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  1. Dibab Augur

    Just returning to EQ. Not every time, but pretty consistently if i tab out (while playing in windowed mode) and stay that way for a bit EQ will freeze and the only option is ending task via task manager. This has also happened when played and attempting to zone. Any help would be great because this is very disheartening after a 4 year hiatus. New computer with more than enough specs
  2. Saimhann New Member

    Having the same issue
  3. Dibab Augur

    ok kinda glad its not just me? sounds bad but its better to know its not my pc, in theory
  4. Kilrah New Member

    I have the same issue as well. I have go so far as rebooting my entire network, reformatting and reloading windows and doing clean installs of EQ, disabling all firewalls, and trying on a completely different computer. Still have the same issue. Running the ping test they have on their troubleshooting page I get an A+, and the bandwidth page results came back as 154 MBPS. At this point I think I can safely say it is not on my end.
  5. PotatoPower Lorekeeper

    Same problem here. On two differnent computers. It happened wandering through Commonlands, now through NRO. This is on Aradune server.

    Never happened on Mangler. Kind of sucks when you just got through a queue. And now you're back in queue, only much, much longer.
  6. Sarkaukar Augur

    For everyone on this thread, if the server is Aradune, it is likely due to the server being overwhelmed. With that said, you can always make sure all obstacles have been removed.

    System Option Options - set to High Performance - any other settings will result in core parking and other components being put in sleep mode.

    If alt tabbing out. make sure the the Max Background FPS is not set to the low default setting. Lower FPS means packets to server not sent as often, potentially lending to server thinking it is a disconnect and timing you out of the game. This is readily important if the server is being overwhelmed as well as potential packet loss between you and the server (lots hops ot hit)

    May wish to restart router and modem, then disable some Windows Game settings.

  7. Saimhann New Member

    Ok I have a possible resolution. It is working for me anyway.

    Do you play in windowed mode? If yes continue, if not, this won't likely help you.

    Open Eqclient.ini ...... find windowed mode, it will probably be set to windowedmode=true. What you have to do is set it to windowedmode=1 and change the properties of the file to read only or it will default to true everytime you restart the game. Apprently there are 2 different versions of windowed mode or something. But this has stopped my freezing.
  8. Dibab Augur

    Im not on Aradune so i tried the quoted post and thank you. im hoping this helps

    i actually do. It's all i use because of boxing. Thank you! I did this too. *fingers crossed*
  9. Kilrah New Member

    I am not on Aradune as well, Tunare.
  10. Dibab Augur

    well im not locking up freezing just the occasional freeze spike for half a second while playing pretty often =./
  11. xxGriff Augur

    for random or periodic lags and screen freeze, make certain EQ is not being scanned by your anti virus, and turn logging off. the more information you render on screen, coupled with packet loss, lagging inets and server can also slow and pause your game. I have found the AV scanning of EQ and logging to be the culprit most of the time. Hope this helps.

    oh, there is a log file texture.txt in the EQ dir and not in the log sub dir, i have found that once this file reaches 1mb in size it can cause performance issues, and I usually open, select all, and cut the text, then save the file. This should be done when NOT running EQ.
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