FU wants YOU! Fu World Order - Bristle raiding guild

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  1. Toomba Elder

  2. Toomba Elder

    Our raid schedule is Sunday (730 - 11 EST) and Monday/Tuesday (8 - 11 EST). That's just 9 (or less) hours a week. If limited time content is out we may add/adjust the schedule to accommodate that (e.g. Anniversary raid, HH raid).

    In-game contacts : Jadenpain, Silv, Ginsberg, Pokeit

    Our new additions have been excellent, open to more excellence...high dps players plz inquire within, sk’s and rangers need not apply.
  3. Toomba Elder

    Looking to add a Paladin and 2 Beastlords.

    Will be highly interested in beastlords thru March
  4. EnchFWO Augur

    Just downed Drusella's Vault (ROS T2.2) and working on finishing up Tier 2. Still need exceptional players as we move towards Tier 3!

    PAL & BST are in demand and of course exceptional players of other classes may always inquire. Cheers!


    Silv, Jadenpain, Ginsberg/Winterjoy
  5. EnchFWO Augur

    The Sathir Line (T2.3) down as of last night! Come join us as we make the push to T3!

    Mainly could use PAL right now but potentially open to others.


    Silv, Jadenpain, Ginsberg/Winterjoy
  6. EnchFWO Augur

    T3.1 down tonight - Hoshkar - Come join us as we finish off T3!

    Planning for T3 to be completely down ASAP. Perfect time for new members as raid diamonds are going to apps regularly if you're a little behind.

    Mainly could use Dru, Zerkers and BST right now to even out the roster! Exceptional welcome to inquire.



    Silv, Jadenpain
  7. Pokeit New Member

  8. Toomba Elder

    Dru, Ber, Beasts and 1 talented Warrior.

    We run a full raid with 5 or so swapping from bench.

    A quality Warrior with some raid gear and 20k+ aa will not have to sit, unless RL requires them to.

    A Ber and Beast can join and be worked with to get them into raid form.

    A Druid with all heal aa’s plz.

    Looking forward to seeing you : )

    Contacts : Silv, Jadenpain
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  10. Sindaiann Augur

    Pokeit tells you, "Come play with us!"

    My first thought

  11. Toomba Elder

    Beastlord : a spot has been open for one of you guys

    Necro : Shaman - would like one of each

    Maybe a warrior, raid ready player.

  12. Toomba Elder

  13. Jadenpain Scholar

    You keep forgetting druid ~ we need one more full time druid !
  14. Toomba Elder

    Druid, Necro, Shaman

    In that order ^

    One of each.

    All others are encouraged to talk with Jadenpain.
  15. Toomba Elder

    In addition, i just want to reach out and relate to players....i know most people looking for a raid guild may end up somewhere and say to themselves “eq is dead, this server is dead, this raid guild i joined is dead”

    I promise you, bristlebane is EQ! We have 3 very strong, active guilds with active forums.

    We fill raids entirely and look to add quality players that want a community as well as a raid situation.

    Choose Bristlebane
  16. Toomba Elder

  17. Toomba Elder

    Druid and Necro can make a smooth transition with us.

    FuWorldOrder is a Non-Dkp guild..

    We raid Sun, Mon, Tues 7:30 - 11 est.

    Loot is based on raid attendance and last time looted.

    Most importantly, we’re looking for long-term players who are done with the dkp system.
    We are after the players that want a community as much as a hardcore raid spot.
    DKP can be a lonely cut-throat situation where your barked at and treated like a dog.

    We all beat end-game. We all get fully geared.

    We have a spot for a Druid, Necro, and Shaman...and always consider great Zerks, Clers, Wars
  18. Bigstomp Augur

    Come to Bristle. While we compete all the major raid guilds on the server have a fairly healthy relationship.
  19. Toomba Elder

  20. Quiliue New Member

    Check us out in RoS 2.2! Not the cleanest clear, but effective nonetheless! :)