Further response to the Tradeskill Depot issue

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  1. Brazy Augur

    What should they do with the plat of people who sold krono for 2 million plat during the dupe?
  2. Oscig Elder

    Doesn't matter to me, I stopped playing. ;)
  3. Still surprised New Member

    How Daybreak can retain employees is beyond me. I can't even begin to imagine servicing the player base. Just a bunch of 40 year old millennials (who think they're smarter than everyone) complaining non stop about a 25 year old game. I sincerely feel for the employees.
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  4. Tarasqua New Member

    "How Daybreak can retain employees is beyond me. I can't even begin to imagine servicing the player base. Just a bunch of 40 year old millennials (who think they're smarter than everyone) complaining non stop about a 25 year old game. I sincerely feel for the employees."

    Have you actually tried getting some customer service from these guys in the last decade?
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  5. Tarasqua New Member

    How can they expect us to believe ANYTHING in the post when they claim they took immediate action and that is demonstrably untrue.
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  6. Minen New Member

    It's an unwinnable situation.

    It went on so long that I'm sure people were buying Krono to sell for plat just because the prices were going up so much and then all of those krono got horded, maybe mostly by accounts that ended up getting banned. Krono bought with real money deleted a few days later.

    If they went too hard, i'm sure that they'd have people asking for refunds for Krono they bought from the store.

    They had no choice but to leave much of the plat in the system because they couldn't get rid of it without punishing too many people.
  7. Numiko Augur

    I guess it just shows you the size of the dup if they stated almost 90% of the illegal currencies has been removed and yet there are still people running around with several 100M more plats now then they had before.
  8. Dirkman Journeyman

    Before the dupe Oakwynds economy was about 750 million to 1 billion in plat. I cannot say exactly how much plat was generated from the dupe. I can only give estimates based on the data I have gathered that about 100 billion was generated. If 90% of that was removed that would leave the economy at 11 billion in size which is 10x what it was before. This matches krono prices going from 40ishk to 500ishk.

    JChan can you please post in raw plat how much you think was on Oakwynd before the dupe, after the dupe, and after the cleanup. Percents really dont do much good.
  9. Anguisette Chaotic Evil

    I'm going to hazard a guess that people who think that reporting a bug or exploit in Discord is valid is the reason for the reminder on how to properly report an exploit. I made a report about the issue on 11/19 at 9:45am eastern U.S. time and had a private message from the cm less than an hour later asking me to clarify something. Maybe they do not watch Discord over weekends, but they do watch the exploit reports through the forums. The few times I've tried to tell an employee about a bug in Discord, I've been told bugs and such are only reported on the forums.
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  10. Raptorjesus5 Augur

    Even IF that was true... the perception of a problem is still a problem.
  11. Slasher Augur

    Exactly how do you come up with your data ? You do know they know can find out how much plat is on any server at any given time ? They have data you don't and there is simply no way your data is anything but a guess.
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  12. Unoneemoose Played since Beta. Seen it. Been there. Done that.

    This is why the Test server is the best server. The economy is all but a true socialist economy. Everyone shares what they have. Plat is but an after thought. Sure, ashatz try to jump start a capitalist economy there by attempting to sell goods on the broker, but at the end of the day, Plat on that server has no value. Heck, people who come to that server are given millions just to get their new toons started. all you have to do is ask in gen chat.

    If you need plat to enjoy the game, you're doing it wrong. plain. simple. period.
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  13. Ayoheee Augur

    I don't understand why you'd think continuing to gaslight the player base instead of apologizing is a good decision. You were slow to take action, reaaaally slow. Several days passed between the issue being reported and the issue being fixed. If this qualifies as immediate action, something broke down. Either your intake/processing of bug reports or comprehension of the word "immediate".

    A 0.22% increase in platinum results in a 900% Krono price increase. Either your data is comically wrong or we've found by far the most illiquid market in the history of markets, things like 1960's Rolexes, professional sports teams, and Canadian housing included!
  14. Xcelon Silverblade Paladin of Tallon Zek

    wow very nice glad to see this was fixed and the perpetrators banned.
    thank you!
  15. KushallaFV Playing EverQuest

    The Discord screenshot mentions a Bug Report forum post being deleted. Just shows that multiple avenues for communication were used but ignored.
  16. Samwen New Member

    Thank you for your efforts on our behalf. Some of us have some real trouble expressing appreciation, but ALL of us, even those individuals, appreciate you.

    Keep on keeping on, please. You are doing great. As you continue, you will get even better.

    Best -
    Account Number W/E
    Michael, who pays the bill
  17. TLPnotFTE New Member

    Forget the plat... lets talk $

    If I paid $ for bugged tradeskill depot expansion pack (and monthly sub)... then Darkpaw took away my tradeskill depot and my subscription access... do I have any recourse to get my $ back? Is it even safe to subscribe to this game or buy expansions anymore?
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  18. Anguisette Chaotic Evil

    Well if that person physically saw the post reporting such on the forums, then it still was not reported correctly as exploits are not supposed to be reported publicly. I'm not saying that action could not be taken based off whatever was posted publicly, but I have personal knowledge that when it is reported correctly it gets fast results. Maybe it pings a group directly, or some sort of protocol gets initiated. I just know Angeliana contacted me pretty fast on a weekend asking me to clarify my report.
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  19. Oscig Elder

    The method for reporting exploits is, quite frankly, ridiculous. There should be a simple page for submission, not some weird "report a post in the forum" method. It takes a few minutes to setup an HTML form + serverside code needed to forward it to an email.
  20. Angeliana Senior Community Manager

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