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    Why are spells landing through DA?
    I don't play wow so IDK the mechanics of that game, but in EQ, DA means "Invulnerable"

    Definition of invulnerable. 1 : incapable of being wounded, injured, or harmed. 2 : immune to or proof against attack : impregnable.

    ........Put the ice pick down doctor, well take it from here.
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    What a roller coaster thrill ride of a post. It had everything! A vague question with no useful details, an OP who helpfully let us know he doesn't play a computer game, we're citing the freaking DICTIONARY up in here like we're starting an 8th grade research paper, and the whole thing culminates with a bombshell accusation that Daybreak employs mentally disabled people from the 1950's. 14/10 would recommend to anyone.
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    Negative 2 points for citing the dictionary, but not providing a works cited page. At the moment he's just plagiarizing.
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    The Titanic was unsinkable.

    unsinkable adjective
    un·​sink·​able | \ ˌən-ˈsiŋ-kə-bəl \
    Definition of unsinkable
    : incapable of being sunk

    Look how that worked out.
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    The only instance I found that damage went through DA was the harm/death touch of original eq bosses.
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    someone tried to solo airplane for epics methinks
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    You haven't played much with DA in RoS or TBL have you? Try pulling a cactus or a sabertooth in OT with DA isn't very fun when you realize you can't move. Not all the effects get through DA now, but enough (especially the movement ones) do get through to remove DA as a tool in the least unless you experiment a lot.

    The OP is a bit crazied and quoting a definition is generally never a good sign in a computer game forum, but it doesn't mean the point behind his madness isn't valid. The behavior of DA in the game was extremely consistent through 18 years of the game...when on, you cannot be affected by anything save the special touches nor can you do anything to affect others. Possibly the most consistent effect in EQ during that time. The pally DA hammer rampage tank was a staple of the raid game.

    Then during RoS development, the devs decided that (and I'm paraphrasing here) the mobs got smarter and learned how to get through DA's invulnerabilities (pretty sure it was Ngreth who replied on the forums about this, but who made the actual decision was never directly stated). And...that's all she wrote for an 18 year consistent ability. I find it a little puzzling that mobs have figured out DA, but players still cannot do anything with it on...but that's just a quibble for the reason given for the change.

    I do think that the DA change is a perfect example of the type of changes that have happened in the past few years that can have unintended consequences and shine a light on why certain classes have become more powerful/less powerful in the game today.

    For example, both shadowknights and paladins have a DA you might say they are both affected equally by any change. But for pulling/surviving unintended aggro, shadowknights have more tools in their box (ie fd) while the pallies get a fade that works every so often and root (which has also seen a marked decrease in the number of mobs that can be affected). DA has been a tool for pallies to survive messy starting situations, get mobs in the right position, or survive long pulls. In the last two expansions, that's largely been removed so there's one less tool in an already small toolbox. Same tool diminished, but the one with fewer total tools is affected more.

    We play in a game where the devs decide the rules of said game. You can dislike and complain about said rules and try to influence changes...but ultimately, it's the devs sandbox. I'm not sure there's a player I've encountered who actually liked the DA changes, but I also don't know anyone who quit over it.