Frozen Skeleton Merc

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by LadyQuake, Feb 22, 2019.

  1. LadyQuake Lorekeeper

    In POK is a person that you can get the Frozen Skeleton Merc from. I know it started when the Lodn cards were about, and getting some prize cards from travelers pack i think it was..

    Does this still work, is there another way to get this merc?
    From the olden days I got the frozen covered gem and staff of bones pack.

    As ldon have stopped is there another way to get the parts? or are there other parts now for the quest? that merc looks good.

  2. Scornfire The Nimbus Prince

    Yep, the prizes will give you a "Pack" with the prize and the corresponding component for the Skelly merc turnin

    You'll need a plagued skull fragment and a path of skulls nimbus to finish
  3. YellowBelly Augur

    It would be nice if we could acquire this easier now that LoN is gone.
  4. CatsPaws I post to encourage others to post

    The only way to get this now is:

    #1 You already have all 3 items
    #2 You purchase LON cards from the Marketplace and get one of the items as the prize - you still have to collect the others.
    #3 You purchase the prize card from another player - warning these are way over 2 krono if you can find them. Most players hold out so they can get the merc.
    #4 set up a barter to purchase at a super low price and luck out.

    Frost covered gem is the easiest to get and those prize packs were given out a lot and usually sell in baz fairly often but expect to still pay a lot.
    The other two items are not sold often in in never.

    When I say stuff sells in the baz I do not mean the original LON cards - I am talking about the ones you get now as prizes from the marketplace but those will still make up the ones you need.