FYI: Fixing TBM Itemization Bugs/Issues is a Focus For the Team

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  1. Axxius Augur

    You can add a whole lot more hAgi with type 5 augs in TBM. But the sharp drop in AC sucks.
  2. Zaknaffein Augur

    Since when did Enchanters become tanks and care so much about AC? You gain in the more important stats that actually are attributed to what your class is as a caster is suppose to use.

    Lets not kid ourselves thinking that if an enchanter for whatever reason is tanking a mob, that less AC is going to make any difference here in a raid. You are extremely powerful with your arsenal of runes right now and if you manage to still end up tanking after all of your runes are down, that extra 200 ish AC at this point in the game isn't going to make any difference and save you on raids. AC isn't what keeps you alive in raids at this point in the game.

    Also, why are enchanters tanking in the first place? Get better tanks.

    You have a legit argument about a lack of damage though with just an increase of 5?
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  3. Sancus Augur

    The AC does make a difference because it makes the runes last longer; it's not so much about living after they drop (though that is also a concern).

    The spell damage for casters (minus Necros who don't use it) is really weird this expansion. In TDS they all had the same amount (387), and in TBM they got extremely small increases (all less than 2 a slot). When Aristo allowed the huge leap in heroics, I was hopeful that they would give similar upgrades to spell damage to make it slightly meaningful, but it doesn't seem that they will. For reference, the spell damage for Wiz/Mag/Enc:
    Wizard: +11 (387 to 398)
    Magician: +7 (387 to 394)
    Enchanter: +14 (387 to 401) - This is different than Sirene's numbers b/c I'm counting their wrist twice and it got a 9 SD upgrade.

    All of those values need to be much higher.
  4. Apoc Augur

    On the few items I have gotten so far for a wizard they are actually less SD maybe some of the items have larger gains TDS to tbm arms I think was - 6 SD for me
  5. Sancus Augur

    Yeah they screwed around with the SD on each individual item as well. For wizards wrists got the largest boost (+7 each), with Hands, Feet, and Head each getting a boost of +4. Arms lost the most (-8 according to EQResource), with Legs losing 6 and their Chest losing 1.

    For Mages only Legs/Chest are a decrease slot wise, but our other visibles got a much small bump on average.
  6. Insanekitty Lorekeeper

    Its ok Raf , u remember Tunare ? when i helped you get your epic 1.0 ya thats right !. good ole Neverknown guild back in the day

    IK was here
  7. Cicelee Augur

    I am guessing so forgive me on this thought...

    I have seen quite a few enchanters rune tanking group nameds in TDS. Not sure if they are still doing that in TBM. But maybe they want their AC not necessarily for raids but rather to help them in tanking group nameds? I don't know. But I think maybe it is more a group thing than a raid....
  8. Silv Augur

    Oh, I'm sorry... are you okay with having one of your major stats decreased with each expansion's armor upgrades because it really doesn't make a difference?

    I mean... why give gear upgrades at all if they don't matter.
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  9. Ismel Augur

    This is only true if it was the same for all classes but that is not the case.
  10. Random_Enchanter Augur

    It is being considered for one class and only one class, enchanters. As such it is true. sorry to dissapoint next time please read the thread ;)
  11. Hiladdar Augur

    I do think we got right discussion starting right now. This expansion radically changed how group gear is done, with very limited testing compared to previous expansions. When this expansion was released, some gear could not even be assembled. As of this writing, some slots, such as range and charm still can not be assembled. With the upcoming patch I expect most the technical issues to be resolved.

    The next step, will be to take a look at gear in a way we were not able to look at it during beta, because so much as changed, and see if each assembled individual pieces makes sense. Beyond that, we need to take a look at all the secondary attributes on the gear, such as spell damage, accuracy, regeneration and so on. For something like Spell Damage, Clairvoyance, and Heal Amount, it should be greater then the previous expansion, as a minimum, then the previous expansions. For Accuracy, Avoidance, and a few others, it should be the same or better.

    The only way I can DGE scaling this gear methodology forward, is by using the model that was used for cultural armor post Soltaris expansion. That would be to create new type slots, and not allow augments from TBM to be used in gear post TBM.

    Regarding clikie effects. Some of the gear does have a clicki effect on it. It is the non-visible gear that has about 3k HEM, and only 3 slots. Given the size of this expansion, I am ok with that being a separate drop. More-so, some also have ultra rare drops from CotF and TBS expansions, which can be tuned, clicked, and untuned.
  12. p2aa Augur

    Group gear AC of TBM group stuff has went way too high.

    I did the maths for warrior visible AC
    Ratio TDS group visible / TDS raid visible = 75 %
    Ratio TBM group visible / TBM raid visible = 84 %
    Way way closer to raid gear AC.

    But the worst is coming. TBM non visible group stuff is completly ovepowered in term of AC compared to TBM and TDS raid gear. I made the maths and with a set of TBM non visible group set (including a shield without type 9 aug and LDON 30 AC aug) you win 248 more AC compared to TDS raid non visible gear.
    Yes you read it well, the new group stuff has more AC than previous expansion raid gear stuff, and it's for tanks. In no way group gear should be better than raid gear in any stat. This is sadly the case for AC.
    Also, the best is that in some slots, TBM group non visible slot AC is also better than the same TBM raid non visible slot, example : TBM group ring = 241 AC, TBM raid ring max AC = 186 AC
    TBM group earring = 236 AC, TBM raid earring = 186 AC.
    Yay, group gear being more AC than raid gear in the same expansion !
  13. Deillusional Augur

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  14. segap Augur

  15. Brohg Augur

    TBM Enc robe hastens all tiers of Unity, that matters to some enc a great deal
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  17. Deillusional Augur

  18. Sheex Goodnight, Springton. There will be no encores.

    *throws up the Tunare OG gang sign to IK*
  19. Axxius Augur

    241 AC, 236 AC - on what items? TBM group rings and earrings have no AC of their own. They have aug slots type 3, 5, 7, 9. Their AC comes from the type 9 aug, that's 216 AC. Anything you can add in the other 3 augs slots can be added to the raid items as well. So the difference is only in that one type 9 aug vs the stats on the raid items.

    TBM raid tank rings and earrings have up to 201-205 AC. Yes, that is lower than 216 AC you can get on the group gear, and it's stupid and needs to be corrected.

    However, the raid items have massively more HP (around 4400, vs only about 2900 on the group items with the AC aug). Group items also have no heroic stats, while raid items have a lot of them (they both have a type 5 aug, no difference there).

    No tank in their right mind will sacrifice 1500 HP and 20+ of each hSTA, hDEX, hAGI for a mere 10-15 AC.
  20. Mayfaire Augur

    What group ear and group ring are you referring to, here? search has a raid ear and raid ring both as top AC per usual.

    Edited to add: I was looking up those items and getting some coffeee, lol. Axxius' post already asked what I was wondering. :)