Fixed Internally Full screen window minimizes with multiple displays

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Scargar, May 15, 2024.

  1. Scargar New Member

    I sent in a ticket. I don't play in window mode. I need to be able to use my second monitor with out EQ crashing to window mode and messing my UI placements. I like to use my second monitor for watching movies while grinding and using Alla and EQ Resource while questing. Fix it!!
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  2. Shalom Quillmane Bane

    I am unable to get Magic Borderless to work. It hides the title bar for an instant and then it comes right back. I was running it outside of steam. I even tried running it IN steam same thing.

    They really need to fix this, I've been stressing over it for the last 3 hours. My wife is laughing saying its such a minor thing but ITS NOT. I want to be immersed and seeing a stupid white border ruins that immersion for me.

    Sure you can go in fullscreen mode but the minute you click outside the game it minimizes it. Like WHAT THE F
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  3. Greig New Member

    Yea, I play in full screen mode, and its broken too where it minimizes the game. Before this patch we were able to play in full screen mode and use your other monitor. We are in 2024, we should be able to play in full screen and click on another monitor without the window minimizing. Please revert the settings back to before the patch. It may be minor for some but use for others. All my friends are like "just play in windowed mode". No, i want to play like I have been (full screen mode without game minimizing when i click the other monitor).
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  4. Snoogadooch Lorekeeper

    How is this not a bigger issue / thread? Do people really play with the windows border and task bar around the game? Id switch to full screen, but cannot get overlap of other screen elements. Full screen minimizes to taskbar when the cursor is near edges anyway.

    Im getting really tired of janky work arounds and editing system files just to get basic functionality out of this UI / display. This is even after disabling all the new stuff as quickly as possible. Going to really attract new players with a game that cannot be in windowless full screen whatsoever. This is insane.
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  5. Greig New Member

    Any word on this? It has been a month and a half since this issue, and it still exists. Pre that mid may patch you were able to play in full screen mode and click your other monitor without the game minimizing, now anything we click the other monitor game minimizes. Will there be a fix to this or does EQ not care about full screen players? I've almost died twice now when I'm playing, I guess I accidently clicked the other monitor, and it minimized the game mid fight. It worked flawless for the past 6 months when I returned to the game being able to play full screen mode and using other monitor, so I know the capabilities is there for this to happen, why did this Mid-May patch break that and no fix has occurred?

    It is nice to listen to music and utilizing Allakazam while questing/exp grind, but now we are handcuffed and can't utilize our 2nd monitor.
  6. Greig New Member

    Sorry, it looks like the response posted twice.
  7. Cairbrae Developer

    This should be fixed on Test server with the July update.