Fixed Internally Fullscreen mode lag after the patch

Discussion in 'Resolved' started by Iven, May 18, 2023.

  1. Iven Antonius Bayle

    Alt-tabing from one client fullscreen window to another does take exactly 4 seconds now. It was just one second before. That does limit boxing on a single computer as Alt-tabing in windowed mode is not easily possible at Windows 10.

    Same for Alt-Return when switching from windowed to fullscreen mode and vice versa.
    Same for activating an EQ client fullscreen window from the Windows desktop.
    Same for /camp desktop in fullscreen mode. 4 seconds lag before the client does get closed.
  2. Knifen Augur

    How so? Works amazingly fast for me faster than when I could do it in full screen hand down even before this change.
  3. Iven Antonius Bayle

    Are you using WIndows 10, Knifen ? I don't think so because in Windows 10 it is no longer possible to switch between two windows forth and back when more than two windows are open. The user has to cycle through all open windows or has to select it manually.
  4. Knifen Augur

    Yes even my work pc has Windows 10 Pro and it works just fine. If i have 3 windows up alt tab will toggle between the last 2 windows i toggled with, now if i tab all the way to a 3rd one for work then it will toggle between the oldest and the newest until i tab back between the 2 i want.

    So I would do alt tab, tab and that gets me back to where i was. If that makes sense.

    But alt tab for sure works.

    Lets say i have eq 1, eq 2, microsoft word.

    If i just hit alt tab it cycles between eq1 and eq2, if I go to word then it toggles between eq1 and word. If I hit alt tab tab im back with eq1 and eq2
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  5. Iven Antonius Bayle

    You are right, I think the problem is the Windows mouse support. I had put the Alt-Tab keystrokes as a macro onto a mouse button, where they do not work as intended. It had worked at Windows XP and 7 tho. For some reason there is no Alt-Tab option in the pulldown menue.

  6. Knifen Augur

    Ooo I had not thought of that, and I happen to have a spare key on my mouse. Might give that a try thanks.
  7. Iven Antonius Bayle

    Well, it is broken, but maybe you will find a way to get it work. :)
  8. Subpoena Journeyman

    I agree with OP, the lag is terrible in Fullscreen mode. I used to be able to alt-tab between clients instantly, now it's more like 5-6 seconds. Totally unacceptable for boxing current content.
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  9. Igorath-Bertox Elder

    Its the same with me for the lag. I was worried it was my computer as its an older one and I definitely don't have the $$$ to upgrade nor should I have too. The workaround for the new 'upgraded' windows is working but using everytime I load in or switch characters is annoying. Wallet is closed until it gets fixed or reverted.
  10. Cicelee Augur

    You should like the OP post, the more people like it then it gets put to the priority file
  11. Toppil New Member

    Definitely having the same issue here.
    I use a laptop and a desktop and true box 3 toons on each with ALT TAB in full screen mode. It is UNPLAYABLE the way it is now.

    There is also a way to fix windows 10 to go back to windows 7 Alt-Tab as you can tab through windows in order instead of just 2 windows.
  12. Toppil New Member

    But to be clear to my above post...I am having the current alt-tab issue and refuse to play in window I cant play at this point with the full screen lag between desktop/game.
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  13. Igorath-Bertox Elder

    Lucky you. I timed mine and with 2 clients and Firefox running I get a 9-10 second delay. And because of that I also got 5 deaths. Thats 40% of the penalty XP lost. I know just go earn more XP... like I was doing when I got killed 5 times. Better yet DBG should fire the poor excuses for programmers, devs, and anyone else who said this was okay to go live! It is supposed to be an upgrade not downgrade!
  14. MiataDriver Augur

    Yep, lag is pretty terrible when switching from full screen to windowed, about 6 seconds for me now.
  15. Iven Antonius Bayle

    Like Overseer, the lag seems to be correlated to the CPU speed. It is bad programming if that is the case. Better getting rid of the new UI instead of causing more issues to the game.

    Over the last five years we experienced that trying to bring such an old game up-to-date is causing more issues than benefits. Fullscreen mode and the gamma channel was already broken before; Overseer is broken (lag and an endless flood of agents that are causing more lag); class balance and integration; we had to change from XP to Windows 7 or newer, then to a 64 bit OS, what's next ? It is a long series of bad things since about 2018.
  16. Glaci New Member

    Same problem for me. Used to take less than a second to alt-tab in full screen between accounts, now it is taking 5 seconds. I can't two-box with that much lag. Please fix this as I really don't want to cancel my accounts!
  17. Zrasik New Member

    Yes! After the patch with the UI update, I can no longer ALT + TAB to my second account in the full screen mode instantly on the same computer. For me switch takes 5 seconds now. I thought the issue might have been a windows update or nvidia driver update, but I system restored and the problem continues.

    Running in windowed mode on both accounts does not have this problem, but I don't like to play in windowed mode because the gamma gets messed up and UI windows don't fit the same. I prefer to play in full screen mode.
  18. Spliskin Journeyman

    Terrible lag. Please fix or I too will be leaving unfortunately after over 24 years in EQ.
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  19. Qimble Augur

    Another person chiming in saying the delay tabbing back into fullscreen is awful. It's so bad I finally just bit the bullet and switched to windowed mode. I refuse to try and do this expansions raids without tabbing out for those unfortunately large portions of downtime mid-event, and the large delay while tabbing back in isn't compatible with some event mechanics.
  20. Ryanald New Member

    I will be cancelling 3 of my accounts if the FS alt-tab lag isn't solved soon.
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