Future Needs, Cleric Edition

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    Every class in the game could say that also though, that a bard enhances their dps. It's what bards are for.
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    Stuff like this accelerates mudflation. Bigger group heals = bigger NPC AE's, faster cures = more counters or faster counter-applying AE's. You end up punishing the folks who small group things at a higher level.
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    The problem I see is that we simply need to look at the basic tools and improve them.
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    Guardian Spirit

    A special buff/familiar that watches over the target, increases hit points and AC and heroic agility. It will sacrifice itself to heal the target for 50% of the buffed's total health.

    Battle Cleric

    Allows cleric to use Duel Wield.

    Holy Shield

    Grants your target immunity to AE effects that do not target them for a limited duration. Prevents AE's except when direct.

    Shield Ally

    Allows for an avoidance check to be used with the clerics Avoidance+the Target's Avoidance.

    Hammer Divine Smite

    Knocks down the mob target, causing them to FD.

    Severe Judgement

    Increase melee damage. by large %'s.

    Divine Recovery

    Lowers reuse timers on discs and AA abilities.

    Woundrous Buckling

    Mezzes the target

    Favor of Rodcet Nife:

    Transform into a Valkrye illusion+Levitation buff

    Favor of Tunare:

    Summons Tunare herself to attack your target and cast beneficial effects on your allies.

    Favor of Rallos Zek:

    +Melee proc to primary weapon and add Bash Proc

    Favor of Innoruuk:

    Summonses Innoruuk and does cool stuff, use your imagination for the Prince of Hate.

    Inquisitor's Zeal:

    Cannot be "possessed" so immunity to charm.

    Maximize Healing

    Maximizes the effects of all focus and +mods for 1 minute to their absolute maximum, further ranks increase bonuses.


    Breaks Charm/Mez instantly from your target.

    Implacable Foe

    Super Divine Imposition. If the effect procs, increase below hit points 0 by a lot, allow fighting while unconscious, and a major heal effect.

    Basically I want this to enable the King of All Purple Club moments.The effect gets the target so hyped by evangelism that they keep attacking the enemy.

    Inflame Holy Zeal

    Area effect heal that grants stun resistance for limited time and ability to break charm/mez.



    Allows for a second saving through on a negative check, such as resist check with a "faith" bonus to not have that effect go off.

    Karana's Healing Rain

    Healing rain.

    Twincast Healing Aura


    Visage of X Deity

    Transform into the deity directly, gain benefit of +/- factions and so forth and different buff effects.

    Knockback Root

    We can stun and move mobs around and we can root, but can't do both.

    Weapon of the Deity

    Instead of summonsing a spam hammer, we get a buff with the same proc modifier.

    Pulling from older Threads:


    From Crystilla years ago:

    • Rank 10 of Radiant cure - increases the amount of counters (or adding corruption counters)
    • Rank 2 of Group Purify Soul - Increase counters (or adding corruption counters)
    • Rank 3 of Purify Soul - Increase counters (or adding corruption counters)
    • Rank 3 of Purified Spirits - adds corruption counters
    • Improved Exquisite Benediction - Increase the healing done by this AA
    • Improved Ward of Purity - Increase the counters done by this AA
    • Rank 6 of Divine Guardian
    • New ranks of Hastened Renewal (to bring the spell recast timer down to 15 seconds to finish the AA line, base is 30 and AA currently brings it to 18 sec, last updated in Underfoot)
    • Improved Glyph of Courage (crit heals and HoT mod)

    DPS (Spell or Melee)
    • Rank 25-27 of Destructive Fury (last updated in RoF expansion)
    • Rank 28-30 of Fury of Magic
    • New ranks of Celestial Hammer (last updated in RoF)
    • New ranks of Divine Avatar (last updated in RoF)
    • New rank of Hastened Improved Twincast (last updated in VoA)
    • Rank 5 of Twincast (to bring chance to 5%, last updated in HoT)

    • New ranks of Persistent Casting
    • New ranks of Shielding of Spirits
    • New ranks of Hastened Blessing of Resurrection (to bring reuse down from 9 sec to 6 sec, 12 sec is the base, last upgraded in Underfoot)
    • New ranks of Hastened Divine Resurrection (last updated in RoF)
    • New rank of Hastened Forceful Rejuvenation (last updated in RoF)
    • New ranks of Hastened Mass Group Buff (last updated in RoF)
    • Rank 2 of Repel the Wicked (modifies the push and up numbers so the mob gets knocked back out of the group area-currently rank 1 does not move the mob far enough AND adds a root for the mob)
    • Rank 2 of Veturika's Perseverance (adds 5k HP/Mana)

    • Improved Sanctified Blessing - Increases the chance that a heal will be granted by Sanctified Blessing.
    • Twice Blessed - When Divine Intervention spell line fires on a player, grant that player a second heal.
    • Hastened Intervention - Reduce the recast timer on all intervention spells by 1 second per rank
    • Hastened Contravention - Reduce the recast timer on all contravention spells by 1 second per rank
    • Quickened Anticipated Interposition - Reduce the cast time of Anticipated Interposition spell line
    • Hastened Issuance of Grace - Reduce the 5 min reuse timer by 10 seconds per rank
    • Healing Companion - A single target version of Issuance of Grace, that gets cast on a player. Grants them a very large heal over time for 30 seconds. 5 min reuse. Purpose: Emergency tool to handle spike damage (a beefed up steadfast servant).

    DPS (Spell or Melee)
    • Bash of Life AA - Allow you to proc a group heal when you bash (similar to how the recourse of life AA will proc off a bash)
    • Affliction Mastery rank 1-3 (using critical affliction level 6 as the pre-requisite)
    • Destructive Cascade rank 1-3
    • Group Divine Avatar - Infuses divine spirits within everyone in group, increasing their attack and damage for a short period. (Gives clerics their first ability ever that boosts melee).
    • Improved Turn Undead - Increases the % chance that the first tick will be the 'big boom'. Also increases the size of the big boom to match the spell version boom amount.
    • Quickened Stun AA - Similar to the paladin AA, this shortens the cast time of all stuns by 50% (will not affect abilities already shortened by other means)
    • Templar's Judgement - This imbues your direct damage spells with the power of judgement.
    • Blessing of Light - Increases the damage done by procs when meleeing

    • Halt the Dead - Snare AA (extend the one that paladins received in SoD expansion to clerics for TDS)
    • Quickened Call of the Herald - reduce cast time by 10 seconds per rank (with this method, it would take 4 expansions before the cleric version is reduced to the same reuse timer that druids have of 2 minutes fully hastened)
    • Forceful AA - Works similar to forceful rejuvenation but actually resets AA timers instead of spell timers
    • Extended Ward of Certitude - Increases the number of hits that ward will stay on for (and amount of time it lasts)
    • Instant Ward - Ward of Certitude type spell (but less powerful) which is instant cast
    • Hastened Ward of Certitude - Reduce the 2.5 minute reuse timer
    • Group Divine Aura - 1 hour 24 min reuse. Lasts 18 sec (is extendable)
    • AA version of Mark of the Righteous spell
    • Invis
    • Blessing of (GOD) - take the items from the old initiate/symbol/regent quests and put them as AA's
    • - Blessing of Brell - summons an ale
    • - Blessing of Innoruuk - snare AA
    • - Blessing of Tunare/Karana, etc.
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  6. Playful Journeyman

    I decided to sit down and think of what I would love to see changed with clerics, we need a fighting chance. That being said, I will agree what I want for clerics in the future may differ from other from what other clerics want, and that’s the beauty of it. I consider myself a pretty good cleric, so I do not struggle in some areas that others may struggle in. My cleric rarely dies on raids, she can take a few hits if her fade is down, she never runs out of mana, even while dpsing, etc.

    Heal spells:

    We are the best healers in the game, easily, we don’t need any changes here. Anyone that complains about our heals, try and heal on a druid and get back with me.

    Misc spells:

    An upgrade to Blessed Aquifer would be nice. I think the cast time/recast is fine. Just a level upgrade to it and therefore a damage upgrade. This one isn’t super important, more just for fun/dps.

    Merciful Infusion could use a large upgrade to the base heal. Right now it is not even worth using.

    Vow of vengeance: I currently do not use this, though with the recast of the spell and how long it lasts, it probably would not hurt to use while dpsing. This spell could use an increase of the base damage.

    DPS spells:

    Sermon of Sanction: This dot is nice, the recast time is good, the damage is respectable coming from a cleric. However I would like to see another dot. A third would be asking for too much, but two would be cool. I would like to see the second one work on live mobs as well. It is obnoxious being an undead class only when all the other classes get to dps on live mobs. Other priests do not have the heavy restrictions as we do. I understand developers are busy, so if you just wanted to copy the dot, remove the mob type restriction and name it something else, that would be okay.

    Unyielding Hammer of Zeal: I would like to see this pet get an increase in hit points as well as dps.

    I like the idea of Blessed Ground however the execution is poor. It should not be an aura, we already have two good ones. A possibility is it placing a buff on us, and if a mob gets damaged by it, then decrease the counters. Also the damage is not anything to write home about, so an increase to that is needed.


    We have a perfected IVU, there is zero reason to not have a perfected invisibility.

    Most other classes get a levitation AA, why not clerics?

    If we are supposed to be the sole healers of tanks, why do we not get an AA with increased run speed? Literally anything is better than what we have now, which is nothing.

    Celestial Hammer: This pet does even less dps than the spell pet.

    I would like to see an increase in Critical Affliction. I am not asking for the 27 ranks other priests get, but more than 11. Clerics do not get destructive Cascade at all, a few ranks in that would be nice, again I’m not asking for 25 or 27. Just some ranks.

    TLDR: I fully understand clerics were made for healing, and not for dps or self-utility. However that stance is very close minded and causes many, many problems we deal with on a daily basis just outside the game. We do not grow and move forward in life by being satisfied with the exact spot or box we are in right now. If you disagree or are having a hard time understanding this concept I implore you to make some changes in your day to day life. Your car was made for driving, don’t use anything in it but what it needs to drive. No radio, A/C, don’t charge your phone. Your phone, originally made to purely talk to others. Don’t play games, don’t text, don’t surf the web.
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  7. Metanis Bad Company

    Ya gotta love Daybreak it all day long. Changes to priest alliance today could significantly reduce our ability to heal raids. What are they thinking?
  8. Gnomereaper Augur

    It's an interesting change for sure, however to be honest I never really counted the data on what it actually did to really see a difference, either, since I had no interested in that data side of HPS (more interested in mana consumption/preservation). Even then, when in non use tanks survived.
  9. Playful Journeyman

    I also need to take back my previous statement on Vow of Vengeance, about how it could not hurt to use it more often. I forgot to click it off before Monday's raids.. and the result was horrible.
  10. Gnomereaper Augur

    Little history lesson that spell that might interest you. Lluianae, Antonius Bayle of Tide, came along and wanted to increase our dps back in '07. He came up with the Vow line to Prathun. Prathun called it "Vow of Silence" where we couldn't cast spells except proc but the proc didn't work because we were silenced. I came along and came up with the idea for the negative healing modifier and calling it Vow of the Valorous (after Lluianae the Valorous it's father). Prathun called it Vow of Valor. Then they started calling it Volvo after a while since it was the hot new thing.

    If good old Prathun had gotten his way mechanically you'd be a lot worse shape!
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  11. Playful Journeyman

    I'm officially renaming that song in my head to Volvo, and going to parade it around with glee.
  12. Stephsanity Augur

    I'd like to see a new aura that does a HoT so a cleric in tank group can mem this and have it running would be nice also if it lasted a long duration too not that short crap undead one you gave us
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  13. Cadira Augur

    This is a great idea. And update the reverent aura to block a more up to date amount of damage.

    Maybe even give us a fourth aura. Maybe something that imbues our group with a chance to proc a heal on themselves while meleeing. Doesn't really matter, just something so that the two clerics can have two different auras up at the same time like before when one had divinity and the other had rev. Maybe that's a bit over the top though.
  14. BadPallyGuildLeader Augur

    There is this one\new ability that clerics love, it's "unsuspend" on the merc window. It pops a cleric merc. Oh wait, clerics don't like that one ;)
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  16. Allayna Augur

    Give clerics an innate slay ability, not to the degree of a paladin, but let it be innate off of their intervention line. ;)
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  17. Gnomereaper Augur

    The paladin slay undead ability is an excellent idea, for paladins and has equally been a thorn in the side of dps upgrades for years for paladins. Paladins slay, clerics Turn Undead.Classes are defined by what they can't do. Increases to DOT crits and such? That's great, as it's not going ot affect baseline dps upgrades in the future.

    Rather have stuff like Twincast Healing Aura or improved baseline DPS.
  18. Mediik Augur

    Curious to see what came out of this thread that was incorporated into next expansion.
  19. Cadira Augur

    It would certainly prove whether they read/give a darn about us, that's for sure. So far there appears to be nothing "new".
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  20. Metanis Bad Company

    From the "less is more" school of thought perhaps this means there will be fewer things to "break" on clerics going forward.