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  1. Silv Augur

    TIER 2 CLEARED & into T3!

    Now, FU wants YOU for TIER 3!!!
    --CLERICS x1
    --SHAMAN x1
    --BARDS x1-2
    --WIZARDS x1-2
    --ZERKERS x1

    --and of course, exceptional players are always encouraged to inquire on openings for all classes!

    FWO is a raiding guild on the Bristlebane server currently working on TBM raid progression. We raid Sun 730 EST - 11 PM, Mon/Tue 8 EST - 11 PM, and every other Wednesday 8 EST - 11 PM. Wednesdays are usually completely dropped once the expansion is on farm.

    Tier 2 is officially down and on farm status. We also clear T1: VnV, Lady of Life, and WnD. We do pre-cleared Hate for Maestro/Inny and Fear for Draco/Golems every week as well for quick l00ts. Next week we will begin working on T3 as well as getting down Damsel of Decay and Cazic Thule. Come finish off the expansion with us!

    We utilize a merit-based loot system which looks at need, attendance, and performance. Our members are very satisfied with the system compared to other guilds where DKP is standard!

    Good attendance is expected but we won't ever raid at crazy times or random days and completely support that real life>EQ. Add. req.: Lv 105, intelligent AA, Ventrilo (mic not required), in-game ATs OR GINA, and non-slack. Super gear isn't necessary but please demonstrate you've put effort into your character (augs, progression, etc.). Be willing to accept and implement feedback on your class AND attitude if you want to be successful. App period is usually a few weeks, extended if low attendance.

    Outside of raids we have a great team of solid players willing to help with progression, achievements, old content, etc. Bristlebane is also a very healthy server with a great playerbase in general so if you're server transferring know you're coming to an awesome and active community.

    For more info you can check our website at www.fuworldorder.net/ or contact one of the following in game via /tell or ;t bristle.:


    Updated: 22Feb16
  2. Silv Augur


    Looking for +1 Bard! (Please understand both MELEE and CASTER ADPS)

    (as well as Clr, War, Wiz, Zerk in original post!)
  3. Silv Augur

    First T2 event down with the others expected to fall shortly~!


    Edit: Looking for CLR, WIZ, Zerk, BRD, BST.
  4. Silv Augur

    Update: Stem the Tides, Emollious, and Grummus all from T2 TBM down now!

    Still recruiting! See OP for openings. High priority for Wizards / Clerics.
  5. Silv Augur

    All Tier 2 down now! Grannus finally hit the floor. Main post updated for recruitment.

    Here is this completely legit picture showing our accomplishments:

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  6. MrMajestykx Augur

    well grats !!!!
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  7. Silv Augur

    T3 - High Bokon Boromas down tonight.

    Join up with us now as we finish the expansion!

    See main post for needed classes (updated).