Fixed Internally FV unplayable

Discussion in 'Resolved' started by Demendred, Oct 23, 2020.

  1. Demendred Lorekeeper

    FV was unplayable tonight 10-23-2020. It took over Five minutes to zone, quest PC's took over a three minutes to respond. Yes I rebooted, I tried multiple characters and other people in chat had the same issue. Fix the Lag please
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  2. Cven Journeyman

    This has been posted 45 times, but until someone responds or does something about it i am going to keep responding....
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  3. Cideral Lorekeeper

    still bad. anything comms, or bazaar searches, is horrible.
  4. Ceiteag New Member

    3-5 minutes lag for zoning, bad lag for opening bank, bazaar and other searches, chat lag, purchase/sell/parcel lag, task/quest accepts and updates and NPC responses and it seems to be getting worse.
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  5. Tutankamen Augur

    It needs to be looked into on FV , FV has unbelievable lag.
  6. Kat2012 New Member

    Same here. Tried to load Anguish this evening and after 20 minutes, gave up and rebooted my computer. This lag is horrible!
  7. lolans Master

    All the same things are happening to me as Ceiteag described above, Tried rebooting pc, even tried my phone as a hotspot. nothing works. Unplayable like this.
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  8. Kyoya Geohound New Member

    I suspect it had to do with the last update messing with legacy coding.
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  9. FlashbaxSD New Member

    I just started playing this game again after 20 years and now, a little after a few weeks, the game is unplayable :(

    FV has lag chat, and zoning takes 3-8+ minutes. I have had to restart my computer once due to EQ stalling to a full crash.
  10. scaethach Scholar

    Chiming in, some content and static zones are playable but kind of miserable. Our guild tried raiding last night though and had to scrap it, folks kept timing out trying to get into DZ, disconnecting, it was a disaster. Chat was so lagged it was unusable for coordinating AE heals or debuffs. It seems to be hitting instances harder and getting an entire raid intact into a dz, let alone swapping groups in raids was straight up impossible.
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  11. Dimek New Member

    Zoning is super slow, 5-7 min zone times, however if just staying in an area killing its not to bad. There is tell and guild speak lag as well.
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  12. Critonn New Member

    Still lagging while zoning, crashing, etc. Chat has like 10-15 second delay etc same issues as above.
  13. Kyoya Geohound New Member

    The lag is really bad I got a server not responding error message when I was trying to log my offline trader back into the bazaar.
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  14. Cideral Lorekeeper

    Previously, combat was not severely affected, just comms, bazaar etc. Just now the lag hit combat, targeted a mob that was mezzed and it took 30 secodns for the mez icon to show up in target's buff window . The server is not a very fun experience atm
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  15. Fenthen aka Rath

    Where are we at with this? The game shouldn't be taking 5-20 minutes to zone, going on day 5 of this. I mean, really since the beta started.
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  16. Otikan New Member

    Trying to log into FV, and I get a "server is not responding" error after choosing my character and clicking "Enter World".

    My second attempt worked. The zoning is still exceptionally long, as noted above.

    In addition, managing mercs has been lagged - to the point where they won't remove themselves from your party when you suspend them. In one case we left it like that for over an hour.
    Most of the we simply reform if it doesn't drop soon after suspension.

    Even with a work around, the fact that the server has had disruptive issues for 6 days, and there has been no official acknowledgement of the issue, or statement that it's being looked into is horrid customer service.

    There may be a lot going on at daybreak right now, but it doesn't seem like a great plan to ignore one or your top population servers while gameplay is awful.

    Daybreak, could you please provide some acknowledgement and a plan on what we can expect?
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  17. Drexyll Lorekeeper

    Been trying to log in now for 30 minutes. It just freezes on the server select screen. Man, this bs is getting old, FAST. Also, I have logged into Ragefire several times this week and there are 0 issues there. No slow zoning, chat works great, etc...perfect. What the hell.
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  18. Katibrie New Member

    Took over an hour to get logged in...once in , couldnt zone, kept getting booted and then it kept telling me server isnt responding. I was in Brother island and ended up in a loop trying to take the boat to Tempest. What a nightmare. Please do something soon. Thank you.
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  19. BubbaJoeFV New Member

    Seems worse today than it has been in the last few weeks. Mobs rubber-banding, taking ages to zone, chat channels have been down all day, etc. Any update on when we can expect a fix?
  20. Moege Augur

    I like this.
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