Future Needs, Cleric Edition

Discussion in 'Priests' started by Cadira, Jul 23, 2018.

  1. Drogba Augur

    hehe. This one was a goner. Was on him for 5-10 minutes while the raid tried not to wipe / recover.
  2. Gundolin Augur

    I can see that, we always leave a knight to tank the one in front of forge, and leave a dedicated healer with him. Same with the splitter in the mirror room. I could see using light the way you described if you were OOM in those situations.

    I also used to use light in the Beattle Raid in EoK, especially if we had no Beastlords or Bards that day. But yes, you are left with picking a tank and just blindly chain casting light on them in hopes that you picked the right one. If you yaulp between cast you can through in remedies and other heals as mana permits in between on the other tanks too.
  3. Playful Journeyman

    Dps'ing in group content is fun-ish as a cleric, with our nukes/dot/contraventions plus the several dps AA's we get. Until you get to the fact that you can pretty much only dps on undead. When you realize that, shortly after comes the realization that we're probably the class that does the least amount of dps in the game. Yes, we're the best healers, but that's literally the only thing we have going for us.

    A question I would have for the people designing clerics is: why can't clerics lev themselves? or invis themselves? Not to mention, if we're supposed to heal our tanks, and keep up with them, why does my grandma run faster than my cleric?

    I for one, am perfectly satisfied with how my cleric heals, perfection doesn't begin to describe it. The fact that we have to make gina triggers, for when our invis pot is going to wear off, is what baffles me.

    Not to mention, the fact that our fade has a cast time... still trying to figure out the logic behind that one.
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  4. Pano Augur

    And the invis, I really miss the invis on it. If I remember correctly, it was fixed.

    What if I told you that it's possible right now.

    I actually agree with most of what you said, the buffs overwriting each other can be an annoyance, especially for DG that does not overwrite the other one, yet still counts as having been casted so you effectively lose a DG for 5mins.

    As much as it would be nice to do ok dps and not from terrible to bad, I am pretty sure other classes would scream bloody murder if they'd see cleric hit 200k dps on parses. And our blessed ground spell is a complete joke. Doing between 1 to 5k dmg every few seconds is laughable. I wish it was more like the necro skull...
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  5. Cadira Augur

    Our one shot at some sort of a self invis, foiled.

    Yeah 200k seems a bit high imo. I guess with a TU and other nukes/dot and burns going I've seen about that before. Bear in mind however, with potential to do more dps, means you're doing less healing. Aka if we can do 200k dps regularly (NOT the number I personally envision/desire for balance sake) with new tools, that means were not spending time healing. Which in a raid is not going to happen, and in a group setting will only happen in an undead zone with two healers in the group or an SK tanking (hahahaha).

    Being able to keep a group alive while also doing "ok" dps would be very interactive, and make for a much more interesting experience for clerics who could handle it without smoking dps classes on parses. That's what I'd like to see but /sigh I doubt we'll see any improvements in this area.
  6. Brohg Augur

    "ok" is relative. The 50k-ish dps that can be had presently from meleeing & a glorious+intra/contra-centric approach is very okay in the context of how most folks play EQ. But it's also a higher standard of play. In a group with similarly high standard of play, the 50k dps feels like a lot less.
  7. Pano Augur

    The reason I mentioned 200k is that our raid 2hb itself is around 30-40k dps with vow. With spells you should be hitting around 75k. If it's on undead and you burn, you can sustain 150-200k dps for a few minutes and probably sustain 100k dps over a 15 minutes fight. Obviously, this greatly sacrifice healing.
  8. Pano Augur

    Wrong numbers, it's more like 10-30k depending on how vow procs. The numbers above are on a raid mob with Divine Avatar and Battle Frenzy.
  9. Brohg Augur

    is the 2hb higher damage than the summoned Hammer of Repudiation? summoned hammer has such a high proc mod…
  10. Pano Augur

    I haven't tried tbh, I forgot about that ever since it was an OP pet weapon and got nerfed. I'll try it tonight on Talendor to see how it does.
  11. Mediik Augur

    Ya I can blow my “load” and hit 200k+ on a single mob that dies in the 10 seconds. This takes me considerable effort and time and group planning. Most clerics will never sustaine anywhere close to 100k. I probably suck but I can manage 70k-80k sustained on undead. That’s only when i’m Not healing vs all undead plus tail wind plus rolling down hill.

    It takes me about 15 mins to switch myself over to dps mode. Just to make sure tank is handling it. Ev n then it’s like... oh how cute the cleric thinks he’s dps. Frankly they could double cleric undead dps and I wouldn’t consider it game breaking. I’m actually pretty offfended that the BP click lowers my heals by 75 percent... why? Not necessary I can’t dps and heal.

    I digress. There’s a lot that can be done with cleric class . The idea that they ar fine is laughable. I know this based on how many clerics want to main change. In my guild, most of them.
  12. Pano Augur

    I'm wrong about that, disregard. Gina triggers got me too used to no overwrites.

    As for dps, yeah, in 10s you can easily hit 200k dps just with turn undead and Sermon, but over 120s it's not impossible if everything goes right. I do agree with you though that cleric could be made more fun because they are a pretty boring class.
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  13. Vargaz New Member

    Thoughtful post, Cadira. I too think that vs. Undead, the cleric class could be upped somewhat as far as dps goes but overall the class is in pretty decent shape.
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  14. Kialya Keeping your butt alive since 2002

    You can always go the WOW version and make a DPS cleric vs a healing cleric .. but I personally could give a crap about DPS. I love to heal. I am quite happy doing NO DPS. I will damage the mobs when asked to help out on raids by hitting my Turn Undead a few times on Venril but I prefer to be a pure healing machine.
  15. Playful Journeyman

    If we were (crossing my fingers) to get dps abilities, they wouldn't be for raid purposes as there are real dps classes out there. It would be for the group game to make being a cleric more exciting. A lot of main clerics love their clerics in raids and find them tedious outside of raids.

    A few more dots would be cool, we have the mana pool to support it. Maybe unlinking turn undead/smite the wicked.
  16. Cadira Augur

    And you would still be able to do no dps and be a healing machine. No changes there. If you like healing a tank who stays between 70-100% whether or not you're healing them, I'm very envious. :)This happens fairly often for me and other clerics at least. If people aren't knives edge close to dying all the time being a cleric in group game is garbage

    It'd be fun to be able to contribute somehow that's not game breaking and a little more interactive like dps'ing in an otherwise boring group setting.

    Exactly, you'd never see a cleric dps'ing on raids because it wouldn't be worth the loss of healing or enough to bother. Improvement to dot(s) wouldn't be a bad way to go but I'd LOVE vow to be more useful still. Reduce healing by 50%, give us a minor dd on live mobs, major dd on undead?
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  17. Mediik Augur

    My wish List..

    1. Allow alliances to overwrite.
    2. Rework hammer pet to do something interesting and move it to an AA
    3. I never understood why clerics don’t get some sort of endurance regen\replenish ability. Make AA similar to mana dump for endurance dump.
    4. Summoned hammer could use some upping imho.
    5. Adding some effects that other heals can proc or trigger based on combination. Maybe light could have random effect that can proc splash/alliance/elixir similar to wizards spell line.
    6. Promised I find not that great as it just sits there and doesn’t fire at a useful time in most cases. Change so it autofires if tank drops below 20 percent.
    7. To me it feels like mob s hit too hard so you feel like you just need to spam fastest heal. Some more short duration damage mitigation abilities would help this. Our auras haven’t been touched in a long time. A targeted version that mitigates more but fades quicker would be interesting. So if you have a weaker tank you can help them mitigate better.
  18. Zunar Augur

    Fixed that for you :)
    The rest of us don't want em to overwrite eachother, since it's a huge dps loss.
  19. Playful Journeyman

    So I've never used vow and I see why, what is a cleric going to do with 4k damage to melee procs? Idk how much this procs, but even so, 4k is laughable with current content. A massive upgrade to that would be cool.

    I only suggest dots because it could up our group game and depending on the mob we could cast it during raids? I have one or two extra spell slots that i could spare for a dot depending on the raid/mob.

    My thing about clerics is, the ONLY thing we do well in eq, is heal. We can't dps well, lev, run, invis, mez, stun, track, etc. It's like driving a car, and the ONLY thing you can do is drive. No AC, no radio, no navigation, nothing. Yes, our car is powerful and takes us places, but the drive is just a drive and not an experience. I think that's what devs should look at.
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  20. Metanis Bad Company

    I'm almost afraid to mention it here because they'll nerf it, but if you equip the Jeweled Apothic Dragon Spine Hammer AND if you have a bard in group playing the right melee dps enhancements it's easy to get respectable dps on nearly any mob. The bard is the secret sauce that makes it worthwhile. Of course you have to play smart to keep your tank healed in this mode of operation, I switch to heals which allow me to leave the mob on target like HOTs, darb, epic, contras, etc. Obviously only for easy group content with a strong tank.