Aradune.
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    Plug the monitor in prior to starting the EQ client, any kind of hardware change while software is running is probably going to cause a problem somewhere, just because a bunch of stuff stays running doesn't mean everything should. Game programs require & activate a broader range of system resources, especially 3d ones that have their own client.
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    Problem is... Its literally just EQ.... I think its bad coding for the game. it even happens if i am just sitting at server select screen. I also just did this... Had my monitor plugged in prior... and it randomly shuts my application down for no reason at all. I dont understand why this game specifically hates my monitor so much, id really prefer to not play on the laptop screen. oof
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    does this any time the video source changes, if monitor falls asleep with eq running, it usually crashes eq, or puts it in a state where it is alive and well, but no longer updating on the client side, even though you can hear sounds etc.
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    EQ was Originally a DX8 app to be run under Windows 9x, it was upgraded to DX9c and to run under Windows XP, then Vista and on and on until we have Windows 10 (supported OS's 7/8/8.1 currently w/win10). most modern laptops use GPU switching, meaning one GPU for basic use, Browsing and a separate GPU for gaming ie apps/games that use D3D-DX9/10/11/12 or OpenGL, OpenCL etc. adding or removing a monitor when these API's are engaged and loaded in memory by you system/OS is likely to cause an issue. just because DVI and HDMI are plug and play, does not mean these actions will not cause issues. Namely a wait state is called for and ... sudden/critical error. You can look at Windows logs and pin point the exact nature of the error. this will only give you info on the where and some of the why.

    the best plan is to plug any/all monitors/TV's etc in before you launch and preferably before boot. set your video to use ONLY your desired GPU and not the on board GPU. check setting to make sure you have performance settings to allow DX to render as you require for fluid gameplay. make sure you have correct and/or latest drivers for you GPU. Run EQ elevated, as Admin, and if there are issues with launcher or EQgame.exe after the above steps have been completed, try running in compatibility mode. Try windows 7 compat mode, try disabling sleep mode and if on a laptop... do not game on batteries.

    I understand the frustration but, try not to anthropomorphize software or a computer. there are reasons for behaviors. many here will gladly try to help and have great knowledge of PC, OS and of course EverQuest. what I wanted to get across is EQ is 21 years old. it was designed for a time we still used DOS under a Windows GUI, and there are many changes to hardware since then. Not to mention any issues a new and popular server with wait times (I dont play TLP but i completely understand frustration) and large population/players. Please post if your still having issues, and ALSO if you fixed/corrected you issue(s) so others can benefit from this thread, and GL =)
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    Gardner, change your font color back to default. The default forums shows your text as silver or something and it can not be read without highlighting it.

    Laptop. I do question why you both wait to plug in the monitor only AFTER launching EQ.

    1. Power Options set to High Performance (stops core parking and system putting other components to sleep.

    2. This has Nvidia GPU in it, along with the CPU's Intel GPU. Nvidia GUI/control panel, 3D, Power Management Mode - change from adaptive to high performance. This ensure programs are using the Nvidia GPU instead of the Intel GPU then switching to the Nvidia GPU. You are able to setup a profile for EQ to do that if you do not want it active full time.

    3. Are you playing in Full Screen Mode or Windowed Mode? Full screen mode has the potential of generating issues (EQ is NOT alone in this) when alt Tabbing out or potentially activating another monitor. With Full Screen Mode EQ has to be redrawn, it is not a simple switch over.

    Either Cntrl Enter or while in game, Alt O Options/display, then change the EQ screen resolution to match or adjust it.