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Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Vykk, Sep 29, 2016.

  1. Vykk Lorekeeper

    Thanks for the patch fix for mounts, devs

    "The ability to summon and ride mounts is no longer disabled on pre-Luclin PC character models."

    It's been entertaining me for quite a while

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  2. Silinius Augur

    haha - that just looks like a dev was like..."hmmm ya know... F*ck it, just drop that model inside the other model and be done with it!"
  3. Absor Developer

    Well, actually, it's exactly what you are seeing that was the reason we didn't allow them to work before. Because the old models don't have any animations for riding horses, and many have terrible connection points.

    But just for you all, we decided that we could live with less then good looking animations if it made you happy.

    If you really don't like it, we can take that back out...

  4. Kyel Journeyman

    You are all wonderful people
  5. Vykk Lorekeeper

    I didn't mean to come off as sarcastic, I absolutely believe it's better this way and am happy it was changed because I'm a big fan of the classic models. A functional mount is better than no mount regardless of any goofy/funny side-effects so I am thankful for the fix. I just thought it was funny and wanted to share. Personally, I use skeleton illusion while on my horse and that looks fine.

    Besides, it's technically not an unrealistic look at all. Maybe the new lore is that the Stable Master requires advanced circus rider training before every purchase. Then we can all think of this as both a functional fix and a bonus addition to the Luclin lore introducing us to its circus-obsessed stable master:

  6. EQvet Elder

    Ya calm down absor, no need to threaten people! Lol
  7. Absor Developer

  8. Ryak Augur

    To be fair, the devs' standard experience with the community probably consists of 10% abuse, 40% complaining, 45% asking for things and 5% actual helpful behavior, so you can't really blame him for being trigger happy. :p

    Alternatively, it was a joke and you totally missed it!
  9. Ducreux Augur

    WTB ability to backstab from a mount.

    I sort of understand why I can't sneak/hide but I can't stab my dagger? C'mon.
  10. Vykk Lorekeeper

    C'mon, your stubby little arms can't reach mobs from an elevated position
  11. Beastro Augur

    I love it. It's hilarious and has a bit more appeal to me given my intense dislike of post-Velious graphics.

    Seeing my troll shammie standing like a rod bobbing back and forth as the mount runs will never get old.
  12. Silinius Augur

    Oh I knew that was the reason and I don't blame you one bit.. not complaining at all! The old model (while I use them because... nostalgia) were horrible with regard to movement animations. Back in the day, y'all were like.. holy s**t that looks terrible, no way are we putting that out. And I completely get the reason for not wanting to try and unravel that animation code just to make it look pretty. Plug those models in and be done with it!
  13. Epicus Journeyman

    This is the reason I only play humans on live. Humans can ride mounts without using the new models, which I cannot bare to look at.
  14. bodes Augur

    AOS is a guild that has a "server firsts" tab on their site yet so far in Luclin they've lost the race for Overfiend, Burrower, Itraer Vius, Shei Vinitras, Lord Seru, and Khati Sha. They're also way behind on VT keys so getting the first Aten is iffy. Just seems like they're falling on their face in this expansion and will fall apart before POP.
  15. pimenttoncheese Lorekeeper

  16. Adonhiram Augur

    Do not pay attention, one day it's Darkwind, the next day it's AoS, maybe tomorrow the next target will be FI. Who knows.
  17. Devour_AK New Member

    I have a history question. Why did the horse buff icon work with old models from Luclin until LoY as long as all new models were turned off? There is a debate in certain communities whether this was a bug, or whether players were intentionally allowed to use the horse buff with old models.
  18. Prathun Developer

    For a while you could have the mount buff without the mount NPC if you were using old models, allowing for the benefit of the mount's enhanced run speed without the drawback of the acceleration and deceleration associated with riding the mount.
    This was considered a bug/exploit by the team and so it was fixed.
  19. Beatboy New Member

    Why not just keep the run speed and the acceleration and deceleration without the mount graphic itself? Would that have been possible? It sure would look less stupid.
  20. qweasy Augur

    Should have fixed it the other way. Momentum in an MMO is absolutely horrible. Every mount should control at least as good as the Pal / SK mounts (why do they control differently anyway?)

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