Fixed Internally FV unplayable

Discussion in 'Resolved' started by Demendred, Oct 23, 2020.

  1. Fopster Apprentice

    Last night and tonight, taking 3 to 5 mins to zone .. this seems to be an issue during the evening, not a problem in the early morning hours .. I am central time
  2. Morrigan Guest

    Is anyone still experiencing the 20 minute zoning times or regularly getting a "server is not responding" error after choosing my character and clicking "Enter World"?
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  3. Brenden McMarrin Apprentice

    Yes. Still. Our entire raid force is getting it tonight. 15 or zo crashed zoning into DZ. The rest of us had 5-20 minute zone in times. It's not just on zone into DZ either. It's from nearly any zone to another. And tells are super delayed.
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  4. Demendred Lorekeeper

    Zones times are still really long this evening.
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  5. xeveq New Member

    It took 8 minutes (I timed it) to log in today; zoning times are 3-5 minutes, and sometimes characters randomly disconnect and can't return for 20-30 minutes (time out messages, cant validate login, etc). There are daily complaints about all of this in gen chat, but surprisingly few people seem to be discussing it on the forums. Please know that issues are ongoing.
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  6. Tutankamen Augur

    This lag is back on FV- zoning and especially terrible chat lag delays/ bazaar search delays ,etc. Also having issues logging in as well.
    Please provide some kind of explanation why this seems to keep being a problem... has a root cause not been found yet? Someone postulated on FV today this has to do with Beta sharing FV resources- I'm not saying this is accurate but If this really does have to do with sharing resources with Beta- I cannot fathom why the highest pop server would be chosen to share anything at all as we already had issues with lag.
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  7. Hateseeker Augur

    yep it's back in force, and has a feature now that it didnt before, at least for me: quests lag too. you turn in something and it takes up to a minute for the npc to acknowledge and update the quest.

    Selling via /barter is the worst it's ever been too.

    lol, i saw a thread today where someone suggested using parcels as extra item storage. when it takes 1-2 minutes to parcel a single item, no, not going to use that to send hundreds -
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  8. Lillieth New Member

    zone lag 3-10 minutes, baz buying 30 sec-1 minute, and so many other various things. It is soooo bad!
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  9. NeverPost New Member

    Can we get subscription time since the game has been unplayable during peak times since beta launched, this is some gnome sized dung balls.
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  10. Fopster Apprentice

    Ok, again tonight is terribly bad on zoning and just plain logging in from the character selection screen .. have been disconnected while trying to log in, received "server is not responding", this started with the 3 Nov patch, can you not fix that, this is extremely frustrating .. I know there we are not suppose to be allowed to transfer off this server but if you can not fix it, you ought to give us the option to go to a server that is not screwed up
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  11. Moege Augur

    I am developing an intense hatred for beta testing. You can draw a direct line from when beta started and lag started. This is actually messing up raiding in that we do one zone then move to the next, lose 1/4 of the raid to disconnect then get frustrated and call raids off.
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  12. BubbaJoeFV New Member

    It seems to be tied to server population. It's worst during peak hours (evenings, weekends, raid times) but off-hours (mornings, weekdays) it's very low, almost unnoticeable. Almost. Still always there though.
  13. Allaris New Member

    can you guys do something about this already? this thread was started a month ago and there has been literally no improvement, in fact it has only gotten worse over time. taking 50 minutes to get from pok to lobby to a load screen that ends in a crash is unacceptable. i tried to petition and they told me i had to come here...
  14. Moege Augur

    And zonelag is back, soon as beta was up and running again.
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  15. Fenthen aka Rath

    Please remove the "Fixed Internally" flag. This is not fixed. Not by a long shot.
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  16. Ratalthor Developer

    The issue reported in the initial post has been fixed. Entering the FV world is working. So I am closing this thread.

    If you are getting zoning related lag, that is a separate issue that could be character related.