From then to now, differences you remember

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  1. SmoochyOfWolfington Augur

    Well any of you who have read my previous posts will know how I feel about this topic. I've read them all here, but wont be remembering what each and everyone said so I will give my thoughts on the matter.

    -As others have mentioned certain old areas were the Bazaar and you would lag as you do (at least to some extent) in the Bazaar. People would come from around the lands to barter with one another and even duel. I am not sure if they duel in the now Bazaar or not. But these old places were something like a family outing on a Sunday. ^^!

    -Money weighed something back then. If you carried too much coin it would slow you down and you had to drop it off at the bank or the very least change it into bigger coins that weighed less.

    -Sense Heading and dropping your sword down to gauge direction was an actual thing. My old Kunark guide said cloud movement was also an indicator. Now Sense Heading starts maxed and worse still they give you a compass and a map.

    -Exploration was something you did since the game did not give you a map. Sure you could go to third party sites, but even the info there was not always, at least in the beginning, all knowing. Now people are too tempted to just do it the easy way and that breaks immersion to me.

    -People used to actually roleplay back in the day, even if only quick spasms of it. Maybe some still do, but not to the same extent. I still bow to random strangers or "growl" depending on my character. I will kiss the hand of a fair maiden if one happens by. ^^! And yes I do play my character, it is not just some random toon running around trying to power level.

    -The old gear took a long time to earn and even if it was not all that great, it was a marked improvement and made you feel good by earning it yourself. Now you can basically start with it and throw it away as something is just over the quick and easy horizon to replace it, some times at no cost.

    -The old zones in general. They were just so much fun to be had. Now everyone rushes off or starts in the newer zones. They are only a shadow of their former selves. Ghost towns really.

    -Races and classes were unique and demanded time and effort. Not that they are not now, but not like it once was. Too many classes have been either nerfed or raised up to match the other classes. PoP books replaced the need for certain classes to teleport. The nerfing of corpse running made Necros less needed and the nerfing for penalties of death made Clerics less in demand, at least in part to what was expected of them to begin with. Rangers were really needed to have a safe journey across dangerous lands. Rogues for dungeons. You picked that dumb ugly Ogre because of his immunity to physical frontal stun or that Troll for it's regen and suffered in other ways like less factions who were favorable to you and EXP penalties, but now you can get by with picking a different race and have basically the same perks either through AA or items. Humans were basically loved or at least tolerated by all, but were basically blind. ^^!

    -I might add more later. ^^!
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  2. svann Augur

    printing out maps
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  3. SmoochyOfWolfington Augur

    Actually trying to talk to each and every NPC and trying to guess the correct phrase or key word to continue the conversation. Now they just give you clickables. Much like Interactive Fiction it loses that feeling of immersion. Granted EQ could of been made better to respond to wrong answers, instead of them just standing there staring at you like you are an idiot. ^^!
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  4. Idget Lorekeeper

    Thanks all that posted, good stuff. Some of it I had totally forgot about.
  5. Pawtato Augur

    Sounds sad, but feeling a sense of achievement every 4 levels to get that next set of spells. It used to make me feel so powerful.

    Desert mad men were definitely the noob slayers.
  6. Sheebea Lorekeeper

    Tiger Inn, Jade Inn? Used by the evil races for trading in N.Freeport, by the bank. I remember getting there using the sewer.
  7. Sheebea Lorekeeper

    Back in the days when you were naked after a death. All you posessions are on the corpse.Spent may a late night on a CR.
  8. Sheebea Lorekeeper

    Did you bind after traveling to the other city? Seems to me I had forgotten to do that once. "sow please"
  9. svann Augur

    I remember people shouting in north freeport
    "Did someone just find a bag of gear? I just set it down then logged over and now its gone"

    Not sure if it was always the NPCs but they did pickup bags if they pathed near.
  10. Sheebea Lorekeeper

    Adding every item, one at a time, for Tradeskill combines.
    SHD and NEC needed to summon corpses.
    Fear Kiting.
    "Taxi" channel.
    Guild meetings in Commonlands tunnel.
    I was fell asleep raiding Hate.My toon was stuck there for nearly two weeks before a group was there. I took a tl. Now we get Origin @ lvl 5
    "Bring back North Freeport!!"
  11. SmoochyOfWolfington Augur

    Yes indeed. In fact since I have still been using my old Kunark guide, I was expecting my Druid spells to come every four or five levels. Apparently they come almost every level now, at least at low levels anyway. ^^!

    I remember reading about that, but since I had never played an evil race, minus Iskar and I did not really consider them evil, just hated by everyone, I never bothered in trying to find such a place to meet up at. Were Iskars able to go there as well or NPCs really did not like Iskars, even in the back alleys so to speak?

    Now I do remember talk of having to give all your earnings of the grouping to a member or two of good standing in the area so they could waltz into town and sell everything and you hoped and prayed they would come back and give you your share. ^^! Had anyone ever had it where they ditched you and kept all your valuables and or money?
  12. Dracolindus Journeyman

    Luckily my friends weren't the noob I was.
  13. Angahran Augur

    Imagine telling someone back ten years that mobs would be hitting them to 200k+

    We can still die in one round, so some things don't change, but it does seem that it's actually easier to die in one round than it used to be.
  14. Angahran Augur

    Trying to find someone to trade regular bronze for small bronze so you could walk :p
  15. MyShadower Newer Than Newest Member

    I started in Greater Faydark and stayed on the continent for so long. I remember when I first felt comfortable enough and had printed out all the available maps to get on a boat in the Butcher Block Mountains and go see the world. Always checking my loc and verifying I knew where I was on the map.

    Hugging zone walls and conning EVERYTHING within sight.

    The feeling of my first run through Kithicor and making sure I would not get caught there at night. Getting confident enough to get a group on a regular basis near the zone line in High Pass and later being able to confidently find my way to the goblin area for groups.

    Trying to help a rogue friend find his corpse in Timorous Deep after he accidentally fell off the boat and drowned after he could not find his way back to a shore.

    It all seems silly now but back then they felt like accomplishing something.

    That feeling of not knowing or feeling like you need to be cautious is definitely long gone.

    I really miss how pickup groups were a big part of the game.
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  16. SmoochyOfWolfington Augur

    After researching this I rediscovered it was actually Pizza Hut. However one would assume, especially now with what is going on with Corona, that Grub Hub (for more meal options) or another entity like it would make it's way into the game. I wonder if you could pay for your food with a Krono and they would come dressed up in full regalia complete with elf ears... Of course with cell phones and all the apps it does not make as much sense as it once did (if it ever did), but I would pay extra for a cosplayer to deliver my food. ^^!