Game crashes since patch/update this morning (07/11/12)

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Turnbull, Nov 7, 2012.

  1. Turnbull New Member

    Crashes after server select right after splashscreen disappears and before character selection. Took a look at dbg.txt and it shows this:

    [Wed Nov 07 12:23:18 2012]00246:Resetting game UI.
    [Wed Nov 07 12:23:19 2012]00247:fatal error in main thread Code = c000001d ADDR=0x00792635 (loads of gibberish)

    Now nothing on my end changed between when I logged off and logged on, what EXACTLY codewise changed on your end Soe?

    I tried reinstalling VB c++ 10 resdist, setting IE to default browser, installing that web inface thing, reintalling windows (thanks 1 hour wasted) and now it looks like i will be reinstalling EQ, and very nice 6 hour download. Funny World of Warcraft is 21 gig and downloads in under 2 hours yet Everquest weighing in at just under 9 gig takes 5 HOURS !!!

    WTF Soe buy some better servers! You'll never get paying customers this way. And before you tell me to submit the msinfo.txt and directx bS I already have regarding an issue earlier this week and since NOTHING HAS CHANGED ON MY END you can you that plus the 5 submitions from the error box.
  2. Mendel Journeyman

    I'm having the same identical issue. The Login screen processes fine, the server select screen comes up, I select the server, the splash screen appears and the process bar updates. When the game tries to access/display the characters (1) on the selected server, the client crashes. I'm not getting a dbg.txt that I can find.
  3. Mendel Journeyman

    Found a Dbg.txt file.... here's the crash information
    [Wed Nov 07 14:26:45 2012]00582:fatal error in main thread Code = c000001d ADDR=0x00792635
    [Wed Nov 07 14:26:45 2012]00583:EAX=0022d8c0 EBX=00000000 ECX=0022d8cc EDX=00000000
    [Wed Nov 07 14:26:45 2012]00584:ESI=0022d8cc EDI=0022d8c0 EBP=141cfa68 ESP=0022d894
    [Wed Nov 07 14:26:45 2012]00585:Fatal error occurred in mainthread! (Release Client #630)
    [Wed Nov 07 14:26:45 2012]00586:Client Version: Oct 31 2012 17:09:58
    I noticed the version is Oct 31, not Nov 7. I've updated 3 times now, and forced Verification of files from the launcher.
  4. Cone head Augur

    Are you using a custom UI?

    [Wed Nov 07 12:23:18 2012]00246:Resetting game UI.

    If so, may need to revert back o the defult.

    I my self and running 2 clients on 64 Bit Ubuntu 12.04 as well as 1 in Windows 7. Both have no issues, I am using the default UI.
  5. LadyQuake Journeyman

    I am having this too, just posted a new thread.
    I also use default UI so not that.
    Just after server screen starts to load then crashes.

    in the dbg file i see it says:

    [Wed Nov 07 19:42:33 2012]00574:fatal error in main thread Code = c000001d ADDR=0x00792635

    [Wed Nov 07 19:42:33 2012]00575:EAX=0022d8c0 EBX=00000000 ECX=0022d8cc EDX=00000000

    [Wed Nov 07 19:42:33 2012]00576:ESI=0022d8cc EDI=0022d8c0 EBP=144eca78 ESP=0022d894

    [Wed Nov 07 19:42:34 2012]00577:Fatal error occurred in mainthread! (Release Client #630)
  6. HorghAeturnus New Member

    Same thing here. Just before the character select screen comes up, it crashes. Using default UI too etc.
  7. JChan Developer

    If you see this error in your dbg.txt file, please send your eqclient.ini, DXDiag, and MSinfo to It seems there's an incompatibility somewhere related to the rendering of the game.

  8. Furro Elder

    Sent all the above, with the topic in email as: Re: fatal error in main thread Code = c000001d ADDR=0x00792635

    Included also dbg.txt and debug.dmp in case that helps.

    Leader of Freelance - Open Raid Team
  9. LadyQuake Journeyman

    same here sent the files.
  10. TSR-AlexS Augur

    Furro, thanks for sending those files. If you know any other player receiving this error, please have them email that information to the dev's as well.
  11. Turnbull New Member

    "[Wed Nov 07 17:38:46 2012]00253:Initializing character select UI.
    [Wed Nov 07 17:38:46 2012]00254:Resetting game UI.
    [Wed Nov 07 17:38:47 2012]00255:fatal error in main thread Code = c000001d ADDR=0x00792635"

    Restored windows (screw reinstalling) and patched - 45m
    Downloaded Everquest from scratch after uninstall - 4h38m
    Found that I wasted my time - 3m (crashed again see above)

    I don't know whether or not to be relieved others are getting the same error. At least Soe MIGHT look into it now but I have the feeling they are going to say **UPGRADE**
  12. LadyQuake Journeyman

    AAAHHH don't say that, hope not, I was made redundant and looking for work, cant afford a thing at moment that's expensive, maybe a cheap secondhand graphics card on ebay would be my limit, very cheap lol !!!

    Hope there is a solution without upgrading anything.
  13. Furro Elder

    You should be relieved when others experience the same error(s). It helps to have multiple sources of error information when resolving an issue.

    As for restoring windows, and downloading EQ again, I wouldn't have bothered. Best thing to do is provide the information requested, and apply any forthcoming changes (if any).

    Leader of Freelance - Open Raid Team, Cazic Thule Server
  14. Minadin Journeyman

    In my case, I get the following error at the server select screen:


    "The instruction at 0x001a7928 referenced memory at 0x005efaf0. The memory could not be read.

    Click on OK to terminate the program"

    It comes up at the server select screen, now, but when I first patched, it came up during the patch news screen. If I ignore the box, it seems that I can still play, but it's kind of difficult to ignore a box like that, which always stays on top.
  15. Turnbull New Member

    I was told that regarding my video card already. Its a low end AGP, which aren't made anymore so an upgrade would be cost prohibitive to me as I would have to do cpu, motherboard, ram, hard and Dvd drive (both are IDE flavour).
  16. Turnbull New Member

    Others are also being inconvenienced through no fault of their own. Seems wrong to happy about that.

    I put in a ticket about a problem earlier this week and was told to do a fresh install as I had too many processes going on that might cause the slow down. Personally I didn't see it but for the sake of it I did. I have to remember the few tweaks and tunings I did to get it back to my preference.
  17. Turnbull New Member

    Okay I sent in the requested files for what good it'll do. Poor customer service in the past had jaded my view of Soe.
  18. Furro Elder

    Yeah, I didn't mean be happy, but just it helps that others are having the same issues, with regards to more information to work with in resolving the issue.

    I didn't know you put in a ticket, and was told to do a reinstall (maybe you said that in the other post and I missed it). Yeah though, that's a pain, to reinstall and have no results to show for it other then lost time.

    I sympathize though, it's extremely frustrating not being able to log into the game in general.
  19. JChan Developer

    Thanks all for sending the requested files.

    We're still trying to narrow down the circumstances that is putting the game in this state. If you know of others that are getting the "fatal error in main thread Code = c000001d ADDR=0x00792635" error please have them send it to us.
  20. Mendel Journeyman

    I'm in the same boat as Turnbull. I originally built my current system to play EQ in May 99. It's had some updates, but to update anything else, I have to go the new PC route -- motherboard, processor, memory, hard drives, graphics card and power supply. It's not quite financially prudent to buy a new system. Besides, I kinda enjoy having the oldest computer running EQ.

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