Friendly Competiton vs Being a Donkey

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Shakara, Aug 30, 2019.

  1. Shakara Elder

    Where in EQ is the line drawn from competing to see who is best vs just being a ? From my experience other MMOs have much more cutthroat communities. Take EVE Online for instance. Everyday you have to avoid the countless people trying to scam you, blow up your stuff, and extort you, and this is just part of the game. However in EQ it seems any and all competition for limited resources is met is ire and malice (maybe all TLPs should be named Innoruuk). When two people both encounter a rare mob and one person win the DPS race (which is all within the rules) instead of a "gg" or "wp" you get "you " or most of the time an assortment of phrases that I cannot repeat here. Why is this? Why does the EQ community have such a aversion to competition? To me the player vs player interactions are way more fun than the PvE interactions. Can you mobilize fast? Can you perform under pressure? What do you do when the hits the fan? all of these aspect make a more intense and interesting experience.
  2. MaxTheLion Augur

    Same reason a boxer doesn't complain when he's knocked out in the ring vs a pedestrian getting blind sided by a stranger in the street. If an event is unexpected, it's usually not appreciated. You personally enjoy the player vs player DPS race interaction but not everybody does. If an individual has been camping a rare mob for an unidentified amount of time and you stroll up and initiate competition, there is a good chance the person thrown into this undesired position won't be happy.
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  3. Piznut Elder

    Max pretty much hit the nail on the head. I've had a lot of "DPS Races" in EQ that were enjoyable. Whether it be for guild races to open world mobs, or a named up in a zone and two groups going towards it.

    However, I've also had very negative experiences with the same. Such as, being established and engaged with a raid boss as a guild, and having the opposing guild show up at 50% and train us to kill us and steal the mob. I've also encountered group content of me being in a group camp and having a "donkey" come in with 3-4 box wizards and burn the mob down faster than any normal group could do it.

    If you have an inkling that what you're about to do might seem like a crappy thing to do, then it probably is. If you do it anyways, you're a donkey. If you don't, then you're a decent player.
  4. Shakara Elder

    I understand that visceral feeling of losing something that you worked hard to get however the risk of losing it all at any moment keeps one on their toes. Often I see people complain about how easy EQ is yet when something becomes hard people then start to complain about that as well.
  5. Aneuren Augur

    This has never been a pleasant experience for me, ever. When I win, I am furious at being put in the position. When I lose, I am furious that somebody ruined what I was working for. Nothing you, nor anyone else, will ever say will change how I feel about this.

    These are my subjective feelings. Some share them, others do not. You will never get a consensus here, there are too many people diametrically opposed to the kind of play style you are describing.

    And that is why the best course for Daybreak is, and always has been, to create fully instanced content while keeping open world content in play for people that enjoy the kind of game play you are fondly describing.
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  6. Mr Blue Sky New Member

    I think a lot of people still remember the play nice policy which was ditched.
    Maybe if it is just a dps race between guilds or groups, but the problem is there are real jerks out there who enjoy just annoying people. For instance why would a level 60 wizard kill lockjaw, when he can see a group of 14's are killing it.
    Or a ranger randomly shooting your mobs, because well why not it's not against the rules.

    It's not often I encounter these people, but there's a lot of them out there.
  7. Qbert Augur

    Attempting what amounts to screwing a player/group is the line you're looking to find. Basically everything you described in your post is beyond that line. That kind of behavior is only acceptable on a PvP server, and there is only one of those with an extremely low population.
  8. taliefer Augur

    its really just boils down to the rules of the game changed. like literally changed. they used to have and enforce things like Play Nice Policy, and "kill stealing" was a thing. soe/dbg have said "dps races" are the rule of the land now
  9. Machen Augur

    It was the line you are trying to find. As Taliefer said, the rules of the game have changed. Screwing other players is ok now, officially. Players are adapting to that, or not.
  10. Fluid Augur

    If I wanted to be on my toes I'd take up ballet.
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  11. Qbert Augur

    No, the question was not "where is the line that defines what is accepted as per game rules, or lack thereof," it was asking why people playing the game have a problem with the terrible behavior described in the initial post.
  12. That0neguy Augur

    I believe the line is drawn when you enter the interwebz
  13. Machen Augur

    Most players tend to accept the standards of the company that produces the game, over the long run. Why people have a problem with specific things becomes increasingly fungible the longer there is a disparity between what players are used to and what the company producing the game allows. In the very long run, the rules of the producer inevitably prevail.
  14. Shakara Elder

    DBG could fix a lot of the grief people tend to complain about by making instances of zones that people could farm solo, however I feel that would also cause a lot of people to be upset as the whole open world aspect of the game dies with that. Yet if you want an open world game don't you have to accept you will have good interaction and bad ones? Isent that what makes open world games interesting?
  15. Aneuren Augur

    No and no.

    But as I said earlier, there are clearly people that would say yes and yes. Both play styles should be accommodated in group and raid scenarios.

    Also, that isn't quite an accurate description of Everqest, because neither Sony nor Daybreak has enforced a complete system where you have to accept good interactions and bad interactions. For example, you'll still get banned for training. Several years ago, there were different rules for what good and bad interactions were acceptable. The company policy makers keep moving those goal posts and are then (seemingly) surprised when players become disgruntled.
  16. Vumad Augur

    Because people in EQ are playing a PvE game. Training people or KS'ing (aka griefing) are introducing PvP elements into a PvE game artificially by circumventing the intended design or the rules.

    I don't like PvP. Not because I suck at the game. It's because I don't enjoy taking things from other people. PvP is often a battle between bullies, or perhaps victims looking for a place where they can be the bully. Since I play EverQuest, rather than EverStealOtherPeoplesShit, I find that PvP elements only create the opportunity for me to be a target, because I never want to be the arrow, why would I be happy? I want my Quest. My story. My Objective. Not your stuff.

    As for being on my toes. I play an enchanter for this very reason. I over pull. I split. I charm. I CC. I push my personal limits against the game design. Showing up to a camp with a single person pushing their PvE limits and TrainToBardFade or out DPS'ing them with WhoCanBoxTheMostWizards is just a show which requires no actual skill or creativeness. Nothing about that is pushing yourself or others.
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  17. Fluid Augur

    When there are no rules, it ceases to be a game. If you were playing poker and Mike Tyson grabbed a stack of your chips or someone snagged the bank in Monopoly because they could, it is no longer a game. Fair play by the rules is a necessary construct for anything to remain a game.
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  18. Eaedyilye Elder

    Lets see. Player A has had a camp for hours. Trying to get that pesky named to spawn. Player B comes along, with his/her DPS BOT army. Player B, takes your camp, kills the named and everything else. Such funo_O :rolleyes: :confused:

    As player A. This is a miserable scenario. Player B."I did nothing wrong, I was just having fun"
  19. Xeris Augur

    Its cuz NOBODY LIKES U SHAK!!!!!!!!!!111 :p

    Everyone plays for diff reasons.
  20. WaitingforMoreEQ Augur

    Have you read the RoC lately? You're in a boxing ring

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