Future Content: A Letter from Director of Development Dave Georgeson

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Piestro, Jan 31, 2014.

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  1. Yinla Augur

    They said we could never have bigger bags and that happened. Never say never.
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  2. Zinth Augur

    Humm, I must agree that the quarterly expansion extension idea was kinda meeh.

    In CotF I even struggle to find a point in "progressing" what is the end goal of the expansion? Like in SoD you had the point to progress because your merc got better, in HoT you gained access to bigger and meaner zones and so on. But in CotF you get what? Nada? An achievement to finish the quests? Weee?

    For the weekly "updates" just keep them to patch fixes and maintenance. Make it every Wednesday you plug in new bug fixes, tweaks to quests/spells/zones/gear whatever. You can of course still slap in a new "Erollisi Day" now and then but making one every week would make it meeh in the end. Give us one now and then and they will be fun and then turn them on every wear for that "event" for a week or how long it takes.

    The monthly sounds good, aging old dungeons, but make it for more then the highest level range please? maybe 2-3 tiers for 85-90, 90-95 and 95-100.
    Also change the hotzones once a month would be good. No need to make new augments all the time, could just tweak up the old augments to be more in line with what stats are considered good these days. And updating the "daily quests" in pok to a new zone every month is not hard. A good change would be to kill ANY mob in the zone and raise the number to 20-30 and keep the reward the same'ish. That will remove the congestion and lack of certain mobs.

    I really like to hear you finally spend time to improve EQ... It sadly just comes 10 years too late, but it's okay we are still here.

    The monthly quests... don't make them time limited, keep them in game (EverQuest) the more quests the better... Make achievements for them. The same with the "events" like Erollisi Day... Make a full year of events and then make an achievement with a nice reward for completing all of them. :)
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  3. Yinla Augur

    What is this weeks weekly update?
  4. Roxxanna Augur

    Who cares about new expansions and content when what you have is broke, add grouping incentives, fix the recent patch as you went too far, and why dont you fix our epics, or add epic 3.0. I could care less if you add more levels, or higher zones, I'm 90, and get beat up by a light blue rat in H.O.T. Yes, maybe it's a personal problem, or maybe I'm just not the best gamer in the world, so what. I like my cleric, you messed up my cleric, FIX THAT.
  5. Edrick Augur

    We never got a response to this thread from anyone at SOE, did we?
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  6. Tornicade_IV Augur

    What their saying. or how interpret it Is we will get one big expansion every year. during that time monthly revamps and anniversary style quest will be added along with new mobs added to various zones from time to time.

    Revamps are cookie cutter if your just toning up the mobs and making a few twinks to loot drop tables. new quest and such can be added via the task masters and such thats just a matter of switching up what they offer and cloning an already existing npc.

    we used to call these gm events only they will programmed in.

    personally I like the idea.
  7. frands481 Elder

    I personally think piestro answered my potential qualms nicely. the rest is an unknown to anybody tbh. That's the whole reason their old strategy was reworked. they didn't see it coming. Just a word of advice to SOE tho. Make absolutely certain you have a hit game that can survive for quite a long time before you even think of abandoning this one. Talking of EQN and reallocating developers is nice and all but you don't have much else besides this one atm so you can't ignore it.
  8. Koneko Augur

    why are most of the weekly content updates things from previous events just spread out a week from each other?
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  9. Riou Augur

    It takes time to make the new stuff to release for it
  10. Koneko Augur

    yes but content that was already going to happen as the weekly updates makes me feel like they are going to just get a set of things to do so it is just recyclable each year and be done with it
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  11. Beimeith Augur

    One word:


    They can now claim they give "Weekly Updates" and it's technically correct. They just omit the fact they aren't New "Weekly Updates," which is what the public perception of that phrase is.
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  12. Yinla Augur

    I'd rather they had left it as it was. :(

    Release things when it is ready.
  13. Yinla Augur

    Never did get a reply. :(
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  14. Damoncord Augur

    I'm beginning to think in order for them to actually reply we have to leave the forums.
  15. Fendy Augur

    I started a Reddit account to see what's up there. The only EQ conversations I saw were about Landmark. Dunno if posting our concerns about EQ1 there would get noticed or not.
  16. LasaMan New Member

    Mr. Georgeson, Piestro,

    As I am excited as many other players to hear about SOE's plan to bring new contents on a regular basis, I wish to share a very unpleasant in-game experience in Plane of War.

    After spending hours working on a quest, I finally reached the final step; I turned in the items, and spawned the last mob. It ate my puller as I was peeping. Before I was able to res the puller to resume, that last mob despawned. The NPC would not respond to any keywords to respawn the last mob.

    I opened a petition ticket; the responding GM alleged that he is "unable to reimburse" my quest items - meaning that I will simply have to spend hours redoing this quest all over again. He alleged that PoWar is designed to be a "challenge."

    I must admit my disappointment with the response, for the following reason:

    - throughout the in-game texts of the quest, the fact that mob despawns on a short timer is unforeseeable. I find it harsh that this quest is designed such that anyone not engaging the last mob soon enough will have to spend hours redoing the task. (Note that some drops are uncommon/rare, from uncommon mobs that even trackers can find a few.)
    - the in-game experience is the ultimate factor determining whether a game is fun to play. Looking at the current quests in PoWar, I feel that there is an extreme poor measure of player's time/effort considered by the development team. I strongly feel that the QA/QC team failed to properly adjust the difficulty and the drop rate of quest items. (as witnessed, some drop rates were fixed later)
    - the response itself revealed another huge issue. I am glad developers and GM's have a vision about the game; though such a vision shall not exceed a reasonable in-game experience by the paying subscribers.

    My current frustration is that, SOE had done much better in the past in providing both quality contents and reasonable supports. Currently, from what I have seen, SOE has fallen below its past standard in both. Rather than rushing out contents, I hope you can really examine the QA/QC, as well as educate your support staff.
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  17. Fendy Augur

    Feature refinement.
    This doesn't guarantee new weekly content. Sounds like it could mean fixing something that's currently broken.

    Aging a cool existing dungeon up to end-game levels and itemization.
    Pretty sure I read elsewhere a dev saying this wasn't going to happen.

    The EQ and EQII team Producers ... have created detailed schedules of how the rhythm of this stuff will play out across the coming months.
    Is this the 'roadmap' for the future that Roshen told us had no ETA yet? Maybe Thom could just post our detailed schedule.
  18. Kuvian Lorekeeper

    Plane of Hate was the best zone revamp ever. Shame it's worthless now to a level 100. But that should be the measure of all revamps. I presume all the people who did it are gone.
  19. Nilelael Innoruukk New Member

    Definitely like the Bigger Xpac idea. IMO VoA was superb but didn't care too much for the language requirements. Staggered release to me seems like it got worse especially for CotF. Overall my major gripe was the lack of zones/content. Very few named mobs to go after like VoA even RoF or SoF, for higher tiers. Also, the Tower of Rot has a very bland copy/pasted feel to it. As far as Groupable raid content gear in comparison, I don't think you should nerf raid stats etc, but make groupable high tier content/bosses stand out a little more for those of us who have worked hard over the many years of our EQ career, but do not have time to raid. My main of four accounts is a tank and the higher tier groupable drops are kind of weak. My T2 Sarith VoA raid shield has better stats for tanking than T2 CotF groupable shield, and that's like how ancient? I understand how mobs/stats scale based on raid crews once again, am not for nerfing, but really groupable mobs are kinda along with their drops. I wish we could have group content aimed @ the guys who have 6-10k aa. Really, current T2 is absolutely no challenge whatsoever for such toons. And please make highest tier groupable named/drops a little better for gear dependant classes; especially tanks.
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  20. Tvex New Member

    I think perhaps you missed the whole problem. Most people didn't care for the release cycle but it wasn't the biggest issueaa If you had released ALL of CoTF at one time as a complete expansion people would have never bought it. 6 zones with maybe 3-4 of them being actual full zones ( I am giving them the benefit of the doubt with the unreleased zone). The partisan quest line was a complete joke 1 maybe 2 quests per zone and completed in half a day. That is like 1.5 zones worth of partisan quests from RoF.

    We just want the content we paid for in the expansion we don't care how you deliver it to us. I spent over 300$ on CoTF for all of my accounts under the assumption that close to the same amount of content as RoF would be delivered within this expansions release cycle. I was shocked and appalled when I found out Tower of rot (What a huge disappointment that was) and this last unreleased zone were the last 2 of the expansion. I paid for a full expansion and what you delivered to complete that expansion was maybe 1/4th of the previous expansion.
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