Fixed FV Lag - nothing has been fixed internally or externally

Discussion in 'Resolved' started by Chaffe, Nov 22, 2020.

  1. Chaffe New Member

    This is ridiculous. Fix it.
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  2. Fenthen Augur

    FV lag is directly tied to the Beta server. The devs refuse to associate the two, but lag started when Beta unlocked, gets better when beta crashes or goes down for a patch, and then is immediately worse when beta is back up.
  3. Fenthen Augur

    I mean, requesting a task still has a 7 second delay, it's normally 0-1 seconds.

    [Mon Nov 23 12:45:04 2020] You say, 'Hello Praetor Denik - May I request a small group mission?  (defeat smaller)'
    [Mon Nov 23 12:45:04 2020] Praetor Denik says, 'Very good. I can tell you what is needed as soon as you are [ready].'
    [Mon Nov 23 12:45:07 2020] You say, 'Hello Praetor Denik - May I request a small group mission?  (defeat smaller)'
    [Mon Nov 23 12:45:07 2020] Praetor Denik says, 'Very good. I can tell you what is needed as soon as you are [ready].'
    [Mon Nov 23 12:45:11 2020] You have been assigned the task 'Before the Siege'.
    [Mon Nov 23 12:45:14 2020] You may not request a shared task because you already have one.
    [Mon Nov 23 12:47:43 2020] You say, 'ready'
    [Mon Nov 23 12:47:44 2020] Praetor Denik says, 'Thank you for your help.'
    [Mon Nov 23 12:47:52 2020] LOADING, PLEASE WAIT...
    [Mon Nov 23 12:48:25 2020] You have entered Lceanium: Before the Siege.
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  4. BubbaJoeFV New Member

    Like every post and respond to every thread having to do with this. Lag has been horrible on FV since beta started. It needs fixed ASAP.
  5. Hateseeker Augur

    FV continues to have all manner of lag including but not limited to:

    Zoning, including initiating zoning. It's always slower than normal but can sometimes spike to 5 minutes or more
    Chat lag that comes and goes, it very often has a couple seconds delay that isnt normal but can spike to 15+
    Requesting tasks, updating tasks, taskadds
    Mercs take several seconds to enter or leave group when suspended/unsuspended
    Searching /bazaar, /barter is slow and actually selling via /barter can spike to a 45+ second delay

    Whatever may have been resolved, it did not help these issues. These have been going on since October patch.
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  6. BubbaJoeFV New Member

    From a dev in the thread that was closed:
    The "initial post":
    Where in the "initial post" did OP mention "Entering the FV world"? The reasoning makes no sense. The original post was about lag that was bad enough to make the game unplayable. The lag is still there. How is this fixed?
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  7. Fenthen Augur

    Parcels as well, taking several dozens of seconds to a minute or more to parcel out a single item.
    In terms of tasks, /kickp task can take 30 seconds or more to actually run.
  8. Hateseeker Augur

    yea, i sold someone 30 items the other day, it was better to endure zoning over to them for 5 minute zoning time and hand directly via trade than try to parcel that many items/

    even without lag we need the ability to queue up multiple items and parcel in a batch
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  9. Allaris yo mama

    dev Ratalthor:
    "The issue reported in the initial post has been fixed. Entering the FV world is working. So I am closing this thread.
    If you are getting zoning related lag, that is a separate issue that could be character related."

    the initial post:
    "FV was unplayable tonight 10-23-2020. It took over Five minutes to zone, quest PC's took over three minutes to respond. Yes I rebooted, I tried multiple characters and other people in chat had the same issue. Fix the Lag please"

    they seriously closed down the thread with 50+ legitimate complaints (backed with evidence) claiming it has nothing to do with the server running like hot trash. effing clownshoes
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  10. Fenthen Augur

    As previously mentioned, the original post in the previous thread which you for some reason decided to lock, was never resolved. Not when you mentioned it, not when other devs mentioned it, not now not ever. The lag is severely terrible. It gets worse in the evenings. It's worse when beta is live/active. There is a direct correlation between beta and firiona vie (and other servers too?). You obviously took hardware resources from FV and dedicated them to beta, which for the most populated EverQuest server to be hammered on a normal time is bad, but when you take processing and memory power from that server it becomes unplayable. It should not be taking 5-20 minutes to zone for the past month. It shouldn't take 30-120 seconds to receive a response from parcels, bazaar searches, or other items that you clearly have a backlogged queue for.

    What happened to the Brekt server (RIP) resources? That was such a clean, well-running server with 0 lag ever. Merging those (lol maybe 100 but still) folks from Brekt to FV was a terrible idea for FV already being a terrible performing server. Can we please dedicate some of the massive money this game makes back into the game, and upgrade hardware, resources, SQL databases, or whatever else is needed to keep this game running?
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  11. Fopster New Member

    This all started on the Nov 3 patch, it has now been 20 days of serious lag while zoning, "server is not responding" while trying to get from the character select screen to the game, I just paid for 6 months of play back in Oct, I know there is a new expansion coming out, I will not buy it if I have to play like this. I guess it will be time to say goodbye when my time expires. This is really ridiculous, we do not get any type of information ( nor updates ) as to what the heck is going on, and now the holidays are upon us, shesh .. just my 2 cents, but if not fixed soon they will not get that 71 bucks from me
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  12. Fenthen Augur

    [Mon Nov 23 16:58:26 2020] You say, 'Ready!'
    [Mon Nov 23 16:58:26 2020] Bethun Brewbeard says, 'Good, good. Follow me.'
    [Mon Nov 23 16:59:32 2020] LOADING, PLEASE WAIT...
    As of 17:07 I am still zoning. 8 minutes and counting.
    Task Manager close EQ so I can log back in because of how terrible it is.

    Out of a raid of 54 players, we lost two dozen trying to zone into the raid instance. I come back and we only have 40 left in the raid. LOL.
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  13. Healss New Member

    yes i agree i just crashed for no reason and cant get back in we are paying for a game that is unplayable we need this fixxed
  14. Moege Augur

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  15. klanderso Developer

    Okay, we found the issue and we're doing the thing to fix it. You should see better performance today.
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  16. Allaris yo mama

    thanks for your attention on this. :)
    i raid tonight, so after i will let you know how its running.
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  17. BubbaJoeFV New Member

    Thank you!
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  18. Fenthen Augur

    I was on all day today with little-to-no lag in tells, zoning, parcels, etc. Thank you so much!
  19. klanderso Developer

    Fantastic! I checked my woobly-whoop graphs, and things look muuuuuch better for Firiona Vie as well :)
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