Free Trade: List of major tradeable items

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  1. Elite_raider Augur


    1) Keep epic and key items on their current mobs and have them be no trade
    Potential result: Toxic camping of those mobs as we see on regular server (keeping them on the mobs and making them tradable would make the problem ^2)

    2) Make all epic and key items tradeable and random, but make them "fairly" common drops on the mob range they are in
    Potential result: No toxic camps and still possible to go back from a later expansion to get them.

    In the announcement they said: Free Trade Enabled

    Not: FV Free Trade Enabled

    Maybe this means it will all be free trade, that would have the best synergy effect with "all" named loot being random on nameds. To avoid RNG hell, keys and epic items would at a minimum have to have some sort of weight to them dropping probably and ideally also the "big" ticket items like fungi staff/tunic, DE mask and so on.
  2. Elite_raider Augur

    The simplest solution is probably to make everything tradeable, but to have all nameds mobs have a 50% chance to pick from their "own" loot list or 50% chance to pick from the "big" loot list for each item they drop.
  3. CyryllisFenninRo Lorekeeper

    I hope it's completely random. Otherwise you're still going to have the same bots at all of the "good" loot camps
  4. Dilligaf New Member

    As I recall, the Essences of Power rewards are also tradeable on FV
  5. FranktheBank Augur

    Hard Disagree. I really hope it's not the named mobs arent weighted to drop their normal drops. Defeats the whole purpose of the server.
  6. Relentless Insomnia

    Checking stuff out on FV and found the Taskmaster's Pouch is actually be tradable. Will post anything else I find interesting here for everyone to reference.
  7. Darchon_Xegony Augur

    Cool UI features. Can't wait to have them.
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  8. Bobbybick Only Banned Twice

    Ah makes sense since it was a container probably why /buyer didn't show it. Lucid container may have the same dealio.
  9. TLP Addict Augur

    What about SSoC SEoC?
  10. Bobbybick Only Banned Twice

    Ranger: Nothing of note
  11. Kylo Classic Augur

    I hope they make the disconnects random too.
  12. AtabishiWoW Second best guild leader you'll ever have

    You'll at least be able to trade sky keys and key ring them, which means you can fully key your entire guild all the way through in 1 clear. You'll prob expect to see Eye dead within the first few hours of Sky opening.
  13. Bobbybick Only Banned Twice

    You know, when they added the Summon Corpse spell back to the game in March I wonder if it was because they knew it was no longer going to be used to keyskip in Sky, at least on this year's TLP. That's some 5D chess if so.
  14. AtabishiWoW Second best guild leader you'll ever have

    Heh possibly. Wouldn't that be kind of shortsighted for future TLP's though? Unless their plan is to continue free trade servers or short classic durations in the future.

    You could see a trend like we did for last 5 years. They launched phinny as the first AoC server and used it to fix all the bugs/exploits with AoC's/motm and then its just been mostly phinny clones ever since. Mischief might be the phinny version of free trade/randomized loot where they use this server as basically the beta test, and all tlp's in the next 5 years are mischief clones.
  15. Xhieron Elder

    This might be a little optimistic, but I hope it proves to be true. Given how oft-repeated the undisputed refrain of "impossible to do free trade TLP" circulated prior to Mischief's announcement, it's apparent there's at least a token interest in iterating with these servers and actually making difficult improvements where feasible (as there should be given the franchise's current profitability owing much to the success of this format). Even though the implementation has been inconsistent, imperfect, and at times even sloppy (to say nothing of the tendency of decision-making to often seem arbitrary and capricious), any amount of iterative work is still a vast improvement over none.

    Fundamentally the problem to solve is "how to get players to buy lots of Krono without depending on degenerate gameplay that drives players away," and this seems like an attempt, if untested, to do that. Even if all our worst fears prove true and Mischief is dominated by unpoliced box armies who monopolize all drops and gouge prices over the entire short life of the server, it ought to mean that whatever resources can be spared will be devoted to repurposing the randomization to fix it, and long-term, a better attempt to solve the problem is made in a year.
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