FTE a heaping pile of ....

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    I appreciate the feed back , helps them fix it and refine it even further.
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    Many things are difficult to figure on the video like is the mob grey to you do you have ds on you which would make it easier to keep at aggro specially if your cleric is well below you on level. Second we don't know if the behavior of the mobs would be different if your 3 characters were already all group instead of having some out of the group so it could be very different with different variables. Also we don't know the radius of the mobs specially if there's a large gap in level so lots of testing on different thing to make a conclusion. I'm glad that we know for sure that the guards will at least kill the mobs that come close.
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    IMHO, the actual bugs I saw in the video was the faction "work around" and the ability to drop or join a group while engaged. I wonder, though, if the faction one would be possible with an enchanter charm except that particular mob is a giant and giants can't be charmed. But still, the trade should be rejected on the basis of faction, not just indifference, so it is a bug. Dropping a group while engaged shouldn't be allowed. I guess I played on EQ2 too long and thought that was always a thing even in EQ. Too many ways to exploit even without FTE with dropping while engaged.

    It always has been possible for someone to 'run off' mobs for someone else to go through an area. Yes, with current FTE that was possible while the mobs were returning to their spawn points but would that have been different if your monk had pulled the mobs away from the hall and feigned and your warrior run through before they got back there?

    With social agro (what you called mobs helping each other?), that's always been the case with mob splitting by feigning. If you get up while still within their agro radius or on their hate list, they will rush back to you same with if they're within that range of each other. I'm glad to see it's working like it does on Live. There might be a slightly longer time they still hate you with the encounter lock, but it didn't look like you could have split that on Live either doing the same thing.
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    To potentially "fix" the quest turn in cheat, they will need to set the faction to dubious instead of indifferent for greyed out mobs. Or more likely a better fix will be to create a new faction rating that does not allow interaction with mobs in that state and set greyed out mobs to that new faction setting.

    Just more work being created due to trying to fit a square peg (FTE) into a round hole (EQ).

    By the way, this onion layers of issues they are uncovering by forcing in FTE makes me think of this video.

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    Those are minor issues , in fact the faction one can be done on live in various forms .. IE Invis. I like the idea of a new status for either resetting , invis and the other various ways to do it.

    I agree , it needs to fixed for all servers .

    I added all the ways available to do it on TLE as well for live and used the suggestion you provided! This is the kind of feedback the devs need :p
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    So many doomers these days....

    There is a reason its called TEST SERVER guys....
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    You do realize this is going to Oakwynd next Weds right? In all it's buggy exploitable pretty much solves nothing glory.
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    I have mixed feelings.. like no, just stop it and go back to releasing EQ servers and not WoW/EQ2 servers


    Let it suck and fall flat on it's face and be the DoA server.

    Maybe then, they will go back to developing Everquest.
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    one of my favorite lines in all comedy-


    Man: What?
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    Man: I was looking for an argument.
    Angry man: Oh, that's room 3A, down the hall. This is abuse.

    (From Monty Python's classic "Argument Clinic" sketch.)
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    It's a fair cop
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    Lost in EverQuest, Sunk cost fallacy consumes, Freedom lies outside.

    chatgpt telling people to touch grass
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    Lives on Reddit. Thinks Internet is RL. Silly parrot.

    You’re a sheep harry!
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    ....of unicorn poop? :D
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    Is it confirmed officially its going to be released in this current state?
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    Literally none of those posts state it will launch "in its current state." And considering the devs are still working on it, I doubt it will launch in its current state.

    The posts say it will launch in May 24th. That's it. It's amazing how you posted so confidentially wrong.
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    Just wanted to correct myself, that statement was old information. They are paid quite poorly now, entry level at least.
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    Yeah, same question here.
    I have no issue with FTE itself. I am currently playing another MMO and that's typical for most. Of course, in other games - the mob gets locked to the puller/pullers group and IGNORES everything else until it's dead or fully resets. Why can't it work simple like that? Why all the complexity?

    The idea that someone can lock mobs and then FD - leaving others with no options but to flee or FD isn't something that I would look forward to. Nor is out of group healing messing with the encounter locks a 'fun' sounding thing either.

    Say whatever - but it's habit to toss a heal on people who might really need one. I don't want to be punished by FTE for doing that.

    I feel like if I played on this server, I best play a Monk, Necro or SK so I can FD also to avoid what will obviously happen.