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Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by LDEffectsMe, Feb 23, 2020.

  1. LDEffectsMe Augur

    I just unlocked Hero's Forge on my first Froglok. I've noticed that for some reason on Frogloks, the legs include basically a loincloth that is supposed to be the material of the armor they're wearing. The bug I've noticed (I'm hoping is a bug) is that the loincloth doesn't even change tints depending on what Hero's Forge armor you're wearing. Even dying that slot with the Prismatic Dye makes it revert back to colorless when you equip Hero's Forge armor.

    The loincloth looks terrible in default colors when you wear anything but the default Hero's Forge armor or the Ebon set.

    I know it would require a bit of coding, but couldn't you just change the Froglok Hero's Forge in the same way you did Erudites and High Elves? Make that loincloth go away entirely and have them put on actual pants that match the Hero's Forge look, like how Frogloks in EQ2 don't wear loincloths constantly?

    For me, one of the appeals of this system with other races is removing the racial bits, like the Erudite skirts that males had. Without any insider knowledge, I don't see why this couldn't be done for the Frogloks.
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  2. Duder Augur

    Do they even need a loin cloth? At the least lets see a thong for style!
  3. LDEffectsMe Augur

    I wouldn't mind the loincloth even, if there was a new Hero's Forge plate, scalemail, leather, chain, etc.. look to the loincloth that actually matched the armor.

    I just discovered last night, too, that ALL cloth and leather appearances literally use the naked froglok loincloth and it looks terrible. It matches nothing. :(

    It would be best if Daybreak could get rid of the loincloth altogether, but can't they at least make a Hero's Forge one that matches the default armor types?
  4. Koryu Augur

    If they get rid of the loincloth, there's nothing underneath. It would look weird leaving that area completely exposed, even without genitalia, and I doubt that there'll be enough interest generated to get art/modeling to update the pants designs of over 200 Hero's Forge sets just for Frogs.

    I thought this thread was going to be about the weird way that HF helmets stretch for Frogs (and usually look awful), or how basically all HF bracers clip through shields, or how HF boots bounce/clip through Frog feet during idle animations.
  5. LDEffectsMe Augur

    I could be mistaken, but I think the way Hero's Forge works is the armor is designed to stretch over the existing skeletons. I *think* all they would need to do is hide the loincloths like they do with Erudite/High Elf skirts and let Hero's Forge pants stretch over those currently exposed areas, like they do on every other Race. I believe that once they did the work to change the skeleton overlay for Hero's Forge, it would update every Hero's Forge set for that Race. At least that's the way it seems to be designed with how it works for every other Race... They just left a gap on Frogloks for some reason instead of connecting them. And it has another negative side effect of hiding decorative bits on the pants of most sets.
  6. MasterMagnus Augur

    This is actually not the case. They don't have anyone who would do this level of complexity modeling, they may have someone capable but they don't do changes like that to those models any longer.

    The reason for the loincloth is so you don't lose the leg textures entirely. The frog legs don't match any of the other models proportionally (and skeleton/armature beneath) and it's a crazy chore to stretch and pull textures around to work. Which would look awful in the end.

    The loincloth is a flat rectangle, super easy to throw the pants texture on, and at least have it represented. It's smaller than full pants, so the texture looks better, not stretched and weird.

    Probably never their first choice, but it's how they will always look I'm willing to bet.
  7. LDEffectsMe Augur

    So, if that is the case, would it be unreasonable or beyond doing to make a Hero's Forge version of the loincloth that matches the default cloth/leather/chain/plate armor that you get for free when you unlock Hero's Forge? The Luclin loincloth is the problem... And 90% of the "problem" is that it doesn't change tints to match the armor you're wearing. If I put on a Viridian set, it's the same base gray/black that it is on the white armor.
  8. MasterMagnus Augur

    hmmm. The tinting is a separate issue, and may be a bug as you describe.

    What the loincloth looks like is a texture issue and is, in theory, simple and something they are quite capable of.

    Wait, I misunderstood, I think. The tinting of some items is controlled by the old DYE system. And only matches what you set and save for your dye. Hero's forge armor is all texture and no 'dye/tint' information.

    So if you have a dye-able thing on legs and hero's forge on top, the legs don't change to anything but you going in and explicitly dyeing them. Which would not be a bug.

    Is your scenario different? Am I misunderstanding?
  9. LDEffectsMe Augur

    If you set a dye color to your leg slot, then equip Hero's Forge pants, it changes the dye back to nothing at all as long as the Hero's Forge item is equipped.
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