FTE a heaping pile of ....

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  1. Kazzuk Elder

    Ahh, you have caught onto the NPC union exploiting the FTE bugs... NPCs around Norrath are tired of being abused and murdered for their hard earned loot and are using the broken mechanics of FTE to prevent this blatant abuse by the players of EQ and granting each other virtual immortality as the entire dungeon turns grey to players around the world!
  2. BigShackSal New Member

    A buddy and I were discussing this yesterday - neither of us have tested anything. We're just the recycle the fun of classic EQ subs.

    There are so many mechanics that affect aggro in this game and it seems those are causing issues like we would expect.

    What about like in the newbie zones... if you aggro a mob and run it to the NPC guard... does the lock apply to the guard?

    I've about decided I really don't want to pay a sub to be part of a grand experiment that ruins the most fun part of new servers for me. Really hope this is resolved or scrapped.
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  3. brickz Augur

    currently on test the guards don't do anything and let you die to the mob
  4. BigShackSal New Member

    Well that settles that. I'll keep checking back as times goes on, but I think I'll pass this year.
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  5. birdsong_pawn Augur

    I knew it -- the latest AI tech has migrated to NPCs in Everquest. In order to have a fighting chance, we must find Neo, and we must make sure that Sarah Connor survives.
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  6. GRACUS Elder

    Mischief won't be killed that's like saying Mangler was killed when they dropped Aradune, guess what Mangler still had a healthy population.
  7. Angry Totodile New Member

    Someone needs to be fired for suggesting FTE and who ever coded it YIKES
  8. Lawyer Augur

    Nothing to see here, people. Everything is working just fine!
  9. Domniatric Augur

    I am not advocating or denouncing FTE but, I am rather amused that guards not defending players is the straw that broke the camel's back in your decision. o_O Um...how long you did you plan on being in freeport running those pesky mobs to guards to save the day?
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  10. BigShackSal New Member

    Well, like everything there is eventually a single straw that will break the camels back. Not the last straws fault, it's just the one that happened to fall at the time.

    Realistically, that specific thing was enough to convince me that the FTE system has broken things which will have an impact on the game from the very beginning. I might be willing to play the wait and see game if the issues didn't materialize until later in the game as it will take a few weeks for me to get to that point anyway. However, the list of concerns I had - like aggro associated with OOG healing... certain pulling mechanics and pets to name a few - have already been listed as problematic by people on the test server.

    The idea of a higher level roaming mob chain smoking lowbies with nothing to stop them? It just seems like FTE is a frustrating mechanic I'd have to deal with right off the bat and for however long until they figure it out.
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  11. Dagud New Member

    “currently on test the guards don't do anything and let you die to the mob”

    Might actually be worth playing a halfling again, if Deputy Budo's kill-stealing antics have finally been laid to rest ... I suspect this was the REAL reason for FTE ...
  12. jeskola pheerie

  13. Fuzzbutt Elder

    played around with it on test and it is truly an inconvenience, enough so that i dont feel like playing until it is gone
  14. Xerzist Augur

    *froglok pops, locks, and drops it* - unable to attack this f0kkin froglok, m8
    *50 frogloks which are unattackable pop, lock, and drop it on yer face* there is word for this....
    *inserts GINA trigger to let me know when to be triggered*
    *inserts GINA trigger to let me know when PC is thrown out the window just so I can hear it before it explodes on the ground*
  15. xxar Augur

    God , I hope they encrypt the backend of the game next and remove the ability to M Q !
  16. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    Literally against the forum rules to say this.
  17. Doranur_Aleguzzler Filthy Casual™

    That's been tossed around in my guild. It may be worth having even broken, for the hilarity that would ensue.
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  18. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    As in "How to NOT do a TLP - film at 11".
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  19. Obliteration Elder

    Anyone who is actually good at the game will be fine with whatever additions are added and they will know exactly what I mean as well.

    looking forward to this years traditional tlp server with added unlock bonuses and fte
  20. Cicelee Augur

    One can say the same thing about the 179 threads and 34,673 posts from the anti FTE community.

    And yet here we are.