Frozen Skeleton Mercenary

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    I always fancied this merc, npc in POK.

    Is there a way to still get it now LON no more?

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    A more complete reply that isn't me talking about me and what I have for half of the post ...

    Yes, it is still possible. You need to collect 3 prizes as follows:

    1 x Prize: Plagued Skull Fragment Pack (Familiar Slot)
    1 x Prize: Path of Skulls Pack (Nimbus Slot)
    1 x Skull / Bone Ornament (Ornament Slot), i.e., any one of the following:
    -- Prize: Axe of BonesOrnament Pack
    -- Prize: Clawed Skull Ornament Pack
    -- Prize: Dagger of Skulls Ornament Pack
    -- Prize: Great Blade of Bones Ornament Pack
    -- Prize: Hammer of BonesOrnament Pack
    -- Prize: Spear of Bones Ornament Pack
    -- Prize: Staff of Bones Ornament Pack

    All of these were part of the "Travellers" LoN expansion, which is now a part of the Legend of the Storm Break loot box (which is currently active).

    Be careful about "hiring" your frozen skelly merc into a slot that you have paid for a "merc name" from the daybreak store. In that case the merc will take the chosen name and not the "Frozen Skeleton of the Cursed" name that you might be expecting.
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