Further response to the Tradeskill Depot issue

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  1. Achillez Elder

    1) Please name one tradeskill item that vendors for more than you buy the ingredients for. Last I recall, there was a massive effort put in the game several years ago to fix any tradeskill items that sold for more than the vendorable components. Many accounts were suspended that severely abused tradeskill/vendor profitable items before the effort to adjust the prices was made.

    2) The whole argument of "it's only 116pp per hour per player over the course of 6 months" assumes all 2000 people played 24 hours a day consistently farming plat at a rate of 116pp an hour across 4 expansions (with no downtime at all). This is no different then people who like to give the statistic "as a cigarette smoker, if you never started smoking - with the money you would have saved on cigarettes over the course of 10 years of not smoking, you would have the money to buy Lamborghini or house in cash!". While the math may add up when cutting things down into very small divisers - which at first glance seem completely reasonable, consistent implementation of these small divisers over a long period of time is not in the least bit practical when more closely examined.

    3) The ~40 billion plat was a number derived if you took the stated "2.2% initial tradeskill plat injection" number at face value, given a screenshot of 1 vendor selling 1 type of vendorable tradeskill item (~3,000,000 velium bars).

    As I've stated above
    3,000,000 velium bars * 250pp per bar = 750,000,000pp of duped plat injected into the economy from 1 tradeskill item type on 1 vendor.

    750,000,000pp * (100/2.2) = 34,090,909,090pp in economy prior, if this was the one and only plat injection, and 2.2% accurate.

    I am sure more than 1 vendor had more than 1 type of tradeskill item sold to them (blue diamonds, diamonds, rubies etc etc) so you would likely need to multiply that 34B number multiple times over to get the true number of plat that was duped in the economy, IF the 2.2% injection is accurate.
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  2. Dirkman Journeyman

    Can you give the raw plat numbers that 2.2% number comes from? The would help explain why your numbers are light years away from what we know to be true on the server.

    Raw plat before dupe=???
    Raw plat after dupe=???
    Raw plat after dupe cleanup=??

    I think these answers would help a ton
  3. Cazador New Member

    You dont have enough information at this point to decide whether or not to spend your time and money on eq? Deal with it or move on.
  4. Numiko Augur

    Meanwhile Krono's are now topping out at 800K+ in barter on Oakwynd as more people are coming out of the woodwork thinking they have gotten away with it.

    and banning the worst offenders means nothing, anyone with half a brain would not be using their main accounts to dup, they would make a new account, toss a krono on it to make it all access and use this throw away account to do the illegal activity. I'm willing to bet most of the perma banned accounts were less then a week or two old.
  5. Fluid Augur

    One obvious one that people use is ruined [bear, wolf, cat] skins/pelts + pattern. There are a few more but since I use them...
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  6. Bilbo Backpackens Journeyman

    This one only seems usable as far as players sell pelts to the vendors. I don't think any vendor sells unlimited ruined pelts, only the # of pelts sold to them.

    The real worry is vendors selling an unlimited supply of all components to a product that sell for more than its parts. Then the botters could easily automate buying, creating and selling the items for a profit, for forever.
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  7. Gialana Augur

    In this case, "dupe" is a nickname for duplicated meaning there was a bug that allowed people to duplicate items in an unintended way.
  8. Xianzu_Monk_Tunare Augur

    1) There are innumerable items made by tradeskills which sell for more than one the components sell for. The only thing that the Devs made any effort of removing are combines which consist of items which can be bought completely from vendors in unlimited supply resulting in an item which sold for more. That is what they removed. The items which require drops were not affected. And in the original game there are lots of such items, there are some in Kunark, Velious, and Luclin as well.

    2) In the first 6 months of a TLP there are far more than 2000 people playing at any point point in time. Further most of them make far more than 116 pp per hour on average of the time they are playing. As for your non sequitur into people talking about cigarette smokers I have no idea how you are trying to compare it.

    3) So you are basing a number off of a random screen shot which cannot be verified or even known to have actually happened.
  9. Fluid Augur

    Just a point of order/confession. :)

    We should mention "Barter" for when it gets in game. I think some people object to it because there is little difference between low ball buying items that can be used for profit from a player and a NPC.

    Most people use Barter for skill gain but it is also there if you want to make money. It may not even be a bad idea in some cases. For instance the tailoring thing. Set up a Barter vendor for pelts paying 2-3 times what a NPC gives and it would make things easier for people getting to the shard late.

    But I have made 20k pp in an hour or two just selling stuff I bought off vendors after trade skilling it. I saved it up for months so it wasn't instant cash. It is a nice perk that people don't like to do trade skills and vendor their raw materials!

    I have seen people using Barter to buy things at less then their NPC price. I still haven't figured out what was up with that. Things like offering 150pp for Blue Diamonds.
  10. Xianzu_Monk_Tunare Augur

    I missed this part when I originally read through your post.

    Literally, the only time which I can think of which might apply to what you are talking about is way way way back when Beta merchants were still in PoK and they accidentally appeared on live. People mass bought from them at their greatly reduced rates. Some people who greatly exploited that did get banned and suspended; but most people just got rolled back, which resulted in the first double xp event. But other that I cannot find another point where people were suspended for having "severely abused tradeskill/vendor profitable items."
  11. OldTimeEQ1 Augur

    Can the experts explain why Krono is close to 900 K PP now on Oakwynd?

    ? I have sold spider silk and spells from Sebilis and made 1.5 mil PP in the past 10 days.

    Where is/did the plat coming from?

    No, it's not the asinine "you can make millions of PP easily" answer. You know why? On no previous TLP has Krono been anywhere near a tenth of this in Luclin. Think for minute on that.

    So please be specific, and answer this.
  12. Dirkman Journeyman

    Its pretty simple really... Their claim of only a .22% increase in plat from the dupe, on oakwynd after cleanup, is very far off from the real number.

    The plat in circulation on Oakwynd went from about 1 billion to 15-17 billion after cleanup. So 15-17x increase due to duped plat.

    So far they have refused to acknowledge it or do anything to remove that plat. Even though the server is dying due to it.
  13. Joules_Bianchi A certain gnome

    also does "raw plat" include sandbagged offline plat on disused characters and accounts.

    The stored plat has zero impact on economy. MY question would be:

    Of all the plat that has actually moved in the last 6 months before the dupe, THAT quantity, what percentage has magically appeared since the dupe?

    Bet yer bippy it's more than 2%

    "Raw plat" is a red herring.
  14. Joules_Bianchi A certain gnome

    there are more Oakwynd tags on Mischief than I see on Oakwynd some days. Oakwynd already had it's problems. I think they want it to die and merge already.
  15. Dirkman Journeyman

    Oakwynds population has dropped from averaging 3100 a night pre dupe to 1300 people a night as of today.

    Before the dupe Oakwynds population was very similar to Mischiefs at the same time in the tlp cycle. But it has fallen off so bad because of the dupe and other issues it is now below Yelinaks population at the same time period in the tlp cycle.
  16. Windance Augur

    Just curious what you are using to get the number of players.