Fun non-EQ gaming anecdote from #evildad

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    One of my many sons is a gamer, he plays online (LoL and other irellevant non-EQ-stuff).

    He has been suffering from terrible connections when gaming online for years. We have a 1 mbit line, and gives me a ping of 2 ms (*flex*).

    He has been resetting the router for years, screaming loudly at all times of day and night when lag killed him in his games, stomping around, etc etc (he is 13, very smart, gives very few fcks about anything that is not important to him. We discuss quantum physics and epistemology, he hates liberal snowflakes, etc etc. He is what you might call headstrong).

    Yesterday we uninstalled the VPN he has been running, that was encrypting his traffic, sending it to Canada, where it routed to the euro-servers where he plays, and back, the same way. Oh that, and the 30+ pieces of bloatware he had on his PC (a monster of a gaming machine). Yeah, he made his mom pay for a VPN so he could bypass country restrictions of streaming services...

    He has been ignoring my general advice for years, it took two of my nerd friends, one of which is an it security professional, to fix the situation. They where not gentle in their mockery of his installations :-D. (We are danes, humor is rough. Kids should be hardened... )

    Of course he now claims that the VPN only had been running for a few days, because it activated itself... But the stomping has stopped ;-)

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  2. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    The kids no best! they think. :)
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