Future Content: A Letter from Director of Development Dave Georgeson

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  1. Benito Augur

    It is possible, post-CoTF, to return to "smaller cycle" expansion if the pricing structure is changed. I recall the lowered price for Legacy of Ykesha ($21.99) seemed comfortable for many and a positive test for digital download.* [*Not factoring inflation. Discounts may be limited due to the All-in-One nature of purchasing expansions]. If a cushion is required in the future, I suspect a semi-annual release (3-5 zones, spells/AA) at a discount (ala carte) might be an appealing option.
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  2. Sheaffer Augur

    Have you tried Plane of War? It sounds exactly like what you're looking for
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  3. Revalla New Member

    If the intent on revamping old zones is to give people something to do at LVL 100 ,I would hope you would make the good drops the same as they are in Mist More and Naggy’s lair “RANDOM ZONEWIDE”. If the intent is to get people to group then I would suggest you update the loot dropped in the unused and completely outdated Monster Missions. Ya ya everyone complained about them, But when Old Man McKenzie in PoK gave the best AA in the game and some of the best gear. People were lined up for hours and hours and you met a lot of interesting people. This would keep the old zones open for the very very few people that need to go there unchanged and it would just be a matter of putting in updated items. That way a lvl 30 could group with a lvl 100 GEAR and skill would be far less important and everyone gets loot upgrades intended for their LVL .

    Revalla 100 Necro Tunare where “The WHO list is always cut short in Guild lobby and in PoK”
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  4. Tobynn Augur

    Needs larger font size. Can barely read that.
  5. Gyurika Godofwar Augur

  6. Fosa New Member

    The way I see it, Everquest players are as ravenous as let's say...Final Fantasy 7 players were. Why not hire on more staff, stop the expansions and fix everything about the game? NPC pathing, pet pathing, class balancing, graphical updates, fix the code so I can turn "ON" shadows, etc, etc, etc. Screw the 1999 fanatics. Let's give this game a QUALITY rebirthing, draw in MORE players and bring it back to life.

    Developers of incredible games seem to vehemently REFUSE pacing their magnum opus forward. You have the best MMORPG ever made in your hands and it is going to die like the rest of the greats if you don't add quality and breathe new life into it.

    Hell, consider a campaign to ask donations from players. Take it seriously. Put thought and energy into this. I know EQ Next and Landmark are high on your business model but why not make ALL of your products modern and stellar? I hope this doesn't get dismissed by nostalgics and is considered as a real option.
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  7. Fendy Augur

    SOE recently changed changed their game model to offer free to play. Then changed their all access pass to lower the price to the cost of a single game. These efforts resulted in lowering pricing to encourage players to stay and to bring new players in. I really doubt they will try soliciting donations from players.
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  8. Benito Augur

    This has been brought up several times. The EverQuest game engine is far too clunky (and obsolete) to "modernize" in the wholesale sense of the word. Rebuilding a new game - EQ Next - is much more cost effective. [One should make the reverse argument that the aesthetic and fundamentals of EQN should not depart from the feel and character of EQ1].

    Donations already exist in the form of Marketplace and Station Cash (and, they actually tried to remove the 500 SC grant). LoN also seems to be a fairly successful cash cow even after it's disbanding - maybe that might be worthwhile option to revive. Ultimately, even with the new cash flows, they [the higher ups] seemed to have doubled down on our late expansion. The best thing we can do is to enjoy the game with its imperfections and keep them honest on future content quality.
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  9. Smokn Augur

    All im reading is excuses as to why you the dev team has been so lazy lately, first off we pay for a expansion in full at the release and then dont get it all at once basicly letting you the dev team slack off hard core all year long. I work in the industry and your approach is meh at best like you put it. If you want to continue to release content that is weak, feeble, and super easy fine! charge us in parts then that way if we happen to choose we have had enough of your World of warcraft easy mode content after the first installment we dont feel like we got scamed out of a whole expansion! Just my 2cents
  10. Koneko Augur

    this thread has no SoE comments on it now that piestro is no longer with them it might be better to make a thread in the Vet lounge about things here as it is no longer really getting any type of sony attention
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