Future Content: A Letter from Director of Development Dave Georgeson

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  1. Zantor Augur

    New levels are of interest to more then just the few top raiding guilds. I know casual players that want level increases and more content, when casual players can complete CoTF in less then a month, they want more. If you don't want more levels for a chance to catch up, then don't level till you do, don't try to ruin it for the rest of us that are begging for it. Is a lot of us that want more levels, tons more of AA's and quests, ways to improve our characters so we can continue to enjoy the game more.

    Is just amazing how some people want the game to grind to a halt cause they can't keep up and everyone else has to wait for them.
  2. RagePaw Augur


    You already can't deliver a good amount of content due to tight timescales in your own words and yet your making your updates appear even more frequently, it makes no sense.

    Let me make this really clear I want 90% of the content from expansions delivered in one big hit! your killing the raid game with this terrible release strategy.
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  3. Nalinee New Member

    I myself would like the new content in one lump sum. The revamping of older zones is always a great idea. Many of my guild on Eci/Tunare have been playing since the begining. The old zones still rock and being they will be randomized to fit us at the higher lvls, is a cool idea. Yes, granted, many people will camp it , like PoFear golems and such, so making it an instanced zone is something that could be looked into. Maybe even turn 1-2 of them into a raid zone and have it drop gear in the RoF/CoTF lvls. The game has come along way, and i still enjoy the time playing. Though, i would say IMO, maybe fix some of the broken things first. Like the channels dropping every night starting around 8pm EST, right smack at the start of raiding. DoH ! oh, and bring back Grogg to ECI/Tunare so he can set up in PoK and punt us across the zone and DT us all like the old days. People used to line up for that, it was a blast.
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  4. Mozzarella Elder

    This is awesome! Could ONE of them drop by the tank forums and post in the lovely thread that now has over 10,000 views? It needs answers now, not more funny crowd control. https://forums.station.sony.com/eq/index.php?threads/nttb-potential-changes.206699/unread

    It is hard to believe in a bright EQ future with almost-real-time-updating while the class forums are still being snobbed. But I want to believe anyway!

    Please, do it.
  5. Ronak Augur

    A level increase only works if the amount of content added with it is huge. Or at least, a lot more huge than recent offerings.
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  6. Casidia Augur

    Yep you need to think more about the Raiders again.
    Currently raid guilds are just staying because of friends, being used to it and so on..but that will not go on forever.

    I'm totally satisfied with what is delivered for the group game and casual play, i really am considering the age of Eq1. But like Ragepaw said, you have almost killed the trademark of this game for now.
    Some very forum active people will tell you otherwise, but Eq1 outside of it's fan base is mostly known for being one of the best raiding games still. You are letting this slip away, right here and now.
    In it's current state i cannot recommend becoming a raider to anyone anymore if i'd be asked, and i was able to do that for 10+ years.
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  7. Dalamyre Journeyman

    I know that EQ 1 is a rough game to manage and a lot of the posts on the forums are negative. As a nearly 15 year player I would like to start off with saying thanks for the many years of EQ.

    All players have a different view on what they like in EQ so here is what I would like to see.

    If releases are staggered fill all gear slots with tier 1 gear I hated having certain slots with old expansion gear when CoTF was released and had to wait for the next update to get the chest and other gear.

    When updating or "revamping" older content maybe use some of the old LDoN or DoN instances where you gain currency to buy or build your gear I loved DoN merchants with the different base gear and augs you could purchase to customize what you wanted to use but make the gear updated to current gear.
    For example I played a lvl 51 group to get a few anger augs for my newbie warrior and with my left over crystals I wanted to buy some gear, but the defiant gear I had was way better than the merchant gear.

    It would be nice to be able to use those instances and build a customized gear set on characters lvl 80 - 100 and it would be equivalent to today's gear.

    Give warriors better options with weaponry let them tank with sword and shield, but allow them dps options with duel wield and 2 handed weapons

    Stop making mobs immune to stun, charm and Mez thats an enchanters job ! with the low dps on an enchanter they NEED to be able to contribute.

    Class balancing DOES not mean making all classes equal it means for their class tier tank/dps/utility/priest they should be able to equally fill that position.

    A big part of early EQ was GM events and involvement with the community When a new expansion would come out it was a huge event with allot of fanfare world changing events would happen and participants
    in the event would be given unique prizes it was fun to interact with a GM in a unique guise of an important NPC opening up in an expansion.

    I know that this game is getting older and resources get scarce so why use what resources are available easily there are plenty of old content available to recreate and reinvigorate.

    I love new zones and new content that is what an expansion is all about that should be the once a year focus the weekly and monthly updates should be re-envisioning older unused content.
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  8. Elizabeta Augur

    You folks really need to hire a person who has the singular job of attending your meetings and announcing "Did you really just say what i thought you just said?" and "Did you actually read what you wrote?"

  9. Axxius Augur

    So, what implications will this have for the current expansion, CotF? What's going to happen to the rest of its content? If the October release was the 'super sized' portion of it (called an expansion), does this mean the rest was already planned to have even less content? And now that the devs are going to work on the next, more traditional, expansion... what is the plan for CotF T2 then?
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  10. smash Augur

    Have to agree with this, you understaffed, and you have problems delivering even 1/4 of the normal content, and you bug fixes all the time.
    Last thing should be something that did not happen very often. Take a look at the last 3-4 months, it has been fixes average every 14 days.

    And then you will come with the weekly, monthly thing, thats a recipe for disaster.

    Instead you should concentrate on what you were good at, delivering some major expansion with loot of content.

    Then also concentrate on getting the universal chat service fixxed, it has been bugged for the last many months.

    Honestly, you dont have people to come with monthly/weekly Things. If you go through with that, you might as well say: Last person Closes & Locks the doors.
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  11. Tarvas Redwall of Coirnav, now Drinal

    New directions are cool. Hope it works out.
  12. Goth Augur

    So weekly patches and server downtime? /dislike

    Release it all at once. Or at least release whole tiers at a time
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  13. Makaha New Member

    ""And zones take a loooong time to make""
    Is that why Sony is taking 3 or 4 games offline this year?
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  14. turdle New Member

    Dont mind the weekly patches as long as they are spread over different timezones.
    patching between 3-7 am PST always puts the patch in someones peak play time
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  15. Stumphobbler Elder

    Would like to see a big expansion released ( like when expansions went to once a year instead of 6months).

    Regardless even if it is broken up into 3-4 pieces, or every six months or every year, make it great!

    Call of the forsaken expansion in my opinion was/is a piece of drek that should never have been sold for the price it was.

    Call of the Forsaken
    [=expansion size=] [$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$-PRICE-$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$]

    A great expansion example is The Serpent's Spine. TSS has a lot of everything and you can start in the beginner zones and hit lvl cap ( when it was the cap) in the same expansion.

    Now I understand something like this may not be a choice among many players as there is a huge amount of lvl 90-100 toons. but something along those lines. when I did the beta for TSS and when I purchased the expansion, it (to me) felt epic. THIS is an expansion!

    Just make it big and make us, the players, WANT to explore it and be challenged by it.
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  16. RagePaw Augur

    This smells like smed trying to sell us the next expansion with promises, I can tell you right now unless you make good on the current expansion you get nothing further from me.
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  17. Fendy Augur

    "What sorts of things will come out weekly?
    -These will be things like straight-up feature refinements, holiday events, short adventures, blah blah"

    does this mean a bug will be fixed every week? Here's a thought fix the old problems (UCS!) before introducing new buggy content that you then fix ahead of it. Last weeks patch was obviously buggy since you had to fix it several times.
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  18. Brosa Augur

    If these weekly/monthly adventures are just a time sink then i'm out. They need to be relevant to everyone (IE upgraded gear, usefull clickies, new to norath abilities, ect). I'm always in for improvements however.

    Focus on expansion content and story? As others have posted release cotf 2a and 2b together. This staggered release really aggravates my mains. My alts seem to enjoy it to some degree but not worth it. Thumbs up to quality over quantity posts. Do NOT release anything unless its what you want it to be in the test/beta. Major nerfs show me there is a lack of focus on content.
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  19. EQJunkie76 Journeyman

    For a veteran player from day one, the one change that has been left out of EVERY expansion/update since release is an actual Advanced Auction House system - the Bazaar needs to be left behind permanently, and an auction house similar to what's available in EQ2 is expected at this point. I understand y'all made the update to where characters didn't have to "stay online" all the time to sell items, but that's not far enough...

    Every game that's available out there has gone to a 24x7, always online, auction house that you can dump your items into and keep playing...It would be SO much better if when I'm in the middle of adventuring and come across a valuable item, then I can gate back to the Bazaar zone, pull up the Auction House, and post an item for sale...and wow, keep adventuring, instead of stopping my adventures for the evening, posting my character up in the Bazaar to sell the items, and go into "offline mode".

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  20. Kadolyn New Member

    I like the idea what what you're thinking. It shows some promise. And I want to thank y'all for NOT saying this IS what we're going to do (too bad how sad), but rather asking the player base what our thoughts are on this before it's deemed a permanent thing. I might be the minority on saying this but I do appreciate it.

    Having said that, I'd like to add some feedback of my own. Ronak covered some of my initial questions/thoughts, but I have a few more to add.

    1) Besides temporary revamped zones, world events, and new quests, will you offer unique and exciting rewards? Like various clickies, bags, unique items, augs? As well as gear?

    2) Is Everquest going to do anything towards new and bigger houses, custom builds, more neighborhood oriented content, and bonuses? as well as some themed house quests? And more placeable items?

    3) Anything going to be done on the loyalty vendors for us players who are loyal and been playing a long time and need something to spend our points on? There should be more rewards and treats offered on the vendor other then just a bag that changes with every season. And even the bag needs upgrading. For almost 1800 points, you should offer up something more then just a 16 slot bag!

    4) Incorporate more fun filled quests that involve more old world zones e.g., Swamp of no hope, Thurgadin, Dragnor's Cauldron, The warrens, Gorge of King Xorbb. So many old zones that have been forgotten and abandoned.

    5) I don't know why you put ALL those tradeskill merchants right there at the small bank but I HATE it!!! For the simple fact, it's too easy. I have NEVER wanted too easy. It's why I quit playing wow and a bunch of other games. If you're going to do that, then make tradeskill merchants available for purchase for our homes and guilds.

    6) How about namer's in zones that are actually hard to kill and can't be solo'd? And that have gear / loot equivalent to the challenge. Make the game interesting and fun.
    Instead of namer's being super rare and easy to kill, how about do the opposite? Not spawn all the time, no, but don't make them rare to spawn either. And make their difficulty a challenge, so that players have to BAND TOGETHER to bring one down!!!! And make the loot worth it!

    7) Make the mobs more interesting too. Not just the same boring graphic mobs like goblins, orcs, or some other "meh" looking mob. But how about very cool looking namer mobs... like flying dragons, 2 headed hydra, a leviathan, a ghost rider looking namer mob, cool things like that.
    Not everything has to be gigantic to be cool/scary.

    This is all I can think of for now. just some ideas and thoughts I had for future "content" and expansions.
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