Future Content: A Letter from Director of Development Dave Georgeson

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Piestro, Jan 31, 2014.

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  1. Piestro Augur

    That's been our general practice for a while.
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  2. Lenowill Augur

    To the original post:

    I will believe it when I see it. Please prove it to be real via consistent, ongoing action.

    I'm favorably impressed with a lot of the code updates and quality of life improvements that have been happening (one or more people on code staff are doing serious work), but at the moment it's going to take more than a PR letter to make me feel secure that SoE as a corporate entity isn't likely to dump EQ1 a year or two after EQN launches.

    The layoffs last summer, closure of EQMac, and upcoming closure of four whole games are not sitting well with my trust (or the trust of many others, for that matter).
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  3. CrazyLarth Augur

    would love an update to
    The Arena Master's Challenge

    Would love tunnels filled with lvl 100-105 mobs added to old zones each coror would have a tunnel net work and the tunnels would not meet up or have so many tunnels make around 10-15 group camps. can leave the old zone alone just add the tunnels and the mobs and the named.
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  4. Riviera New Member

    Back in the beginning there were weekly releases on Wednesday mornings, and it was exciting to read the notes. Sometimes it was a bunch of tweeks and fixes that added up to things being far more playable, other times it was actual new content. I remember the occasional event for the tomahawk up in High Pass. That was a wonderful zone since it involved travel.

    Many of us players have small characters. I have felt high pass was a great place to go for young players due to the foot travel required, and the commaradie one felt isolated from the masses of players. There was, and still is a real bonus to killing those gobbies in the basement.

    Some updates for young hunters, events and perhaps instances for high players up there with rare, and unusual quests perhaps only possible to fulfill to their maximum extent starting as a young character. The charm, or cultural armor come to mind as areas where special benefits might come from Highkeep.

    Anyway, I like the idea of weekly releases. Monthly releases are less interesting to me. I agree with many players that continual flow of existing releases in the form of fine tuning, but that the money releases sould be in perhaps twice/thrice yearly big punches. A nice 29 dollar release, and a 19 dollar release or two perhaps.

    Its time for Ratongas and Orcs to join our ranks. These are evolved animations that should not be difficult to add to the story line. Perhaps fairys or imps. Nothing would excite the game like a couple of new races would. They should have at least 2 special new abilities each so that they are just new animations of old skills. Orcs of course should be very strong, perhaps they could be like the Hulk, an amiation a warrior attains and keeps for say 3 hours, once every 4 days or so. more or less a significant raid period (and keep through death). Ratangas could be similar to this only their great skill would be say rogue/bardish but supperior to any existing race. These animations and abilities attained via a rather difficult quest, but doable by raiders and groupers alike. Of course there might be downsides. Later something could be done for healers, casters, hybrids and utility. This could unfold over a year perhaps. (Underfoot comes to mind, the laboratories etc might have accidents occur where such things could happen.)

    Recognize boxers, create a special triple gold account for them. Colaborate with one of the boxer utility program companies to help them work seamlessly and easily. Many 2 boxers, and one boxers might be seduced with proper promotion of this special account. And, some gold double silver boxers might upgrade too.

    All these are old ideas perhaps, but ones i have hoped would come into the game for years.

    Happy Hunting to all,

    Riveria, Enchantress, 600+ days played.
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  5. Smokn Augur

    We honestly just want yall to go back to releasing the whole expansion at once.... you said befor the top end raiders blow threw content but guess what we feel thats better then being forced to farm content over and over that we normally wouldnt of spent doing if we had the whole expansion at once......and thats exactly what your doing to us...6 months farming t1 raids because we dont have the 2nd half of the expansion we already paid for is bogus!!!!!! Even people that dont raid and only do group content are saying the same, they are bored because they dont have the content thats already been paid for and we are stuck just waiting around till you decide to give us what we already paid for so many months ago!!!!!!!!
  6. smash Augur

    maybe time to change that
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  7. Pukespot New Member

    If you're going to do this, PLEASE do not destroy the old zone and change it permanent. Nor change it to not allow low lvl people to be able to do their epic, quest whatever in that zone. Like others said, make another entrance or something to that effect and don't change it forever. That would be HORRIBLE! I find TONS and TONS of this to do in EQ still after years so I am not quite understanding why this needs to be done.
  8. stuermchen Elder

    CoTF is boring. A few instanced zones is neither quality nor cool - just boring. Besides having to redo them over and over again to get gear - some of the tank gear has lower AC than in RoF, most of the caster gear is worse than in RoF, a lot of gear for all classes is missing - and you call that "QUALITY" ???
  9. Oranges Augur

    the intermediate updates confuse ppl who play casually, just saying because I have seen this happen
  10. Yinla Augur

    If we are going ahead with the weekly & monthly updates, when can we expect them to start?
  11. Grundged Lorekeeper

    Just out of curiousity, how do you say his name, is it like it is spelled Thom, or does he go by Tom?
  12. Piestro Augur

    It's pronounced Tom.

    With the Erollisi stuff.
  13. Kandykiss Journeyman

    This.. Will CotF tier 2 be released at some point or we just gonna have weekly Easter Egg hunts around Plane of Growth?
  14. Kandykiss Journeyman

    ^^^ This. So much.
  15. Yinla Augur

    bah so the weekly stuff is only sticking around for 2 weeks, not permanent. :(
  16. Pirlo Augur

    Tell him we think he is a bit odd for having the silent H in his name.

    Also, I play a Necro and Berzerker and are not afraid of nerfs from him....
  17. Piestro Augur

    Depends on the stuff. There isn't a hard and fast rule on this. This stuff was appropriate to be time limited.
  18. Yinla Augur

    monthly stuff being pushed out the 3rd week of the month?
    Will there be weekly stuff the same week as the montly stuff or will it just get swallowed up by monthly?
  19. Yinla Augur

    1. Not sure where the 4 expansion updates comes from - RoF had 3, where is our 4th?
    2. What happened to the one update being supersized as an expansion?
    3. When are you planning on making CotF expansion matter?
    4. When can we expect to see the next part of CotF released? You know the expansion we have already paid for and only received a fraction of, I'm still in shock at only 4 zones.
    5. When will we get to improve our chars other than through gear?
    6. What was the nice set of rare items we would hardly believe that Thom spoke of?

    Yinla a dissatisfied customer
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  20. Lenowill Augur

    Just to be clear, this won't happen ever unless the coding staff devotes a ton of time to reworking the way EQ works on an underlying level.

    The original data structure of EQ game was set up in such a way that it only supports a maximum of 16 races and 16 classes. We're full up on both of those now.

    While I don't know the full technical intricacies of fixing a problem like that, my guess is that it's the coder's equivalent of picking a building up off its foundations in order to change the foundations completely.
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