Fun and different 2 box class combo's for Aradune

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  1. Jeggred Baenre New Member

    Looking for something a bit different to play and was curious to see people's suggestions. I was thinking a Enchanter-Necro duo might be fun or rogue-beastlord
  2. Kabshaak New Member

    Rogue Beastlord sounds like fun, but for Aradune you won't have Beastlord until Luclin (unless you don't mind the wait)

    I have always been meaning to try Shaman / Necromancer. Lots of DoTs from both. Pretty much all the utility you would need too - snare, slow, mez, pet tank, heals, FD

    If you get bored of pet tanking, you could try a root-rot approach with all the DoTs, or have the Necro kite
  3. Minpire Augur


    GO All In ! with 2 clerics!

    SHAM/NECRO was HOT for me atleast ( Not sure since revamp )

    its all narrowed down really untill BST thrown into mix
  4. KrayolaKrayons New Member

    Pally & necro is a good combo that is not very common. Bard and wiz is another interesting one, mana free mez, snare, fear, and bard speed, plus all the wizard perks like evac, ports. Starting off would be rough but mid to late levels could really tear stuff up if you learn how to do it.
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  5. Glow Augur

    Shaman main, cleric box.

    Shaman's are powerful and the cleric feeds it mana. Shaman can tank with slow and do sizeable damage with dots. Shaman can make both clarity. Cleric can pacify, and otherwise pull really well. Has access to all the good buffs so they'll be a tanky beefcake

    Double Shaman.

    Super strong, both able to heal one another, both able to debuff and get mob(s) slowed and rooted. Two sets of shaman dots will kill most mobs. Strong root rotting

    Shaman Necromancer

    Similar to double shaman. Can charm somewhat.

    Shaman druid.

    Similar to double shaman, can charm somewhat, snare makes life super easy. Can simply snare kite forever (druid snares everything, dont bother with root) Since shaman dots break root this is an easy way to reapply shaman dots without breaking root constantly.

    Mage Wizard

    Use an earth elemental and just blow everything the up.

    Ranger + Bard.

    A sort of weak combo, they will be very mobile, if the Ranger can get the sky bow it might be potent, bard can kite forever while ranger shoots. Ranger is actually a strong tank and decent dps at 50, bard slow and buffs + ranger tanking could probably do okay, if a tad slow. Ranger track + bard speed = very very fast tracking down of rares.

    Bard + enchanter.

    Bard pulls enchanter charms, bard keeps enchanters health topped and selos allows the enchanter to move around quickly and root and recharm. Something of a knife's edge composition but very strong and fun.

    Cleric + Rogue

    Cleric can pacify pull for easy pulls. Cleric is tanky with plate and has solid heals. Cleric can get aggro and probably keep it, especially on undead. Rogue is free to backstab. Probably the only chance to play a Rogue, + an easy way to force people to group with your rogue

    Double Druid

    Super safe, super murdery. You can stack dots on mobs without breaking them, Super safe with snare. Pull with double root and you can take on rooms of 4 pretty easy. Druid dots don't break root and are actually quite strong. Root everything, snare everything, dot everything, med. Might work?
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  6. sumnayin2 Augur

    Yeah, that 70+ revamp on Necro DoTs is gonna impact Aradune hard in 4 days
  7. Minpire Augur

    DIdn't even read patch notes, so not sure if sarcasm or not.
  8. Protagonist Augur

    The usual setup is:

    Main: Tunnel turd buying gear for alts over and over
    Box: One of 6 different alts constantly shuffling between "main" status, none of which make it past level 30.
  9. Raptorjesus5 Augur

    Was thinking of doing monk/bard or ranger/bard. Something that you can duo with but won't be a total cakewalk like monk/shaman or cleric/chanter.
  10. Tucoh Augur

    With only two slots for a 2box on Aradune it seems like you might be able to come up with workable but creative solutions for a 3box or 4box on Rizlona. There's just so many roles a group has to fulfill and some classes just do some of those roles better than others.

    Though it would be interesting to make a 2box that synergizes really well with very common teams out there. I don't know what that would look like, but I'm sure there are 2boxes that can duo well, but also provide really good pairing with enc/cle or sha/mnk.
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  11. Ultrazen Augur

    Anything + druid. Druid is almost always the correct answer to the 'what should the 2nd box be?' on a 2 box team.
  12. Tsar Journeyman

    Planning on running Shaman/Chanter myself. Easily 2 of the most powerful solo classes in the game, and having shammy slow frees up a spell slot for the chanter, which is a bigger deal than you think. Heals, regen, stuns, mez, charm. They are essentially a raid on their own, and there is almost nowhere they cannot grind constant red-yellow mobs while xping.
  13. WaitingforMoreEQ Augur


    Similar to Shaman+SK, provide slow+extra healing and dmg for the SK. But with one major upside starting in PoP. Bards get Fade which allows them to train through zones full of see invis with the SK then fade/FD, allowing the duo to just run from named to named in many zones.
  14. oldkracow Augur

    Enc + enc and you team up with a player that does cleric / cleric. :eek:
  15. Glow Augur

    I've done all 3 priest + enchanter and shaman enchanter was second strongest. It's a fair amount weaker in classic, and the lack of cheal hurts tbh, but the shaman becomes a beast at 60.
  16. Blastoff Elder

    Wizard bard is a ton of fun. Not many bards understand how important bard debuffs are to wizards, so it's really nice to have your own.
  17. Minpire Augur

    I would prefer the Clerics HoT + HoT Potion since they stack, i know in Luclin its nice / PoP its like 600 a tick X2

    + the lack of RES if you truely do risky stuff , waitting on someone else is Tons of DOWNTIME.
  18. Glow Augur

    Ain't nothing risky at max exp 60 with Torpor and a bind point in the zone =p.
  19. Warlain Lorekeeper

    I love Ranger / Shaman, I play the combo on most tlps that have come out. They have amazing synergy and after 35 the shaman pet helps with lots of things. The buffs all stack

    I also then create a Mage / Chanter on the accounts so once leveled you have options for alts

    Ranger / Mage on on account 1
    Shaman / Chanter on account 2

    Then you can log alts in and out once leveled and get buffs, or change the makeup for more options. Shaman / Mage is very strong for any named you cant handle on your ranger, but with slow thats just about only raid mobs until much later in the expansions

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