Free Trade Servers - Literally in High Demand

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by wade_watts, May 1, 2022.

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  1. Legends Elder

    Free trade TLP without Bonus/Random loot. ;)
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  2. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    And why did you transfer? Because Thornblade wasn't as popular by any chance?

    Belatrix/Narcissa/Adromeda of Mischief
  3. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    Its fine for group mobs. :p
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  4. Triconix Augur

    Krono farm bot dream scenario.
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  5. Manafasto Augur

    I thought TB was advertised as the EU over sea's server?
  6. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    Not by DarkPaw, a few players tried to encourage the EU players to gather on just one of the 2 servers though so that they wouldn't be split, didn't pan out too well.
  7. Legends Elder

    Nah. Pretty sure that's Mischief bubba. They can raid basically every day there for valuable loot with their bots, some targets in the open world with short respawns all due to random loot.

    Non-free trade servers have more than enough chase items to still draw krono farmers no matter what the ruleset, for the first few expansions, anyway. Don't think it will be any more of a krono dream server than a normal TLP is in the first few expansions.

    After that sure, I guess. Isn't the big krono farming ticket power leveling these days though, which can be done on any server?
  8. Triconix Augur

    Mischief has built in ways to counter krono bots from locking down camps. A standard FT server would result in bot crews locking down camps (yet again), but with the added bonus of not having to worry about selling loot rights in a certain elapsed time frame. They can offline trader or make bot sellers in the tunnel. All you did was exasperate an already bad issue.
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  9. Legends Elder

    Disagree, random loot isn't needed for a free trade server to thrive.

    Krono farmers aren't sitting on little easy group spawns. This is something people make up and if you've ever had an issue getting a group camp you've wanted, you're doing it wrong.

    Krono farmers are raiding to sell raid loot or power leveling. It's simply not as lucrative for them to be sitting on most group spots nowadays and this isn't gonna change on a free-trade server.
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  10. wade_watts Augur

    Server Watch 2022 Update: Monday, 5/2 - Noon.

    Breaking news! 66% of all high-population servers are still Free Trade. That's correct, you heard it right. What an incredible show of support for Free Trade and Mischief ruleset servers. There is not a single TLP server at high population except for one with Mischief ruleset. Even the boxing / botting server can't compete with the wild and massive popularity of Mischief. This is an unprecedented and absolute message that free trade and mischief rulesets are in high demand. It's like an unstoppable freight train plowing right through the naysayers opposition. This is HUGE.

    Why would DPG not release another Mischief ruleset when re-launching a TLP since it clearly is what the people want? At the time of this writing, DPG has refused to comment. More to come in the 5:00 hour.
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  11. Lineater Augur

    As someone else said, there is no way to truly know without the hard data. But there are some better comparisons one could make. I don't subscribe to so I can only go back a week. Every time I've checked Mischief, it has 100% "high" pings for the week.

    Not sure how much data a subscriber has access to. Could a subber check Aradune's pop during the first month of GoD? Once Yeli/Vaniki are are live for a month, you could compare the numbers to Aradune's population during the first month of mischief/TB. But there is a pretty big variable there, with two completely different servers launching. It's also worth noting that the Mischief player base was split with a spillover server.

    One last thing I'll point out is that it's also specious to argue that Mischief and FV are only popular because they're different. If you're the one Greek restaurant in town, you're not going to be popular just because you're Greek. If the food sucks, nobody is going to eat there.
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  12. Slaytanik Elder

    Any chance of devs changing the ruleset a bit for Yelinak?
  13. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    That was after the biggest Euro guild announced they were going to Mischief. By which time it was too late to try and get everyone on the same one.

    But I don't think Thornblade having logging issues on opening night helped.
  14. Zansobar Augur

    You forget that the demand for the items is lower on a free trade server (hence the prices will be lower) because you only need one item per account, not per character since you can freely trade it to your alts. For example, DE Mask, Ring of Ancients, Fungi Staff, etc.

    Also all the raid armor that goes rotting after a few weeks of raiding trickles down to the general economy thus reducing demand for the Krono campers' items in the open world.

    On balance Free Trade is much better at reducing Krono camping than normal ruleset servers as it enables a much more casual player experience.
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  15. Triconix Augur

    Yes, the demand goes down ever so slightly comparing FT vs non-FT server. If you're a Krono farmer, the slight decrease in demand from FT is mitigated in the fact that you never lose out on a single purchase from rotting gear due not being able to sell loot rights in time.

    Also, not all gear is usable by all classes. If you're a warrior with a sham or druid alt, you're not going to be able to transfer most of your gear over when you're done with it. The demand should stay relatively high.

    Lastly, FT may entice more people to make alts, helping boost the demand over non-FT servers.

    As for Mischief, it has lower demand than a regular FT because the raw amount of items dropping. Mischief is not only randomized, but gives double+ loot each mob. As we all know, low supply means high demand and therefore higher prices. Mischief has high supply so the demand goes down and price in result goes down.
  16. Neuro Elder

    No, it encourages aggressive camping, especially for items that were nodrop before. Sure, stuff like planar armor is cheap, but anything not current tier falls in price regardless. It's the items people always want that get permacamped. Free trade without random loot is a nightmare of krono farmers. You want Pegasus cloak? Good luck fighting the bot armies on top of all the mages camping it. Want AC ring? Yeah, OOT is filled with botters farming cyclops. Maybe you want a fungi staff or tunic? Again, packed 24/7.

    "Oh, but those people sold loot rights before, so it's not doing anything to stop them."
    Yeah, but loot rights are notoriously harder to sell than the actual item. When the AC ring is tradable, you can just send it to your bank alt and keep farming. And nearly everyone needs an AC right at the beginning,

    Krono farmers don't focus on raid loots, they concentrate on the high profit items that everyone needs. That's why they want a *new* Free Trade server, so everyone needs to rebuy everything again. There's no profit in Mischief, the krono is in the classic era.
  17. Legends Elder

    You guys are literally insane if you think krono "bot" farmers are sitting on these simple solo/group names.

    I'll say it again, they want the guarantee money, raids and power leveling.

    So many of you crying about how the krono farmers will ruin a free-trade server truly have no idea what is making the krono farmers big money. Kronos farmers can make bank on a free-trade or a non-free-trade server. It makes no difference. People are power leveling across all servers, filling groups making 1kr per slot.

    Why would they sit on some little group named, that might not spawn or drop what they need for hours?
  18. wade_watts Augur

    It just dawned on me also that the only other high population server is Bristlebane which, as the TLP announcement said - is the theme of the Mischief server. I think it's certainly reasonable to believe that people accidently are playing on Bristlebane thinking that it's actually Mischief - the free trade random server.

    With this thinking in mind, it seems safe to conclude that all the high-population servers are either Free Trade, Mischief, or Mischief-aligned. It's even more evidence, how unbelievably popular this ruleset is!!

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  19. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    When they drop items that people are willing to pay for why not? There are plenty of those camps that can pay for keeping the bots up and running. It isn't like they are limited to only camping those camps and not doing other things as well.
  20. Legends Elder

    There are plenty of these camps on non-free trade servers too and they aren't flood with bots like people in this thread are saying. They literally farm raw plat / Power level / use them to raid.

    Sure, some small boxers might go hold certain group camps, but not loads of "Krono farming bots". People on here are so dramatic.
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