FV vs other servers for returning player?

Discussion in 'The Newbie Zone' started by X_Rayted, May 2, 2019.

  1. X_Rayted New Member

    So I always see FV thrown out as the best choice for either returning players or new players that dont want to play on TLPs. Sure its nice being able to buy cheap gear but is it really that much better than the other servers. Im trying to figure out a new server to start on and FV sounds nice but if I eventually want to raid is it the best place to go to? According to http://www.elitegamerslounge.com/home/progress/ FV has fewer guilds than pretty much every other server except for E. Marr and Tunare. I mean EQ has always been about raiding so wouldnt pretty much any other server be a better choice if thats what you want to do?
  2. CatsPaws I don't like titles

    Did you look at the guild recruitment forums under these? Once you get past all the tlp guilds lfp then you can get an idea of some of the guilds and what they are looking for.

    EQ is only about raiding for raider type players. There is a lot of other content that keeps the non raiders playing for years also.

    Just cause Tunare has a lot of guilds doesn't mean we have a lot of raiding going on. Most everyone on Tunare owns their own guild and don't raid. I think there are 2 active raiding guilds there.
  3. Schadenfreude Augur

    FV has three guilds with at least one TBL raid win. If you are serious about raiding and aren't completely terrible you'll have zero issues finding a spot. That said, I'm sure the vast majority of people who make posts like these (see also "what classes are in demand for raiding?" in general chat, on Reddit et al) never make it anywhere near 110 before giving up in any case.
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  4. BadPallyGuildLeader Augur

    As far as raiding is concerned on FV there is only one guild that is really "open" to new people...

    VH and SOA are basically closed unless you are high attendance\high need class.

    But for anything other than the regular progression raiding scene I have always said FV is the best place to experience the rest of the game in a "high server pop" setting. It's nice have 700 to 900 in genchat and subchannels on the weekends.
  5. Dabrixmgp Augur

    FV is a nice Server and when I came back some years ago I was able to join a raid guild on my mage and we cleared all of RoF and then all of CotF when they were current before I quit again. Since the server is always one of the few servers on https://www.daybreakgames.com/status listed as HIGH population there has to be a decent raid scene. The only other servers I ever see also marked as HIGH are Selos, Mangler, and sometimes Bristlebane. All 3 have of those servers have multiple guilds raiding. Even Phinigel, which is proly a dead TLP server now with Manger/Selos has 5 guilds that have recently cleared some Underfoot content. I find it very hard to believe that FV with a permanent HIGH status and a very active General Chat is just full of bazaar bots and people AFKing in PoK.
  6. Fluid Augur

    FV does have its down sides. End game raiding may be a problem. You just have to remember what used to take a group of 50 players hours to complete can now be done by a couple of boxed Heroic characters in 10 minutes. Meh, I had one of my characters bind at Phinigel. Every time he bailed out of a fight with low hit points and a mostly dead Merc: If Phinigel was up, he died w/o breaking a sweat. Ditto for just about every other raid target in that you will be in a zone questing maybe, and form an Ad Hoc group if another player happens to show up.

    Main problem with FV is the Bazaar seems to be broken for a new character gearing up and leveling. It isn't a game changer because with the free trade on the shard you can self twink to get past a 40 pp Tailored Quivers. First character is the toughest but it is still easy mode compared to Live servers. With easy comes the crowd that thinks everything should be easy. I don't mind playing along side them so it doesn't bother me. Exact opposite of a TLP server where there is the 'make it tough and have a pissing contest to see who does best' ethos.
  7. Funk Augur

    FV has the best of both worlds. Raiding and casual, the real bonus for the casual player is free trade can mean insanely awesome deals on very cool old raid items as you level up which is not really an option on other servers.

    Sure there are always people selling items at inflated prices but you can find all sorts of gems in there at very cheap prices. A big reason is loot overload, you get so much stuff that would normally rot on other servers people liquidate often at low prices or even give stuff away. FV rocks!
  8. X_Rayted New Member

    How do people make so much plat on FV? Was just browsing the bazaar and most of the decent stuff is listed for the max of 2 mil plat. Then the really good stuff goes for 5+ or 10+ mil. Once you get to higher level stuff do mobs just drop 100s of plat a kill and missions give like 100k plat or something? I mean I dont really see all this plat Im going to need coming from HG farming.
  9. Endaar Augur

    I can't comment on FV but I transferred from The Rathe to BB back in Nov/Dec and the population difference is quite noticeable. Very happy with the move. BB has a few guilds raiding TBL and also has open raids 2-3 nights a week doing a wide variety of raids.
  10. Yimin Augur

    FV is the best live server in EQ ! If you never want to leave ! It has a top 3 raid guild , and other raid guilds , also family style guilds , you can play for free if your smart enough to farm items to sell for Krono !

  11. Kolani Augur

    SOA is technically open for everything except warriors and shadowknights. We're in need of paladins, druids, shamans and a necromancer as recruitment priorities, but we're not actively turning anyone away. We have changes to our roster that are coming in the next six months that we're already aware of and are recruiting to be ready for those shakeups when they come.
  12. Protagonist Augur

    Just sell drops you get during normal play on Baz. Even simple stuff goes for tens to hundreds of thousands per. It takes very little effort or time to earn a couple million.
  13. Fluid Augur

    Funny story on me, nobody else is likely to find it funny. I'm an old man, frequent naps kind of thing. In game I sacrifice everything for levels usually. No questing, no trying to get phat lewt, no farming, just the manic pursuit of levels. This is only to a certain point though. Soon as the character gets into the 50s I take it easy because that is where the search for pp becomes easy.

    So one night I am running a 50ish SK that is so broke he is still using his Gloomingdeep equipment. No rings, no jewelry, no spells to speak of, NOTHING nice. I pick up a Tank Merc and take him to Rathe Mountains to thump some Hill Giants. For me, AFK doesn't mean 'away from keyboard' it is 'asleep at keyboard.' So after about 4 or 5 Hill Giants I drift off to dream land. When I wake up the next morning my SK is still standing there @pp mountain but now with 1,800 pp in his pocket.

    I got lucky, no one reported me, no disciplinary action against my account, no deaths, no SJW trained him. When some people complain the current form of the game is too easy, they may have a point.

    It's not surprising the economy on FV is goofy. I used an example of 40pp Tailored Quivers as an example because they only cost 2-3<?> pp to make by a fairly low level tailor. Thing is, someone would have to sell 45 quivers a day to make the same cash they get by just logging in a character, standing on a hill and falling asleep for 8 hours. I am happy with the situation as is: DB don't try to fix it! It's like this all over, just bigger on FV.
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  14. BadPallyGuildLeader Augur

    Okay, there is the official listing of the "high need classes." I know from friends on FV however that people are being told that SOA will have to "bench" would be raiders due to numbers of slots versus numbers of people in guild wanting to raid.

    It's a great "problem" to have if you are SOA. OTOH, as far as the FV raiding scene it's a bit of a change from the recent past where there were more raiding slots than raiders.

    Whats interesting is that Pros never really reformed. That could have alleviated some of the surplus raider population.

    If you are just average attendance and playing a class because you like it versus it being "high need" the only game in town in KOI at the moment.
  15. BadPallyGuildLeader Augur

    Great story. Somewhere around 45 hill giants were slain in your sleep lol. Averaging just over 5 an hour. 1 every 12 minutes. I would say you picked a good place to nod off because usually the traffic on top is busier than that.

    Good luck on your adventures!
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