Frequent Random Client Crashes

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Filterx, May 29, 2020.

  1. Filterx New Member

    Hi Support,

    Can we get some update on why we are getting frequent random client crashes since server maintenance/mergers? I would look away and one of my accounts is just gone after loading it or been playing for awhile. There is no rhyme or reason to it. I have removed GINA, parser and everything else that impacts the machine. I have a 1 gig connection with a very nice gaming pc (everything is up to date on firmware/software versions).

    Others are talking about it in General Chat but it doesn't appear anyone has posted here so hopefully they are putting in petitions which I'm about to do.

    Second Issue potentially related:
    Also I randomly have one of my 5 or 6 toons start having packet loss dropping down to 30% or so connectivity on that account and it comes back but you die/miss out on rolls/whatever during the packet loss. I've rebooted comcast modem and let it completely power off, reboot pc and close all web browsers. The other characters are not as impacted. You can see they are experiencing some latency but nothing like the one random account.

    I have one installation of EQ on this machine. Prior to the server merger my experience was amazing with my new connection/pc and EQ. Not any more...

    Are they related?

    Any word on any of these frequent random client issues?
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  2. aGenda New Member

    I am 90% positive there is a bug in the LFG tool because every time I have crashed to desktop, I have been browsing either the LFG or LFM tab in-game. Not sure if that is related to your crashes or not.
  3. GNOME_POWER Augur

    My case...

    I suspect a router.
    When Universal Chat is enabled, data jams occur and the my poor router has to be restarted.
    Most of the time it works, but if I'm unlucky I'll be disconnected.
    It would be the worst if this happened during a battle.

    Now I've reset the router settings to default.
    (It will be Universal-Chat-off soon, but will become Universal-Chat-on for a while after zoning)
  4. Buzzer New Member

    I cant log in this morning. It doesn't go to char select screen just a windows mode black screen and have to restart computer to get out .
  5. Filterx New Member

    No I was not using the LFG/LFM tool when I'm crashing. Honestly I'm not using any tools at all when this happens.
  6. Skuz Berserker Logic: Kill everything.

  7. Ronnis)Xegony New Member

    Ever since the debacles of patches for the last few weeks I've gotten no less than a dozen random crashes to desktop a day...... mostly while in Plane of Knowledge and sometimes in the Guild Lobby I've tried new installs of video drivers, DX, EQ on two different machines running wind10 and the only thing for sure is if I go away from keys physically I know I won't be online when I get back
  8. Improvedatwaiting New Member

    Okay seriously what the fudge is this issue with crashing to the desktop while being afk in Plane of desktop???

    Tried logging in my normal toons 2 each on 2 PCs and while loading one the other would crash... Daybreak Darkpaw whatever you wanna call yourselves PLEASE FIGURE THIS OUT!!!
  9. I_Love_My_Bandwidth Mercslayer

    TBH the crashing on one PC while other loads sounds like a different issue than crashing to Desktop while afk.

    I experience the latter, while not the former. Would need more information about your PCs, and possibly the debug.dmp file contents from the Logs folder.
  10. Improvedatwaiting New Member

    Not wasting my time posting info for one pc much less two nothing changed on my software updates nothing changed nothing new installed
  11. Drewdwn New Member

    3 computers at my place have had the instant CTD. No silly stuff running. 1 comp has never done it while the others have done it maybe 5+ times in the last week.
  12. Improvedatwaiting New Member

    Spent the last 3 hours plus afk in whats the difference between the zones making people crash???
  13. Improvedatwaiting New Member

    6 hours in Tranquility afk 2 toons 2 pcs not 1 crash...............................
  14. Boneshadow New Member

    This is happening to me on the New server for no reason.. no warning or nothing its like someone just closed down eq app.. then i have to deal with the freaking que times... wish i was invested in that server now
  15. WeezFv Journeyman

    for the love of god FIX this,.. im not even on an TLP with yer crappy que times

    I mean for the love of Karana


    as a person who has a couple accounts, the toons that crash to desktop stay logged in until you remove them from the world,.. like srsly you all bust out a bunch of servers from 1999 that had moth-balls on em or what?
  16. Sarkaukar Augur

  17. WeezFv Journeyman

    i got rid of comcast 3 years ago and have straight fiber optics and pay 90 bucks for 1 gb/s up and down and no its no verison

    not only that but i have almost 300 games just on steam alone and dont have random DCs,.. this stuff didnt start happenin until this last over extended patch.

    I realize its says new member but i assure you i am not, and i been gamin before EQ and am grown and have to think this is some cut back corperate cut back stuff esspecially since they have a new lead.

    Next you will be tell me restart my PC or my modem and update my drives im sure
  18. WeezFv Journeyman

    Not only that the Unknown Guild bug even worse then EVER, before you could zone and it would go away,.. now you can log all the way to desk top and restart PC,.. log in and still unknown guild,.. even before this last patch atleast you could zone and get the guild tag back
  19. Ronnis)Xegony New Member

    Now all of a sudden my AFK trader in the bazaar crashed......would you please for the love of god put one competent person on this please
  20. I_Love_My_Bandwidth Mercslayer

    You need to share more information about what's happening. Better yet, post about it in the Bugs forum so a QA or Coder can tell you what data they need.

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