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Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Rebelord, Jul 9, 2022.

  1. Rebelord Journeyman

    Plain and simple, enable everything, full live server. Just make it level locked. Opening access to new levels every so often.

    This will allow us to experience full spell lines and quests, that were added/updated after the fact, as we level as well as allow mercs at level 1.

    Optionally add challenges for completing content at that level like Vaniki.
  2. Timmyboi Dunning Kruger Award Winner

    Omg people are going to HATE this idea so much lol
  3. Koshk Augur

    Could do this right now, really.

    1. Login to any Live server.
    2. Level to 51
    3. Allocate 100% xp to AA, effectively "locking" your level down.
    4. Increase your levels as you see fit.
  4. error Augur

    I don't know, AA autogrant would be kind of broken on a server like that.
  5. Terranos Elder

    It comes with a check box
  6. error Augur

    So does exp. If you're advocating imposing self restrictions, then you could just wait a year then play on Vaniki while capping your level at whatever you want?
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  7. Lumiens Augur

    This is actually a lot closer to the original idea Skuz had proposed in his post when he summarized the level locked server idea. I don't think he had imposed any zone restrictions, just whole game is open, go see what you can do at the current level.
  8. Arctodus Elder

    It would open up a lot of leveling areas thats for sure. I like the idea, this will also allow of class and races available at launch. I tried out Yelinak and do not like the server. Hopefully rules are better next launch.
  9. NinjutsuMMO Augur

    if were making suggestions, I'd like to suggest a early era locked pvp server...

    locked in lucllin or pop ;)
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  10. Timmyboi Dunning Kruger Award Winner

    One of those exists. It's called Agnarr
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  11. Gheed Augur

    Keyword of his post was probably "PvP"
  12. Timmyboi Dunning Kruger Award Winner

    Ahh yeah when my eyes read "PVP" my brain probably auto-archived it in the dumpster.
  13. uberkingkong Augur

    One character slot until SoD unlocks. Truebox until SoD unlocks. Start at GoD expansion.
  14. jeskola pheerie

    My brain skipped to the bottom after "ear era"
  15. NinjutsuMMO Augur

    Corrected typo just for you.
  16. TheChosenOne Augur

    What a server, there would likely be dozens of people interested in this!
  17. NinjutsuMMO Augur

    Maybe, maybe not.

    I guess this thread went from what one would like to see to your opinion of its success.

    What kind of tlp would you like to see ?
  18. jeskola pheerie

    Bait Masterson server: all the best loot is fished

    Quillmane server: no levitation (edit: also no safe fall skill)

    Undertow server: every zone has been flooded and is now underwater. Don't worry, all races have sprouted gills.

    Benjamin Button server: start at max level and level in reverse.
  19. Timmyboi Dunning Kruger Award Winner

    Soviet Russia server: EQ plays you!
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  20. MyShadower All-natural Intelligence

    A UTLPopia server.

    Where every EverQuestrian has the rules they want at the moment they want them for so long as they want them.

    Where the the Plane of Knowledge instantly bestows upon its inhabitants the information that satisfies their current query and guides seamlessly to the adventure they desire in that moment.

    Where the loot rules bestow upon each player the loot they desire in exactly the manner in which they desire it whence they desire it for so long as they desire it.

    Where the lag only occurs in such circumstances that it is of benefit to the continuation and/or completion of the adventure and not one millisecond shorter or longer in duration.

    Start with those basics and negotiate on any other features as we go.