Fresh Agnarr start, 3-box comparison

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Choiceschoices, Aug 31, 2017.

  1. Choiceschoices New Member

    Kunark and Iksars got me excited to start up on the server as I missed launch. I am considering a few options:


    I like the idea of monk for more DPS and figure that it would be enough to tank anything this team would try to take down (whereas an SK would be an "overtank"). I figure stun weapons and augs can get around initial aggro, and necro can FD to clear aggro on longer fights. Necro also brings snare. As a plus, it can be an all iksar team.

    Shm/Sk/Mage seems more conventional on paper. Shm/SK is a proven combo and mage brings up the slow DPS, adds a strong pet and COTH. But the utility and self-sufficiency of double FD and rez via essence emeralds would probably prove more useful I am thinking.

    In terms of fun and utility, what gets your vote?
  2. McJumps Augur

    Playing on phinny I played a Necro from launch - PoP and switched to a monk.

    I might be biased a bit but I really think Shm/Mnk/Nec will be better. Double FD + res cannot be outdone by a mage and SK, even with all they bring to the table.

    If you are going to be mostly solo with your 3 box, I would go Shaman, Monk, Necro. Then you could also have all 3 Iksar!
  3. Erydanadyre Journeyman

    i would go with shm/sk/mage.

    Despite slow being grossly overpowered, having a real tank, especially one with good snap agro, really makes the game smoother. Monks can tank rather well, but not like a SK. In order to tank effectively monks need very good gear and since monks are dime a dozen, gear prices will be high or highly contested.

    However you can buy decent gear for an SK without breaking the bank and be able to tank more effectively than the monk.

    Necros are very powerful and versatile, but they require finesse and attention to perform well. A boxed mage requires 2 hotkeys and you're functioning at 90% capability. Rezzing with EEs sounds good on paper, but you will move and travel around a lot more than you're gonna die, making CotH clearly the better choice. For the few times youre going to wipe you can still summon corpse with the SK and get rezzes later.

    I main a shaman on phinny and thats the setup i would go with, but replacing the SK with a pally.
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  4. Illusory Augur

    Since Agnarr will be stopping at Planes of Power,

    Shadow Knight, Shaman, and Magician.
    - Safe and mindless.

    Enchanter, Cleric, and Shaman.
    - It'll require attention, but in the right hands, this trio will wreck everything.
  5. daffie999 Augur

    On test I have a Shm/Mnk/Wiz and use a tank/wiz/cleric merc. While the monk tanking works I don't find it enjoyable to box w/o snap aggro.

    On the TLP I have a Shm/Rng and love it... if I were to add a 3rd it would be a Wizard. Easy to box, Evac, Stun, and Burn.

    If you're stuck on those classes I'd go Mage over Necro, simply because a lot of the fun Necro tricks are more work than it's worth in a 3-man.
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  6. Lumiens Augur

    I just started 3 boxing on Agnarr the other night and I just couldn't get around wanting an Enchanter + Cleric to build my trio around. It feels like they are the two classes that always make a group flow really smoothly. I've initially picked a Mage as my third primarily to make charming easier with Malo + the the extra pet (which I hope will hold aggro on one of the mobs during charm breaks).

    I'm really tempted to pick a Warrior/Shadow Knight/Paladin/Ranger instead of the Mage but it just seems like it will take zero gear for a lot more dps making the initial leveling process a lot easier. Plus when you want to fill up the group it just seems like trying to fill the role of main CC + Heals + Tank seems like it would be a lot to manage.
  7. Ermok Lorekeeper

    I'm with Lumiens. Ench/Cler/Mage is hands down the strongest 3 box combo for 95% of the content. The other 5% a tank is required and it's very hard to manage both a tank and charmed pet at the same time.

    Ench/Cler/Mage also let's you be versatile in finding groups. Grab a tank + 2 dps (or not) and you're solid for any camp.
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  8. Urshulgi Augur


    Enchanter/Cleric/Mage is much stronger though, because Enchanter is insanely OP for group content.
  9. TruthofEQ Elder

    Oh sham/monk/necro for sure! I box a bit and you are going to love the double poison later on. This trio will do so much dps and be able to take almost anything. While leveling up you have 2 FD, snare, slow, malo, 2 pets (after shammy gets the pup), 2 poison dots (350+ a tick each at lvl 50. So 700 a tick before you are even lvl 51!!!), tons of dots, mez, undead charm. And after 53 you have rez! This trio is a monster. You can do easily 1k+ a tick in dots between the sham/necro and that dosen't include pet or melee dps at all.

    Only real issues I see are having stun issues later on. Necro can mez up to a certain level to stop heals, and sham can bash. But other than that you are relying on the pets to stop healers or gating mobs. But with your dps, this shouldn't be an issue.

    You won't regret going sham/monk/necro! And you could go all iksar for the triple banger! Master of regen and AC!
  10. Ckador Augur

    Necromancers can use 4 spells to interrupt caster NPCs: Ignite Bones, Chill Bones, Incinerate Bones and Conglaciation of Bone.

    Probably some other clever ways to that I'm forgetting atm.
  11. aim2win New Member

    you should shaman/monk/necro, spend a week getting your kills stolen camping chardok key mobs and use the necro to charm in chardok and kill stuff

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