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Discussion in 'The Newbie Zone' started by Lindartwo Derescue, May 24, 2019.

  1. SunDrake Elder

    Or maybe I was trying to use Shared Bank, cannot recall for sure. But they threw a wrench in making it easy.
  2. Berkwin New Member

    The change I would like to see the most to the FV rule set is yeah, let everything be tradeable until you either use the item or consume it in some form. If that were done it would stop a mass overflow of items. it may drastically change the market. But personally I hate selling off my items because of whimsical impulses it would probably stop me from deleting so many alts after I level them a while. This is just a personal preference however in no way would I expect a follow through of this idea lol
  3. smash Augur

    This is not purpose of fv rule, and i see no reason to change it
  4. Fluid Augur

    There has always been righteous indignation to -=everything=- that influenced the game designers. IIRC when the game was introduced there were few restrictions on equipment so rampant twinking and farming went on. I didn't object to it even then because with grouping, you didn't mind if that level 8 Warrior was in full Rubicite with a killer weapon because it meant a free fast ride for your character in tattered with a rusty scimitar.

    At this stage I wish there was a maybe a more liberal then even FV loot rules TLP server to see if it would be the end of times like all the Chicken Little people suggested. Free trade, no lore items, all races and classes from server start up. No waiting for Breeze or pet healing spells. Allow bandaging pets like there used to be before that was removed.

    Some of the changes I am really OK with. I mean like making DOTs hurt more so you don't have to stack them. Just the Forrest Gumpian in me, "well one less thing to worry about." I still don't think they have made the perfect TLP server. I mean FV is one of their more popular servers and none of the TLP servers went that way. It may even be a good thing they didn't because times are tough and it would suck what few players are there now away.

    I'm not really down on DB so much as the efforts people make to circumvent whatever changes are made. I mean I really wanted to like Mangler, it being a truebox server, but there are so many people running illegal third party programs there, truebox is but a joke. Truebox was a good idea but the jerks trying to make a buck ruined the whole concept. All it did was make people like me with more then one paid account suffer.
  5. Quill Augur

    And the Devs. OMG the Devs who do not play the game but think No Trade is the greatest thing since the original version of Gates of Discord.

    Just ask them for a Free Trade TLP... I dare ya. They'll froth at the mouth and tell you how it is POISON, likely because of some bad experience when they actually played 20 years ago.
  6. Silver-Crow Augur

    To be honest, I think FV loot rules is overrated, and not as big a deal as people shout about.
    Just look at Brekt.. it has FV loot rules, but do people play there.. no.

    The reason the FV server is busy, is because it's busy. Players log in, see the most populated server and go play there. If it was the FV loot rule that was the driving force, then by all intents, Brekt should be just as busy, but it's not.

    I think if they did a FV loot rules TLP, it would be a success to begin with, like all TLP's... but then die as soon as the next shiny TLP is released. It's the way all TLP's have gone. For me they should be amalgamating servers (via free transfers or whatever), not opening new ones.

    e.g, allow free transfers to Phinegal (since it's furthest along of the existing TLP's and is the template ruleset most TLP's are running anyway) from any other TLP, as I'm sure most people would prefer to move their characters to a busier server rather than start again. This way you're not forcing a server merge, but you are allowing people to gather together and make a more vibrant server.

    The FV ruleset is a unicorn... looks great, but really it's not all it's cracked up to be.

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